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2008-07-10 Thread Bob Donatelle

Don't let Bush get away with it.
He is going to lplan with  Israel for Israel to attack Iran
---and that will be the mechanism for how the USA will get to be at war
   without Bush taking blame for it-
--and then, with the nation in a new war,
---the American public will be scared into voting for  McCain.


[cia-drugs] Fwd: [IPCUSA] Video: The Most Evil Company on the Planet -- Monsanto

2008-07-10 Thread RoadsEnd

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Date: July 9, 2008 9:16:14 PM PDT
Subject: [IPCUSA] Video: The Most Evil Company on the Planet --  


Video: The Most Evil Company on the Planet -- Monsanto

In an interview with The Real News Network, filmmaker Marie-Monique
Robin discussed her recent film 'The World According to Monsanto.' The
documentary exposes Monsanto's controversial practices, which range
from concealing knowledge of toxicity of PCBs to producing genetically
modified seeds and related herbicides.

A Monsanto declassified file stated that we can't afford to lose one
dollar to worries about PCB toxicity. This, Robin says, sums up
Monsanto's philosophy rather well.


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[cia-drugs] A question for any in the group

2008-07-10 Thread Mary Hartman
Pardon my ignorance here, but in reading about Blackwater's alleged plans to 
purchase 800+ acres of land to build a military style training camp in 
California, I couldn't help but wonder how many of these Blackwater training 
sites alread exist? Where are they?  Who is funding them?  And why do we need 
terrorist/mercenary training camps in the US?
There are answers that seem obvious to me, but I don't want to jump to 
conclusions and would like to hear from more learned individuals with more 
background on their activities.


[cia-drugs] The Flippin Clintons - From The Murder of Don Bolles to TEXAS

2008-07-10 Thread judson witham
The most important book of our times - Judson Witham

The Collateral worth of REALTY as a basis for LOOTING Financial Institutions 
and the INSURANCE FUNDS of FDIC, FSLIC, Fannie and Freddie and HUD and the VA 
and FmHa and FHA go way beyond the FLIPPIN CLINTONS con to finance their RISE 
TO 1600 Penn Ave.  The MELT DOWN during the 1980s and the LOOT from that era 
STOLE the next couple elections just like the FLIPPIN CLINTONS used their ILL 
GOTTEN GAINS to FINANCE their Campaigns.  Judson Witham's WAR against the 
MASSIVE LOOTINGS is well documented.  You see folks BEWARE THE RANCHERO 
RACKEETERS, the MURDER of Don Bolles, the Looting of the MADISON, the THOUSANDS 
of Illegal Land Cons eminating from CONROE TEXAS and the MASSIVE Colonias and 
who rise to POWER across the USA, GOD DAMNED THEM ALL.
Judson Witham
Son Of Swamp Fox

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Subject: Fwd: Check out Hawaii Real Estate Info

Information is the Currency of DEMOCRACY?  Thomas Jefferson
chance 'um...
ninja cats - south pac

