Re: [Chat] Butcher's Choice scam

2013-02-21 Thread Kathleen
I had someone come to my door several months ago selling meat. I thought they mentioned Omaha Steak. Since Emil and I don't eat meat, I just said No, thanks and closed the door. I didn't see a truck but maybe it's the same or similar operation. -Kathleen On Feb 21, 2013, at 4:43 PM, Greg

[Chat] Sad News sudden death of Mick (The Pirate) Kipp

2013-05-01 Thread Kathleen
Sometimes vendor at the Waverly Market and involved with the Mill Valley Store, buoyant Baltimore icon, Whiskey Island spice maker, cook and all around nice guy, Mick Kipp had a heart attack on Sunday and died. I didn't see him often but when I saw him, he always brightened my day. I think

Re: [Chat] Hardwood floor refinishing

2013-06-18 Thread Kathleen
the voicemail was full and the the number was disconnected. Basically, I just dropped the idea because I already knew the other companies just wanted to sell us new floors. -Kathleen Wilsbach On Jun 18, 2013, at 1:08 PM, Maya Kosok wrote: We got an estimate from a few places

Re: [Chat] Water is off

2013-09-12 Thread Kathleen
speculating about whether they were working at night to get overtime but maybe they were working somewhere else during the day. Still with it going on for weeks, not sure why it became an emergency that needed to be fixed in the middle of the night. Water came back on at 6 AM. -Kathleen On Sep 12

[Chat] Found stolen property?

2014-12-19 Thread Kathleen
anything like this, let me know. 3000 block of Guilford, in the alley between Guilford and Calvert St. Kathleen Wilsbach ___ Chat mailing list archive: http

Re: [Chat] service nightmare!...

2005-02-03 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
to Anderson Honda and we weren't happy with them. -Kathleen ___ Chat mailing list

[Chat] Free TV/Stereo table

2005-04-21 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
before we post it on Craig's list or -Kathleen -- Kathleen Wilsbach [EMAIL PROTECTED] ___ Chat mailing list

[Chat] Recycling

2005-09-12 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
Our recycling wasn't picked up today. It looks like they didn't pick up any one else's on our block either. -Kathleen ___ Chat mailing list

Re: [Chat] They stole our wreath!

2005-12-07 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
At 10:30 AM -0500 12/7/05, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Sorry Kathleen, I hang my best wreath out during the day {a red boa} and before I go to sleep or it gets to late, I hang out a plastic one that I keep by my front door. Its kinda a hassle but I hate someone stealing what I make and buy

[Chat] Foudn Dog

2006-06-03 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
. He looked vaguely familiar to me like I'd seen him around before. -Kathleen -- Kathleen Wilsbach 3040 Guilford [EMAIL PROTECTED] ___ Chat mailing list

[Chat] Corner of 30th and Guilford

2006-07-26 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
was having trouble imagining how someone could get a car up there. -Kathleen -Kathleen ___ Chat mailing list

[Chat] Attempted break in

2006-10-13 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
our two decks but was then scared away when Emil called to me. Very scary. So, be aware and watchful. -Kathleen -- Kathleen Wilsbach [EMAIL PROTECTED] ___ Chat mailing list

Re: [Chat] Attempted break in

2006-10-13 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
I forgot to say that we live in the 3000 block of Guilford on the side that shares an alley with Calvert. -- Kathleen Wilsbach [EMAIL PROTECTED] ___ Chat mailing list

Re: [Chat] Two Sisters Grille is a success!

2006-12-23 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
we go out for breakfast to Carme's, and when we want to splurge, to Gertrude's. Oh, and to the Thirtea First Street Cafe too. And there's also the Paper Moon. They all fill a slightly different breakfast niche for me. -Kathleen On Dec 22, 2006, at 12:00 PM, Emil Volcheck wrote: Hello

Re: [Chat] fabric store?

2007-02-17 Thread Kathleen Hruska
their name (if, they're still in business...). Hope this helps! Kathleen On Feb 16, 2007, at 4:12 PM, Judy Berlin wrote: no where close. perring plaza has a joanns which has everything sewers need. let me know if you find a closer one. judy On Feb 15, 2007, at 5:12 PM, Christine Gray wrote: Does

Re: [Chat] [Discussion] Spaghetti Disco ?

