[Chat] Key found

2012-12-04 Thread Rachel Naomi Greene
I found a key with a label for a carry out / cafe in Mt. Vernon. It was in the alley behind Calvert / Guilford and between 30th and 31st streets. If it belongs to you and you would like it back, let me know! Rachel Greene 3038 Guilford Avenue ___

[Chat] Eco-friendly dry cleaner?

2014-03-31 Thread Rachel Naomi Greene
Hello neighbors, I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good eco-friendly dry cleaner in the area. In a previous thread, Standard Cleaner on 31st street was highly recommended, but I did not see any threads for eco-friendly options. Also, how do the prices compare? I swore off dry

Re: [Chat] Lost Cat - 3000 block Guilford Ave

2014-07-26 Thread Rachel Naomi Greene
Thank goodness! Have you considered having him microchipped? Rachel On Thursday, July 24, 2014 10:27 PM, ANDREW GORODE andrew.gor...@gmail.com wrote: Thanks to all I'm relieved to report Boots is home safe and sound.  He was locked inside a neighbor's garage.  A couple of harrowing days