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Hawaii Real Estate Info
What Happened on the way to the Asian Pacific Political Real Estate Investor 
forum for an All-American Culture of Deception in the USAincluding the A - 
Lo - Ha State of Hawaii?
Attn:  New York, New York Federal District Judge / U.S. Attorney General - 
Michael Mukasey;  Former Department of Justice under Political Mr. Fix It - 
U.S. Attorney / AIPAC Political Fund Raiser - Lobbyist linked to the University 
of Colorado Law School / Commercial Real Estate Investor Developer / 101-st 
Congressman - NORMAN PHILLIP BROWNSTEIN, vis-a-vis,  Jack Hyatt, Steve Farber, 
Ted Strickland, Lisa Holstein, Gale Norton {CREA - DOI}, James Nicholson {Dept 
of Veterans Affair}, Hank Brown {former Congressman  U.C. - Boulder President} 
all linked to U.C.- Boulder Law School Political associate for  U.S. Federal 
District Tax Court Judge - Maurice B. Foley {First Black Judge on the U.S. Tax 
Court Bench appointed by former President William Jefferson Clinton, aka, Slick 
Ref:  The South Pacific Atolls - Hawaii - California - Colorado - New York - 
Washington DC for the Bait  Switch Connections:
Make the LIE BIG, Make it simple, Keep saying it, and eventually they will 
believe it...?  {Joseph Goebels - German Minister of Public Enlightenment  
Propaganda - Nuremberg Trial Testimonials}
More Hawaiian Asian Pacific Predatory Hui LEGENDS;  More AIPAC Criminal 
Syndicate Sovereign MYTHS;  More Hawaii Real Estate Broken Trust Bamboo TALES 
with the public subsidized Social Engineers in Paradise for future special 
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Public Scope of Focus:  Hawaii Real Estate Information:  Hawaii Real Estate 
Investor Developer / Three Times in one Year {2000 - 2001} Public Consumer 
Bankruptcy Specialist  Hawaii Land conversion con artist with 
Hana Hou:  One more time for the Public record under - OMINOUS PARALLELS:
Contrary to the Marxist, the Nazi's did not advocate public ownership of the 
means of production.  They did demand that the government oversee and run the 
NATION's economy.  The issue of LEGAL ownership, they explained, is secondary:  
what counts is the ISSUE OF CONTROL.  Private citizens, therefore, may continue 
to hold titles to property---so long as the STATE reserves itself the 
UNQUALIFIED [Unconstitutional] right to REGULATE the use of the property   
Leonard Peikoff
Aloha Mai Mo. Aloha Aku:  Do the Disavowed Public documented facts matter for 
our regulatory agencies are incompetent but they are incompetent by design?  
{David Goldstein}
Go For Broke - All The Way  USAincluding Hawaii Nei?
Ask not what your COUNTRY can do for you;  Ask what your SECRET GOVERNMENT 
cabals can do to you?
Mutant ninja cats - south pacific kabuki theatre {Island playgrounds in the Sun 
for:  CREA, AIPAC, PNAC, CNP, with Robert Saipan Awana:  the former Hawaii 
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Immigration and Naturalization Service Predators Ball}

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[cia-drugs] Fwd: The Current Crisis Deepens (draft)

2008-07-10 Thread Kris Millegan

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From: Scheck Richard [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Date: July 10, 2008 10:18:18 AM PDT
Subject: The Current Crisis Deepens (draft)

La Costa, CA
July 10, 2008
  The Current Crisis Deepens
by Richard Scheck

For those honest enough to get beyond denial, the picture emerging  
from the

current election cycle is truly bleak.

Anyone supporting Barack Obama as the lesser of 2 evils must grasp  
the fact

that he is as evil as Bush or McCain.

His vote to support FISA, his stated intention to fine tune his Iraq  
war position
and his many flip-flops on issues like NAFTA and public financing  
make clear that he represents merely cultural (racial) and  
generational change

(post-baby-boom) and little else.

For some that may be enough.

For those seeking an end to war, the restoration of Constitutional  
revitalization of our economy and an end to America's hegemonic  
behavior, Obama represents the continuation of failed policies  
rather than the radical departure many

of us have wanted for decades.

Scholars like Chalmers Johnson, Peter Dale Scott and Joseph Stiglitz  
documented the drift away from the sane policies of the past towards  
designs that virtually guarantee the political and economic collapse  
of our

civilization unless a dramatic shift is undertaken.

The FISA vote and the up-coming approval of House Resolution 362  
increased sanctions against Iran indicate clearlly that the major  
parties have
learned nothing from previous failures and constitute two wings of  
one war party.

The time is long past for a co-ordinated response from the left and  
right in unison
against the manipulations and oppressive measures coming from their  

government officials.

The latest glimmering of hope in this possibility is called  
Accountability Now--

a focused project to punish FISA supporting Democrats.

It is doubtful this effort will be sufficient to ignite the needed  
shift towards the
formation of a much needed new party but it represents another baby- 
step in

that direction.

We are in a pre-revolutionary mode now in which a long train of  
abuses and
failures to respond to grievances are forth-coming from a unitary  
executive and
complicit Congress (the latest outrage exemplified by former Senator  
and McCain
economic advisor, Phil Gramm, telling the American people to stop  

The feeble but well-meaning attempts at impeachment constitute too  
little and
too late to side-track the American Leviathan that has emerged out  
and the Cold War with its penchant for global supremacy thru full- 

dominance, shock and awe tactics and violations of international law.