2007-02-28 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
stunning in a powder blue tuxedo and a red velour bell bottom jump suit with rhinestones respectively. Wow! I felt under dressed but a great time all the same. -Kathleen -- ___ Chat mailing list

Re: [Chat] found black cat on 2600 blk N. Hunter

2007-05-25 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
. There are other more global sites like: pets911 -Kathleen Wilsbach ___ Chat mailing list

[Chat] Fwd: [fluidmovement] Don't miss WAR AND FLEAS FM's 2007 Water Ballet in its FINAL WEEKEND!

2007-07-27 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
; filename=WAR AND FLEAS POSTER INTERNET.jpg -- Kathleen Wilsbach Chapter Manager HRS MD/DC/NoVA [EMAIL PROTECTED] http://www.rabbitsinthehouse.org___ Chat mailing list

Re: [Chat] Fwd: [fluidmovement] Don't miss WAR AND FLEAS FM's 2007 Water Ballet in its FINAL WEEKEND!

2007-07-27 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
At 1:17 AM -0400 7/28/07, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Thanks for the heads up, Kathleen -- I've always wanted to see Fluid Movement! Would you say that this is something children would enjoy? -Matthew Absolutely, if the children are very silly. :-) In a message dated 7/27/07 10:51:52 PM

Re: [Chat] Fwd: Would-be rescuer stabbed 3 times

2007-08-03 Thread Kathleen Hruska
Regina, Is there a link on the MVA web-site that allows one to check for outstanding fines/tickets...? Kathleen On Friday, August 03, 2007, at 02:02PM, regina ARMENTA [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I actually just received a parking ticket from 2004 that was originally $27.00. The current bill

[Chat] Fwd: HSBC fundraiser this Wednesday at Mount Washington Tavern

2007-08-27 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
I'm volunteering from 10-midnight. It should be a lot of fun. -Kathleen Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 11:33:56 -0700 (PDT) From: Humane Society of Baltimore County [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: HSBC fundraiser this Wednesday at Mount Washington Tavern To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Join the Humane Society

Re: [Chat] water bill

2007-09-30 Thread Kathleen Hruska
would increase your total water usage by a factor of ten...!). Hope this helps! Kathleen On Sep 30, 2007, at 4:19 PM, Christine Gray wrote: Has anyone else’s water bill jumped like mine has? My last two bills have been about $90 for 10 cubic feet of water. (I don’t know how much

Re: [Chat] FW: lost cat: new to Calvert St.

2007-10-04 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
I saw an Orange striped cat in Hunter alley 3000 block and just talked to Kevin. He said to let everyone know they have found their cat. This cat I saw must be a different one. -Kathleen At 5:50 PM + 9/26/07, John Spurrier wrote: Charles Village Neighbors, Hi - we've just moved

Re: [Chat] Neighbor needs iron-spot bricks

2007-10-05 Thread Kathleen Hruska
some iron spot bricks; I'll need some myself in the future. Bonus point: they're extremely helpful! I think their website is Good luck! Kathleen On Oct 4, 2007, at 11:03 PM, Emil Volcheck wrote: Hello, neighbors, I'm forwarding this message from Dana who is helping

Re: [Chat] Neighbor needs iron-spot bricks

2007-10-06 Thread Kathleen Hruska
Hi all, Correction: Actually, the website address is Thanks! Kathleen On Oct 4, 2007, at 11:03 PM, Emil Volcheck wrote: Hello, neighbors, I'm forwarding this message from Dana who is helping our new neighbor Andy Gorode (email: [EMAIL PROTECTED] ) look for some

Re: [Chat] More chat is better, was Re: chat needed

2007-10-09 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
with no one there but us and the cows or sheep. For anyone interested in this sort of thing, we high recommend the website -- Kathleen Wilsbach [EMAIL PROTECTED] ___ Chat mailing list

Re: [Chat] dog????

2007-10-25 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
for PitBull rescue listed on this page. You might also try getting some help from Recycled Love Contact Email [EMAIL PROTECTED] Website -- Kathleen Wilsbach [EMAIL PROTECTED]___ Chat mailing list Chat

[Chat] Compost -Rabbit Manure

2008-01-14 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
the perfect mix of carbon and nitrogen. Even in the Winter, I often see steam coming from my composter. Kathleen Wilsbach 3040 Guilford. ___ Chat mailing list

Re: [Chat] Fwd:Re: Baltimore City Frequently Asked Questions: Plastic recycling

2008-01-15 Thread Kathleen Hruska
I believe there is a comma missing from Ms. Ukwuoma's reply. I believe she meant to type plastics, bottles and jars with numbers 1-7 on the bottom... Thanks! Kathleen On Tuesday, January 15, 2008, at 09:27AM, Stephen J Gewirtz [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Last year's recycling was only Numbers 1

