Re: [chrony-users] Article on Chrony running on FreeBSD

2017-01-20 Thread Miroslav Lichvar
On Thu, Jan 19, 2017 at 10:12:53PM -0800, jungle boogie wrote: > What GPS receiver have you folks used with Chrony? Anything with PPS output and supported by gpsd should work with chrony. If you are looking for recommendations, it will depend on your requirements. I'm now using a Garmin 18x unit

[chrony-users] Article on Chrony running on FreeBSD

2017-01-19 Thread jungle boogie
Hi All, Just came across this recent article regarding Chrony running on FreeBSD. It's not my article but I'm highly interested in time, NTP and FreeBSD. I've switched from NTPd to chrony compiled from sources on my Raspberry Pis (running Raspbian) and I'm pleased with it.