Ike warned of us of the dangers of the military-industrial complex  
which is now
triumphant in America and has created a quasi-Orwellian landscape  
run by
Homeland Security with excessive surveillence and police state  

Under the delusion of American exceptionalism which serves the same  
today as Manifest Destiny did for us in the 19th Century, our  
leaders continue to
posture and threaten other nations thru pre-emptive techniques  
designed to

intimidate them into compliance with our policies.

McCain is a clear proponent of such Bushian tactics and Obama is as  

even if in a less obvious or more sophisticated fashion.

His embrace of AIPAC, acceptance of exaggerated claims of an Iranian  
and willingness to attack Pakistan are clear indications that the  
internationalism of the Democrats is just a different version of US  

from the Republican neocons' militarism.

These foreign policy positions which have been used to evicerate our  
civil liberties
here at home would be destined for failure even if the US economic  
situation were

significantly stronger.

In the face of serious financial set-backs; a collapsing dollar;  
huge debt; as well
as spiking food, oil and commodity prices our ability to accompish  
such foolish

designs remains remote.

The rest of the planet is watching our behavior as well and has  
begun organizing
to resist our excesses with such groups as the Shanghai Cooperation  
the newly formed alliance of BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China),  
the already
existing OPEC along with regional groupings that have noticed our  

condition and our taking action to protect their interests.

The solution remains clear although elusive:  we must give up our  
of superiority and return to the humble foreign policy our Founders  

along with sound money and economics revitalization.

A new party led by brave folks such as Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich and  
Nader needs to form out of the ashes that will soon be all that is  
left of our

American Empire.

The prospects for that happening are remote; the 

[cia-drugs] Iraqi nuclear fuel stash quietly shipped to Quebec

2008-07-10 Thread clarabelle2012

Iraqi nuclear fuel stash quietly shipped to Quebec

With a report from the Associated Press

July 7, 2008

OTTAWA AND TORONTO -- Almost everything about the deal made for spy 
novel fodder: a multimillion-dollar shipment of yellowcake uranium, 
the final vestiges of Saddam Hussein's once-hyped nuclear program, 
quietly moved from Baghdad to Montreal via a controversial U.S. 
military base in the Indian Ocean, all done under orders of absolute 

But for all the cloak and dagger, it was a relatively straightforward 
transaction. It was business as usual, Transport Canada spokeswoman 
Marie-Anyk Côté said of the deal that saw Saskatoon-based Cameco 
Corp. purchase some 550 tonnes of yellowcake, which is used to make 
fuel for nuclear reactors. The volatile, but often transported, cargo 
arrived in Montreal by ship on Saturday.

Although Cameco says the U.S. military, which helped organize the 
sale, asked for the deal to be done in secrecy, the Canadian 
government agency that monitors such transports was less paranoid. 

Ms. Côté said Transport Canada gave a lot of thought to where the 
shipment was coming from - perhaps the most volatile place in the 

However, if the agency did have concerns, she added, the shipment 
wouldn't have gone ahead.
Still, existing laws for shipping radioactive material meant the 
delivery was subject to myriad restrictions - everything from 
packaging to the weight of the shipment to the emergency-response 
plan were tightly regulated.

Uranium is classified under Class 7 - radioactive materials - in the 
transportation of dangerous goods regulations. Although yellowcake 
could possibly be used in a weapons-creation process, it does not 
pose a high risk if stored and handled properly.

With major mining operations in Saskatchewan, Cameco is the world's 
largest producer of uranium. Company spokesman Lyle Krahn said Cameco 
was contacted by the U.S. State Department earlier this year, and 
asked to join in the bidding process for the Iraqi material.

Although the deal is technically with the Iraqi government - Baghdad 
gets the money - Washington had a significant driving role in the 

The yellowcake, all of which is believed to date before 1991, 
originated at the Tuwaitha nuclear complex south of Baghdad. Military 
and diplomatic officials initially considered sending the uranium to 
Kuwait's port on the Persian Gulf, but such a route would pass 
through Shia-controlled areas of Iraq within close proximity to 
insurgents. Kuwait was also reluctant to proceed.

After Cameco secured the contract to buy the uranium, U.S.-led crews 
began moving the yellowcake from corroded, decades-old compartments 
to about 3,500 secure barrels. In April, convoys moved the shipment 
from Tuwaitha to Baghdad's international airport.

It took two weeks and 37 flights in May to transport the cargo to a 
U.S. military base in Diego Garcia, a tiny British territory in the 
Indian Ocean, before it was shipped to Montreal.

