Re: [cfaussie] MAD! Melbourne Adobe Developers: Searn Corfield, Clojure. 21 Aug **TUESDAY**, 2012

2012-08-06 Thread Steve Armstrong
Hi Peter, I will be attending. Cheers, Steve On 6 August 2012 15:13, Peter Robertson wrote: I only have one confirmation so far. Peter On Mon, Aug 6, 2012 at 3:12 PM, Mark Mandel wrote: I was there the other week - I believe there was about 15

Re: [cfaussie] REMINDER : Melbourne Adobe Developers next meeting, 21st July 2011, presentation details

2011-07-21 Thread Steve Armstrong
I can't make it either tonight - will hopefully be able to get to the next one! Cheers, Steve On 21 July 2011 16:22, Mark Mandel wrote: Unfortunately I can't make it. Have fun without me! :) Mark On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 4:21 PM, Paul Kukiel wrote:

Re: [cfaussie] Re: CFUG Melbourne 17 Feb 2011

2011-02-16 Thread Steve Armstrong
Sorry team - I can't make it tonight! Cheers, Steve On 17 February 2011 13:52, Peter Robertson peter.r.robert...@gmail.comwrote: Thanks to all who have responded. Any other takers please let us know in the next couple of hours for catering. Looking forward to seeing you all tonight.

Re: [cfaussie] Recap: CFUG / MFUG Melbourne December 2010: Combined CF/Flex UG Xmas Dinner

2010-12-22 Thread Steve Armstrong
at the CFUGs for the second half of the year. You got your name on a ticket for the draw for each time you attended. We'll be continuing this practice in the coming year, with the additional refinement that presenters will get a bonus entry! The lucky winner from the CFUG for this year was Steve

Re: [cfaussie] Re: CFUG Melbourne October 2010: ColdFusion i/o

2010-10-20 Thread Steve Armstrong
Count me in, Cheers, Steve A On 20 October 2010 12:45, Chong wrote: the topics looks good but I have an appointment i can't get out of... On Oct 20, 12:58 am, charlie arehart wrote: I wonder if any may look only at the title and think it refers

Re: [cfaussie] CFUG Melbourne for September: Don't Miss It! Tomorrow Night (16 Sept)

2010-09-15 Thread Steve Armstrong
Count me in On 15 September 2010 13:36, Peter Robertson wrote: If you are attending, (and we hope that you will be), please RSVP so that Steve can organise catering. This is a not-to-be-missed event, especially for those responsible for web application security!

Re: [cfaussie] CFUG Melbourne August 2010: New features in Adobe ColdFusion Server 9 by Steve Onnis

2010-08-18 Thread Steve Armstrong
Count me in Cheers, Steve Armstrong On 17 August 2010 12:21, Peter Robertson wrote: This presentation will cover some of the new functionality introduced in the new version of the Adobe ColdFusion Server 9 - ColdFusion 9 Goodies include: - CFSCRIPT enhancements

Re: [cfaussie] CFUG Melbourne July 2010: Who's Coming?? (OOP for ColdFusion Developers by Mark Mandel)

2010-07-14 Thread Steve Armstrong
Count me in.. Cheers, Steve On 14 July 2010 17:05, Phil Haeusler wrote: I'll be there! Phil On 13/07/10 9:13 PM, Peter Robertson wrote: Hi Melbourne CFers (and visitors)! Who can make it Thursday night? PLEASE RSVP so that we can cater. The previously-posted

Re: [cfaussie] CFUG Melbourne, Thursday 15 April 2010. ColdFusion Builder

2010-04-14 Thread Steve Armstrong
Hi Peter, I will be there tonight. Cheers, Steve On 13 April 2010 13:49, Peter Robertson wrote: This month Paul Kukiel is going to take us through the ColdFusion Builder De-bugger. We'll also be having a general discussion about the members' experience with CF Builder

[cfaussie] Silent Printing to a Named Printer

2008-08-31 Thread Steve Armstrong
We are currently developing a ColdFusion based POS application. We would like to add the ability to silently print a plain text document to a named local client printer (docket printer). In this case the printing would not be the client's default printer. Do we have anyone on cfaussie who has

[cfaussie] Web Based Equation Editors

2008-02-24 Thread Steve Armstrong
I was wondering if anyone out there is using any web based open source 'equation editing' software within their applications? Terra Dotta's 'MathIWYG' product is now at version 2 - however according to their website is no longer for sale (including a previous version of the software that I used).

[cfaussie] Re: CFAussie Community Head Count

2007-05-31 Thread Steve Armstrong
ping! On 6/1/07, Bruce Trevarthen (B2 Limited) [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, Bruce @ ZeroOne here. -Original Message- From: [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Matt Voerman Sent: Friday, 1 June 2007 2:02 p.m. To: cfaussie Subject: [cfaussie]

[cfaussie] Re: Strange calculation behavior on CF 7.02

2007-02-20 Thread Steve Armstrong
Andrew, To say that it has nothing to do with ColdFusion is incorrect - as a developer has come across the issue developing an application using ColdFusion. Sure it is an 'across the board of programming languages' issue - but that doesn't mean that Adobe cannot note the issue in its

[cfaussie] Re: VIC UG

2006-10-16 Thread Steve Armstrong
Sounds like a good decision to me too! On 10/17/06, George Lu [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Sounds good for me. On 17/10/06, Steve Onnis [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Ok people who would be coming to the CFUG meeting. We happy to postpone ittill first week in November? -Original Message-From: