Re: [cellml-discussion] Interactions between SVG diagrams and PCEnv.

2007-05-10 Thread Peter Hunter
ppropriate trace, but that might get a bit restrictive. Andre. Andrew Miller wrote: Hi all, Peter Hunter has proposed that it be possible to create SVG diagrams which interact with PCEnv so that you can click on parts of the SVG diagram and have PCEnv update the styles of tr

Re: [cellml-discussion] PMR categories

2007-06-07 Thread Peter Hunter
Dear All, The intention of this discussion was to decide on a list of items for a drop-down list of predefined terms that would be available when choosing 'key words' for a new model and which would be the list of terms used to display models on (together with the

Re: [cellml-discussion] PMR categories

2007-06-09 Thread Peter Hunter
Dear All, Poul and I have looked at the discussion on this thread and to best encompass the various suggestions we've decided to ask Tommy to do the following: 1. Include both a category field with predefined terms (Tommy has this in now) and an additional general 'key word' field. A model

Re: [cellml-discussion] Bug in Nygren model

2007-08-15 Thread Peter Hunter
Title: Bug in Nygren model Hi Daniel, Thanks for figuring that out. Would you mind sending the change (or corrected model) to James (CC'd) - he is our principal CellML curator at the moment. Cheers, Peter [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, I found a bug in the Nygren et al.

Re: [cellml-discussion] ABI CellML team meeting minutes 2008-05-32

2008-05-22 Thread Peter Hunter
Hi James, Excellent notes! Frank Sachse's name is misspelt near the end. Cheers, Peter James Lawson wrote: Apologies, that link should be James James Lawson wrote: Dear all, The ABI CellMl team meeting minutes are now

Re: [cellml-discussion] in case you haven't seen it | Why Are Computational Neuroscience and Systems Biology So Separate?

2008-06-02 Thread Peter Hunter
Hi James, Re your final question - the Physiome Project at the moment is largely about (i) the development of the markup languages CellML and FieldML ( maybe ModelML for the physics) and their associated model repositories and software tools, and (ii) strategies for bridging spatial and

Re: [cellml-discussion] Using CellML for simplified neuron models? (Alan Garny)

2009-06-04 Thread Peter Hunter
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Re: [cellml-discussion] ABI CellML team meeting minutes 2009-07-22

2009-08-02 Thread Peter Hunter
Hi Justin, Some agenda items for the next CellML mtg: 1. I noticed a bug on the new website where the 'home page' reverts to the models top page instead of the CellML home page. 2. A plea from users for implementation of more session files. In particular the Iribe et al model needs to be setup

Re: [cellml-discussion] ABI CellML team meeting minutes 2009-07-22

2009-08-03 Thread Peter Hunter
Hi Catherine, The link on the Iribe model page did let me load OpenCell with the session file, but gave error messages. I take your point re session files in general - we do need to make it easier to create them as the difference between models with (including SVG files) without them is day

Re: [cellml-discussion] ABI CellML meeting minutes 2009-09-30

2009-10-09 Thread Peter Hunter
Thanks Dagmar. We are committed to SED-ML! Your comments are very helpful. Peter -- Sent using BlackBerry - Original Message - From: To: CellML Discussion List

Re: [cellml-discussion] Remote attendance at the CellML hackathon and workshop

2010-02-09 Thread Peter Hunter
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Re: [cellml-discussion] ABI CellML Meeting Minutes, 25th May 2011

2011-05-26 Thread Peter Hunter
Thanks Lucian, my mistake I think, I got *Darren *Wilkinson mixed up with *Daryl *Shanley - both at Newcastle. Cheers, Peter On 27/05/2011 9:43 a.m., Lucian Smith wrote: For what it's worth, it's 'Darren', not 'Darryl' (the SBML 'distrib' package guy). -Lucian * Dougal

Re: [cellml-discussion] Solicitation of feedback on CellML 1.2

2012-10-29 Thread Peter Hunter
Hi Andre, Support for models with parameter uncertainty is pretty urgent in relation to grants but I'm in your hands re optimal strategy for getting there. Cheers, Peter -- Sent using BlackBerry From: David Nickerson [] Sent: Monday,

Re: [cellml-discussion] Java error on Mac OSX10.8.2

2013-02-25 Thread Peter Hunter
Hi Mark, FYI, there is a new CellML simulation tool called OpenCOR being developed by Alan Garny that is becoming our primary platform for CellML-based modelling (see for download instructions). This will shortly have CellML