Cameco would not disclose how much it is paying for the 550 tonnes of 
Iraqi yellowcake, but Mr. Krahn indicated Cameco would make money 
on the deal. That would suggest Cameco paid less than market rates 
for the uranium. The spot price for the metal currently stands at $59 
(U.S.) a pound while the so-called term price is about $80 a pound.

At $59 a pound, the material would be worth about $72-million. At $80 
a pound, about $97-million.

[cia-drugs] Fwd: Cheney PERSONALLY to Blame for Iran Having Ability to Make Nuclear Weapons

2008-07-10 Thread Kris Millegan

Begin forwarded message:

Date: July 9, 2008 6:35:47 PM PDT
Subject: Cheney PERSONALLY to Blame for Iran Having Ability to Make  
Nuclear Weapons

Halliburton Charged with
Selling Nuclear Technologies to Iran

in Top 25 Censored Stories for 2007

Source: Global, August 5, 2005, Title: “Halliburton  
Secretly Doing Business With Key Member of Iran’s Nuclear Team,”  
Author: Jason Leopold

Faculty Evaluator: Catherine Nelson
Student Researchers: Kristine Medeiros and Pla Herr

According to journalist Jason Leopold, sources at former Cheney  
company Halliburton allege that, as recently as January of 2005,  
Halliburton sold key components for a nuclear reactor to an Iranian  
oil development company. Leopold says his Halliburton sources have  
intimate knowledge of the business dealings of both Halliburton and  
Oriental Oil Kish, one of Iran’s largest private oil companies.

Additionally, throughout 2004 and 2005, Halliburton worked closely  
with Cyrus Nasseri, the vice chairman of the board of directors of  
Iran-based Oriental Oil Kish, to develop oil projects in Iran.  
Nasseri is also a key member of Iran’s nuclear development team.  
Nasseri was interrogated by Iranian authorities in late July 2005  
for allegedly providing Halliburton with Iran’s nuclear secrets.  
Iranian government officials charged Nasseri with accepting as much  
as $1 million in bribes from Halliburton for this information.

Oriental Oil Kish dealings with Halliburton first became public  
knowledge in January 2005 when the company announced that it had  
subcontracted parts of the South Pars gas-drilling project to  
Halliburton Products and Services, a subsidiary of Dallas-based  
Halliburton that is registered to the Cayman Islands. Following the  
announcement, Halliburton claimed that the South Pars gas field  
project in Tehran would be its last project in Iran. According to a  
BBC report, Halliburton, which took thirty to forty million dollars  
from its Iranian operations in 2003, “was winding down its work due  
to a poor business environment.”

However, Halliburton has a long history of doing business in Iran,  
starting as early as 1995, while Vice President Cheney was chief  
executive of the company. Leopold quotes a February 2001 report  
published in the Wall Street Journal, “Halliburton Products and  
Services Ltd., works behind an unmarked door on the ninth floor of a  
new north Tehran tower block. A brochure declares that the company  
was registered in 1975 in the Cayman Islands, is based in the  
Persian Gulf sheikdom of Dubai and is “non-American.” But like the  
sign over the receptionist’s head, the brochure bears the company’s  
name and red emblem, and offers services from Halliburton units  
around the world.” Moreover mail sent to the company’s offices in  
Tehran and the Cayman Islands is forwarded directly to its Dallas  

In an attempt to curtail Halliburton and other U.S. companies from  
engaging in business dealings with rogue nations such as Libya,  
Iran, and Syria, an amendment was approved in the Senate on July 26,  
2005. The amendment, sponsored by Senator Susan Collins R-Maine,  
would penalize companies that continue to skirt U.S. law by setting  
up offshore subsidiaries as a way to legally conduct and avoid U.S.  
sanctions under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act  

A letter, drafted by trade groups representing corporate executives,  
vehemently objected to the amendment, saying it would lead to  
further hatred and perhaps incite terrorist attacks on the U.S. and  
“greatly strain relations with the United States primary trading  
partners.” The letter warned that, “Foreign governments view U.S.  
efforts to dictate their foreign and commercial policy as violations  
of sovereignty often leading them to adopt retaliatory measures more  
at odds with U.S. goals.”

