[cellml-discussion] CellML API Release Candidate 4 out

2011-05-23 Thread Andrew Miller
Hi all, Release candidate 4 for the CellML API 1.9 has been released at: * http://www.cellml.org/tools/downloads/cellml_api/releases/1.9rc4 The only difference from the previous release candidate is that this one adds a missing header file to the SDK binary packages. If no further problems

[cellml-discussion] SBML statistical models workshop

2011-05-23 Thread Randall Britten
Hi This is relevant to the discussion at last week's CellML meeting: http://sbml.org/Events/Other_Events/statistical_models_workshop_2011 It will also be possible to join using EVO. Regards, Randall ___ cellml-discussion mailing list