[Chat] Charm City Cupcakes Grand Opening at The Colonnade

2008-01-21 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
because it's hard to find a parking spot. But now we have cupcakes in walking distance. My favorite are the Chocolate Mint. If you haven't heard of Charm City Cupcakes, check out their website -Kathleen Wilsbach___ Chat

[Chat] Clarke Peters at the Farmer's Market

2008-08-02 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
in white linen pants and a white shirt, accompanied by a woman and boy who was around 10. I'm not a very good celebrity spotter and lived in LA for 6 years without spotting a single one. So, now I've finally spotted someone from a show I watch! -Kathleen

[Chat] Fwd: My lost pet Wally, a red/orange tabby cat

2008-08-13 Thread Kathleen Hruska
Please post this message from one of my Abell neighbors. Wally is quite the sweetie, but shy. Thank you, Kathleen Dear Abell Neighbors, You may have seen signs about Wally. He is one of my 3 cats - the red/orange tabby with white chin, underbelly and feet. Please look at the attached

Re: [Chat] Fwd: My lost pet Wally, a red/orange tabby cat

2008-08-13 Thread Kathleen Hruska
PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Kathleen Hruska Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2008 4:32 PM To: Subject: [Chat] Fwd: My lost pet Wally, a red/orange tabby cat Please post this message from one of my Abell neighbors. Wally is quite the sweetie, but shy. Thank you, Kathleen

[Chat] Pass for two, Baltimore Summer Antiques show

2008-08-27 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
Up for grabs. Emil and I don't have time to go. It's this weekend at the convention center. -- Kathleen Wilsbach [EMAIL PROTECTED] ___ Chat mailing list

Re: [Chat] floors and kitchens

2008-09-16 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
to it. -Kathleen -- Kathleen Wilsbach [EMAIL PROTECTED] ___ Chat mailing list archive:

[Chat] Looking for apartment Dec. Jan.

2008-09-29 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
range is $800-$1000/month but cheaper is even better. -Kathleen Wilsbach ___ Chat mailing list archive:

Re: [Chat] [Discussion] Bad experience with Papa Johns Pizza

2008-10-01 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
usually keep two of their individual pizza's in the freezer for pizza emergencies. They also have some vegan varieties without any cheese. -- Kathleen Wilsbach [EMAIL PROTECTED] ___ Chat mailing list

Re: [Chat] Cleaning service

2008-10-18 Thread Kathleen Hruska
Greg, For the last two years, I've used Carolyn Goodwyn-Hunter. She cleans a lot of of my neighbors' houses here on Abell and other homes through out Charles Village. Her phone number is 410-372-7278. She also now is using all green products. Good luck! Kathleen Hruska On Oct 18

Re: [Chat] moving our cars by 6Am tomorrow - what's going on?

2008-11-07 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
I'm not sure if it's the trees or they plan to really resurface the place they dug up a couple of months ago. They were here this morning with cherry pickers but I didn't see what they were doing. I thought they did the trees on this block already recently. -Kathleen At 5:56 PM -0500 11/7/08

[Chat] Collection of Leaves

2008-11-23 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
I thought all the leaves the city collected got made into leaf mold but apparently that's not the case. And if they are just going to dispose of them like regular trash, why do they want them labelled and picked up separately? I guess I have to go buy large paper bags somewhere. -Kathleen

Re: [Chat] Fwd: Warning From State Police

2008-11-28 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
- I don't know if this is true or not. If someone checks with snopes and it is false let me know pls. From a bad guy standpoint it makes sense. Judy Hey Judy, Can't you check yourself before forwarding stuff? It is bogus. -Kathleen

Re: [Chat] Fw: [I-NEIGHBORS] Your Feedback Is Sought Regarding Opening A Local Hardware Store

2009-01-10 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
patronize a local hardware store. I shop at the Giant frequently but the other locations mentioned would also be OK. -Kathleen Wilsbach --- On *Wed, 1/7/09, JOSEPH STEWART /* wrote: From: JOSEPH STEWART


2009-03-20 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
I saw something in the paper yesterday that quoted the owner of the Charles as saying that if the Senator goes on the auction block, he is planning to bid. -Kathleen ___ Chat mailing list

[Chat] Seeking a Mason

2009-04-06 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
Hi All, I am seeking a Mason, and not the kind that know funny secret handshakes. I need one to fix the broken tile brick work that is my front steps. All referrals appreciated. thanks, Kathleen Wilsbach ___ Chat mailing list Chat

[Chat] Sewing machine?!