Collins supports the legislation, stating, “It prevents U.S.  
corporations from creating a shell company somewhere else in order  
to do business with rogue, terror-sponsoring nations such as Syria  
and Iran. The bottom line is that if a U.S. company is evading  
sanctions to do business with one of these countries, they are  
helping to prop up countries that support terrorism—most often aimed  
against America.


During a trip to the Middle East in March 1996, Vice President Dick  
Cheney told a group of mostly U.S. businessmen that Congress should  
ease sanctions in Iran and Libya to foster better relationships, a  
statement that, in hindsight, is completely hypocritical considering  
the Bush administration’s foreign policy.

“Let me make a generalized statement about a trend I see in the 

[cia-drugs] Fwd: [SPY NEWS] Jordan Times: Why the US cannot attack Iran

2008-07-10 Thread RoadsEnd

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From: Mario Profaca [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Date: July 10, 2008 1:55:33 AM PDT
Subject: [SPY NEWS] Jordan Times: Why the US cannot attack Iran
Why the US cannot attack Iran
Jordan Times
10 July 2008

Iran's Revolutionary Guards conducted military exercises and test
fired medium-range missiles this week after warning that Tel Aviv and
the US naval armada in the Gulf would be targeted if Iran's nuclear
facilities are attacked.

It is significant that the person to issue the warning was Ali
Shirazi, the envoy to the Guards of Supreme Guide, Ayatollah Ali
Khamenei, rather than President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has a habit
of making harsh pronouncements.

Khamenei seems to switch between hard- and soft-line comments.
Recently, former foreign minister Ali Akbar Velayati, a close adviser
of Khamenei', called for negotiations with the West on the nuclear
issue. Velayati said that since Iran has secured de facto recognition
of its right to enrich uranium, it can now negotiate from a position
of strength on the proposal put to Tehran by European Union policy
chief Javier Solana. According to this formula, Iran would suspend
enrichment for six weeks while the sides - including the US, which
would join talks at this stage - would reach a deal for a permanent
halt to enrichment and the provision of fuel for Iranian power plants.

It is also important that Guards units took part in the exercises.
Over the past two years, the force, Tehran's elite military formation,
has been playing an increasingly influential and independent role in
Iranian political life. Although the regular military and irregular
groupings like the Basij youth corps and Hizbollah are said to be
aligned with Ahmadinejad, the Guards seem to shift allegiances
according to issues.

While the US and Israel have not ruled out the military option as a
means of preventing Iran from achieving a nuclear weapons capability,
the Bush administration - which has just six months in office - seems
to be cooling to the possibility. Last week, during a visit to Israel,
Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, made it
clear to Tel Aviv that Israel does not have a US green light to
strike Iran. On his return to Washington, Mullen also stated openly
that an Israeli attack on Iran would be dangerous and could
destabilise the region.

According to Anthony Cordesman, a senior US defence analyst, Mullen
also told Israel it would not have US support if it took military
action. Cordesman said during a visit to Israel that while the US has
contingency plans for attacking Iran, it is unlikely that these plans
would be put into action until a new administration takes office. In
other words, Bush seems to have lost his taste for warfare.

However, Elizabeth Cheney, former principal deputy assistant secretary
of state for Middle East affairs, argued that it is essential for
Tehran to believe the US will use force. Speaking to the conference of
the hawkish American Israel Public Affairs Committee, she said that
the time for diplomacy is rapidly coming to an end. She all too
clearly remains in the threat mode. Apropos Mullen's pronouncement,
she criticised as counterproductive statements by those who say that
force is not an option. However, regional analysts argue that the US
public, deeply disturbed by the ongoing Iraq war, is not prepared to
bomb or invade Iran to prevent it from developing a nuclear weapon
which Tehran says is not the object of its enrichment programme.

The Iranian position is backed up by last December's National
Intelligence Estimate, which revealed that Iran is not at present
trying to enrich uranium to the high levels required by nuclear  

Clearly Cheney Junior, who follows closely in the footsteps of her
neoconservative father, Vice President Dick Cheney, is ignoring the
risks of either a US or Israeli attack on Iran. Tehran would be likely
to retaliate by cutting its oil exports, now at 2 million barrels a
day, and closing the Hormuz Strait, thereby disrupting the flow of 40
per cent of the world's oil from the Gulf to markets. This would send
the price of a barrel of oil soaring over the current $144 per barrel
and, perhaps, even double it. A spike of such magnitude could plunge
the global economy into a steep recession which would take a serious
toll on the wealthy West, as well as the impoverished east and south.
The dollar would fall further than it has already. Developing
countries would be thrown into major economic crisis, which could have
negative long-term repercussions for the international community.

While the Cheneys and their ilk remain influential in the Bush
administration, they would have to persuade George W. Bush of the
wisdom of the malign and destabilising course they 

[cia-drugs] Fwd: Housing Market Meltdown Will Leave Millions Totally Dependent on Social Security

2008-07-10 Thread Kris Millegan

Begin forwarded message:

Date: July 10, 2008 2:10:43 PM PDT
Subject: Housing Market Meltdown Will Leave Millions Totally  
Dependent on Social Security

--which, of course, the Republicans want to pull out from under  
their feet TOO.

But don't complain to THEM:

“You’ve heard of mental depression; this is [just] a mental  
recession,” said John McCain's economic adviser Phil Gramm.  “We've  
become a nation of whiners.”

Housing Market Meltdown Will Cause

Massive Losses in Household Wealth

Plummeting house prices will leave millions of homeowners dependent   
almost exclusively on Social Security in their retirement

For Immediate Release: July 9, 2008

WASHINGTON, DC- As Senators McCain and Obama fine-tune their plans  
for Social Security in preparation for the 2008 presidential  
election, a new report from the Center for Economic and Policy  
Research (CEPR) shows that, due to the collapse of the housing  
bubble, the vast majority of Americans have accumulated little or no  
wealth. This means that they will be almost completely reliant on  
Social Security and Medicare to support them in their retirement  

The study, “The Impact of the Housing Crash on Family Wealth,”  
analyzed the wealth holdings of families in all age cohorts in 2004  
and projected the wealth of these families in 2009. The findings are  
presented by income quintile under three scenarios- real house  
prices remain at current levels, real house prices fall by an  
additional 10 percent, or real house prices fall by an additional 20  
percent. In all three scenarios, the vast majority of these families  
will have little or no housing wealth in 2009.

“This extraordinary destruction of wealth will have tremendous  
implications for millions of families,” said report co-author Dean  
Baker. “Coupled with a very low personal savings rate, this means  
that many people, especially those near retirement will only have  
Social Security and Medicare to rely on once they leave the  

The report projects that if house prices stay the same through 2009,  
the median household headed by a person between the ages of 45 and  
54, those in their prime earning years, will have 24.7 percent less  
wealth than did the median household in this age group in 2004.  
These households will have accumulated just $113,268 in net worth in  
2009, barely $15,000 more than their counterparts in 1989, whose net  
worth totaled $97,600.

If real house prices fall 10 percent, the median household in the 45  
to 54 cohort will see a 34.6 percent loss in wealth compared with  
the median in 2004 while families in the 18 to 34 cohort will lose  
of 67.6 percent. If prices fall by 20 percent, the most pessimistic  
scenario, families in the 55-64 cohort will experience a loss of  
49.6 percent of their wealth compared to the same cohort in 2004.

This analysis should also prompt serious re-examination of policy  
proposals to cut Social Security and Medicare for near retirees.  
Baker commented, “policies that perhaps could have been justified at  
the peak of the housing bubble make much less sense now that tens of  
millions of near-retirees have just seen most of their wealth  

In analyzing wealth holdings for these families, the authors used  
data from the Federal Reserve Board’s 2004 Survey of Consumer  
Finance.  The authors also used the SP 500 and the Case-Shiller 20- 
City Composite Index to adjust for equity values and home price  
changes between 2004 and 2009.


The Center for Economic and Policy Research is an independent,  
nonpartisan think tank that was established to promote democratic  
debate on the most important economic and social issues that affect  
people's lives. CEPR's Advisory Board of Economists includes Nobel  
Laureate economists Robert Solow and Joseph Stiglitz; Richard  
Freeman, Professor of Economics at Harvard University; and Eileen  
Appelbaum, Professor and Director of the Center for Women and Work  
at Rutgers University.

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[cia-drugs] Fwd: U.S. Financial Sector Has Lost $1 TRILLION -- Just in the Last 9 Months!

2008-07-10 Thread Kris Millegan

Begin forwarded message:

Date: July 10, 2008 2:17:49 PM PDT
Subject: U.S. Financial Sector Has Lost $1 TRILLION -- Just in the  
Last 9 Months!