2009-05-06 Thread Kathleen Hruska
Help! I'm in a wedding this Saturday and my machine has died in the midst of hemming my bridesmaid dress. Does anyone have a sewing machine they would be willing to loan out, or know a really fast repair shop? Thanks! Kathleen Hruska 443-804-5277

Re: [Chat] Opthamologist

2009-05-20 Thread Kathleen Hruska
I've used the Eye Center (Redwood Street Professional Building) at the University of Maryland, Baltimore campus since graduate school. Not in Charles Village, but an easy bus ride downtown...! On Wednesday, May 20, 2009, at 06:04AM, Christine Gray wrote: Can anyone

[Chat] RIP [Fwd: William (Bill) Martin 32nd Street Farmers Market vendor]

2009-06-09 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
Martin Farms is the stand with all the herbs across from the Gardener's Gourmet at the end closest to 33rd St. The stand on that end is Bartenfelders and is run by Mr. Martin's daughter Robin. The Martin's Farm stand is being run by his son, Earl Martin and daughter-in-law Kim Martin. I think

[Chat] Found striped cat

2009-06-25 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
definitely doesn't fit the description of the two lost cat flyers I saw around the neighborhood (3-legged orange or black tuxedo). -Kathleen ___ Chat mailing list

Re: [Chat] distinction between Charles Village Discussion listserve and the Chat listserve

2010-02-10 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
prefer to be informed rather than inundated. So, I think maintaining the two list format is still the way to go. Kathleen Wilsbach (Emil Volcheck's wife) 3040 Guilford. wrote: My recollection is that when Emil started up the two lists sometime in the first half of the last decade

Re: [Chat] (no subject)

2010-06-19 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
, that's the kind of relationship you don't get at a cheap haircut chain. -Kathleen On Sat, Jun 19, 2010 at 11:55 PM, John Spurrier wrote: Eric should try Marion Acero of Just Cut It (right next to Video Americain). She does a great job and I like the way my hair grows out between

Re: [Chat] fruits

2010-08-16 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
. They still work pretty well for mixing into yogurt or baking into muffins. In the winter I sometimes buy frozen berries from Trader Joe's. -Kathleen On Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at 1:49 PM, jberlin wrote: Isn't there a more natural way? judy

Re: [Chat] PLEASE pass along: missing kitty!!

2010-08-29 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
to be for an indoor only lost cat, the most effective solution is to set a humane trap. -Kathleen Wilsbach*lostcat*.php*lost*_ct1.htm*Lost*_*Cat*.pdf

Re: [Chat] Porch roof and down spout repair

2010-09-19 Thread Kathleen Hruska
James McDonald, who advertises in the Charles Villager, recently repaired a leak and replaced a downspout at my next-door neighbors' house. They seem satisfied with the repairs. He's recoated my roof twice and I've had no problems. Good luck! Kathleen On Sep 19, 2010, at 7:34 PM, D

Re: [Chat] news needed for my Village Chat column

2010-10-13 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
Kathleen Wilsbach and Emil Volcheck of the 3000 block of Guilford just returned from a wonderful vacation in Ireland. They were accompanied by Kathleen's 85 year old mother, Isabel, who lives in Havertown, PA. The visited the towns in County Cavan where Isabel's parents were born and grew up

[Chat] Theft of a box of hay

2010-12-23 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
times it has happened right before Christmas when boxes on people's porches are likely to be full of nice presents. -Kathleen Wilsbach ___ Chat mailing list

Re: [Chat] crabs

2011-07-02 Thread Kathleen Hruska
We get crabs at Waverly Crabs on Greenmount Ave every year for the Abell Community Street Fair.On Jul 01, 2011, at 05:13 PM, wrote:Can anyone recommend a place near CV to get about a dozen steamed crabs to go on Monday? What is Sterling's on 29th like? Christine

Re: [Chat] For the record

2011-07-25 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
Chat list and he didn't notice. He's a super nice person but not super tech savvy. -Kathleen Wilsbach On Mon, Jul 25, 2011 at 9:28 AM, Stephen J Gewirtz wrote: John, The same questions occurred to me when I saw near the bottom of the post i.e. in one of the early emails

Re: [Chat] framer recomendation?

2011-08-20 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
I heard that James Pierce does framing for the BMA. We've had him do three items for us and have been very pleased. -Kathleen Wilsbach ___ Chat mailing list

Re: [Chat] Electrician recommendation?