Crisis wipes $1 trillion from financial stocks

Posted: 2008-07-07 16:57:38

NEW YORK - U.S. financial companies have lost more than $1 trillion  
in value this year, and yet another decline on Monday shows concerns  
aren't going away soon.

Banks and brokerages began the week lower on the same fears that  
have been proven toxic since last summer in the ongoing credit  
crisis. The financial sector was hit with a confluence of troubles  
on Monday: cautious remarks from a Federal Reserve official and new  
capital concerns at Freddie Mac  and Fannie Mae .
The drop in names like Lehman Brothers , Morgan Stanley  and Merrill  
Lynch  caused the financial section of the Standard  Poor's 500  
index to lose almost $150 billion in value on Monday, according to  
the rating agency. That means SP 500's 85 financial components have  
lost some $1.3 trillion since the sector reached a high last October.

Even more startling is that shares of 35 of the companies, which  
include insurers, have lost more than half their value so far this  
year. The financial sector used to be the index's main driver, and  
many economists believe that the broader market will rise or fall on  
their health.

Some would argue that perhaps the sell-off in financials is  
overdone, but at the same time there is just much uncertainty out  
there about write-offs, loan losses, and how bad the housing market  
is, said Jim Herrick, a director of equity trading at Baird  Co.  
For a period of time the pain was in the big money center banks,  
but now it's spreading.

Fannie and Freddie fell sharply after Lehman Brothers analyst Bruce  
Harting said the two government-backed lenders might need to raise  
billions of dollars in new capital. Both are facing a proposed  
change to accounting standards that would require financial services  
firms move bonds backed by pools of loans, also known as  
securitizations, off their balance sheets.

If this rule is passed, it would end Freddie and Fannie's primary  
source of generating new revenue. Harting said Fannie Mae would need  
to raise $46 billion in cash to meet capital requirements, while  
Freddie Mac would need $29 billion.

The broader financial sector was hurt after San Francisco Federal  
Reserve President Janet Yellen said problems in the housing market  
and banking system could get even worse before the economy recovers.  
Global banks and brokerages have lost nearly $300 billion from  
investments in mortgage-backed securities and other risky  
investments since the credit crisis began one year ago.

And there are fresh signs that Wall Street's biggest investment  
houses are having trouble navigating through volatile markets.

Goldman Sachs Group  Inc., the world's biggest investment bank,  
disclosed in a regulatory filing that it lost at least $100 million  
on nine trading days during the second quarter. Goldman reported  
that total trading revenue in the second quarter fell 17 percent to  
$4.87 billion, according to the filing.

The firm, known for aggressive trading tactics that can cause big  
swings from week to week, still far surpassed many of its rivals on  
the Street. That has put more focus on Merrill Lynch, which will  
report its quarterly results next Thursday.

John Thain , Merrill's CEO, is said to be examining the sale of  
stakes the brokerage has in asset manager BlackRock Inc. and in  
Bloomberg LP. Money raised would be used to offset big write-downs  
expected at the brokerage.

A spokeswoman declined to comment about numerous media reports.  
However, Thain in the past has said he is open to selling the stakes  
if Merrill can fetch a good price.

Howard Silverblatt, SP's senior index analyst, said financial  
stocks will likely continue to be hurt until some signs develop that  
show banks and brokerages have a better grip on credit problems.  
Merrill's earnings next week could provide that.

There's still lots of uncertainty out there, he said. And, the  
financials need to turn around if the whole index wants to recover.

AP Business Writer Stephen Bernard contributed to this story from  
New York.

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[cia-drugs] Fwd: Laughing to Keep from Crying -- The U.S. Economy Is a Really Sick Joke

2008-07-10 Thread Kris Millegan

Begin forwarded message:

Date: July 10, 2008 2:25:24 PM PDT
Subject: Laughing to Keep from Crying -- The U.S. Economy Is a  
Really Sick Joke

From the bad to the really sinister

Richard Daughty

The first half of the year is over, and now all those brokerage  
accounts and retirement accounts will be sending out statements to  
hapless account holders, and it is bad news in spades.

This is why (I assume) the Plunge Protection Team (composed of the  
US Federal Reserve, the Treasury and bank insiders) tried to drive  
the stock markets up on Monday, June 30 -- to make those account  
statements look not quite as bad, and, hopefully, prevent people  
from dumping all of their stock and bond holdings in a desperate  
attempt to save something before the whole idiotic, fiat-currency,  
unlimited-fractional-banking thing just collapses.