2011-11-28 Thread Kathleen Hruska
I was very happy with Bill Cantanzaro at All Phaze Electric (410-646-7620) when I did my upstairs remodel. Everything on the second floor was still knob and tube. I also needed a new panel.On Nov 28, 2011, at 10:22 AM, Eric Dymond wrote:I had good luck with Milton Electric

[Chat] Christmas Bunny Movie Event 12/10, 10 AM DVDs

2011-12-01 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
appreciate it if you could pass this information on. I also have a Word document poster I could forward to anyone who would have a good place to display and advertise for us. -Kathleen Wilsbach Join the House Rabbit Society for a special holiday showing of the new family-friendly film “The Christmas

Re: [Chat] Radiators

2012-01-19 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
heating system and giving it an initial tuneup. Kathleen Wilsbach On Thu, Jan 19, 2012 at 6:32 PM, Eric Dymond wrote: In short, it's sort of voodoo and it's best to hire someone to do it, rather than doing it yourself. I haven't really found anyone that I'd recommend. It's

Re: [Chat] Radiators

2012-01-20 Thread Kathleen Hruska
I've also had great interactions with David Saffer, both for plumbing and radiators.Kathleen HruskaOn Jan 19, 2012, at 08:24 PM, Kathleen Wilsbach wrote:I have to disagree with Eric. I love our steam heat. When we had ducts put in for the central air, we left the radiators

Re: [Chat] taxes

2012-02-02 Thread Kathleen Hruska
I just received mine yesterday in the mail...On Feb 02, 2012, at 09:48 AM, judy berlin wrote:Years past I always got a acard from the state telling me what my refund was so it could be included in my taxes. Are they no longer doing that? judy

Re: [Chat] inquiry about travel in China

2012-04-19 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
our whole itinerary if you're interested. Also, we have some Pimsler Mandarin language CDs that were really helpful. We listened to them in the car and just knowing that little bit made a real difference. We'd be happy to loan them to you. -Kathleen On Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 7:11 AM, Dawna Cobb

Re: [Chat] Claw foot tub fixtures

2012-04-27 Thread Kathleen Hruska
Second Chance (, 410-385-1700) or another of the architectural salvage places down near the stadium would probably make you an offer for these...!On Apr 27, 2012, at 11:28 AM, Ted To wrote:I have the feed, drain and faucet (missing the porcelain handles

[Chat] Air conditioner repair

2012-05-29 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
Saturday our central AC unit started leaking water and we had to shut it off. The company that installed it for us is kind of small. They can't give us a repair appointment until June 6th. Does anyone have an alternate recommendation for air conditioner service and repair? -Kathleen

Re: [Chat] Air conditioner repair

2012-05-29 Thread Kathleen Hruska
I use Olympic Heating and Air Conditioning: 410-592-7956. They installed my roof unit.Kathleen HruskaOn May 29, 2012, at 02:50 PM, Kathleen Wilsbach wrote:Saturday our central AC unit started leaking water and we had to shut it off. The company that installed it for us is kind

Re: [Chat] Fluid Movement Next weekend (5 7 PM) Patterson Park Rebel Teen from Starship 12

2012-07-30 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
If you didn't manage to see the show this past weekend, you have another chance. Next weekend there are four shows at the Patterson Park Pool. We had such a blast (ha, ha, a little spaceship humor) Emil and I are going to try to see it again next weekend. -Kathleen PS If you wear your bathing

Re: [Chat] Lost cat, be on the lookout

2012-10-08 Thread Kathleen Wilsbach
There are several interesting articles on-line about lost cat behavior with ideas that might help in Floyd's recovery. Here's one and google lists several others. I hope Floyd is found and is soon safe at home again. -Kathleen On Mon

Re: [Chat] Roofer

2014-03-12 Thread Kathleen Hruska
I had a really good experience with Mike Kelbie of Kelbie Roofing, 410-808-9380. I had a combination of a roof leak and mortar joints that needs to be re-pointed. All dry since summer! Kathleen Hruska Sent from my iPad On Mar 12, 2014, at 12:46 PM, Sharon L. Guida

Re: [Chat] Air mattresses

2019-06-01 Thread Kathleen Hruska
Lauren, I have one you are welcome to borrow. Kathleen Hruska Sent from my iPhone > On May 31, 2019, at 3:01 PM, Lauren Redmond wrote: > > Hi, neighbors. > > We have family coming to visit next weekend into next week (6/6-6/12) and we > need two full or queen size air mat