Perhaps this drop in the market averages (as demand overwhelms  
supply) is what prompted John Williams at to
write, Overhanging the markets for a number of years has been the  
question as to when the major holders of excess US dollars in the  
global financial system might look to dump those holdings. An  
opportunity for that dumping is at hand.

The reason is that Most central banks know that their unwanted  
dollar hoards are going to generate long-term losses, but the oil  
markets have opened up an opportunity to mitigate some of those  
losses. For the rest of the world, dollar dumping now would reduce  
inflation risks outside the United States.

This means that Over the longer term, US equities, bonds and the  
greenback should suffer terribly, while gold and silver prices  
should boom.

And it is not just him and me that are so gloomy, but a new study  
from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) noted that a  
plunge in the dollar may happen, as the dollar has slid 14%  
against the euro in the past year, handing foreign investors in US  
dollar assets big losses measured in dollars, and still bigger ones  
measured in their own currency, and which is making people so  
nervous that a sudden rush for the exits cannot be ruled out  

Bob Janjuah, analyst at the Royal Bank of Scotland, has also advised  
clients that   A very nasty period is soon to be  
upon us - be prepared, which goes along with that bank's warning  
that inflation has paralyzed the world's central banks, and that of  
a full-fledged crash in global stock and credit markets over the  
next three months looks more and more likely.

And the stupid banks (always the cause of all of economic troubles)  
are suffering from their own stupidity, and Bill Buckler of The- newsletter notes that   US banks have  
suffered US$391 billion of losses and write-downs from mortgage- 
related securities since the start of 2007, according to the data  
compiled by Bloomberg. US banks could lose another $300 billion on  
real estate loans during the year ahead.

What makes this $691 billion loss so special is that such losses  
could jeopardize balance sheets because the US banking system had  
only $1,350 billion of equity capital.


They've lost two-thirds of all their banks' capital!



Since all things are connected to all things, he says, The sum of  
it all is that the entire US banking and financial system is so  
threadbare, fragile and short of capital that a collapse or crash in  
one place could knock the underpinnings out from under several other  
US financial sectors which would take even more down with them.   A  
systemic crash -- at any time -- is today a distinct possibility.

This is all in addition to the fact that morons who have kept  
investing in the American stock market are suffering losses, proving  
once again that the majority of   investors must  
lose money over the long term. Spengler at notes that  
when he says, American equity markets show no real capital gains  
since 1997. That is, an American who bought the equivalent of the  
Standard  Poor's 500 Index at $954 in January 1997 and sold today  
at $1,278 would have exactly the same number of inflation-adjusted  

Mr Spengler concludes, My advice to individual investors? Invest in  
some popcorn, because the next six months will be something to  
watch. (See How to stop the Great Crash of '08, Asia Times Online,  
July 1, 2008.)

Jim Sinclair of is more humorously laconic when he  
says, You can be sure something really stupid is about to happen.

He might have been referring to me, but I am usually stupid to start  
with, and so why would he just be mentioning it now?

So, I think he means something more sinister. Much more sinister.  
And ugly.

Richard Daughty is 

Re: [cia-drugs] Ron Paul

2008-07-10 Thread Bob Donatelle
I'll vote for Ron---if he runs.

- Original Message 
From: Mary Hartman [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Sent: Monday, June 30, 2008 11:56:04 AM
Subject: [cia-drugs] Ron Paul

Posted June 28th, 2008 by Jdayh 
NATIONNevada has set a landmark in the halls of history. Today they 
have reconvened and remade the NEVADA GOP...and even as I am posting this they 
are electing delegates to the NATIONAL CONVENTION.. ..(mostly, if not all, Ron 
NEVADAwith will allow them to NOMINATE HIM FROM THE FLOOR which is what 
this whole thing is really all about. Once he has a state that he legally 
wins(ie gets the majority of delegates for that state) He can then be nominated 
for President at the National Republican Convention. THIS MEANS THIS CAMPAIGN 
Here is a bit of information on how they are doing this legally
They did not have a quorum based on the old convention, but that convention has 
been invalidated due to rule breaking.(see below in bold) So now they have a 
new quorum with full attendance.Which means it is fully legal and shall 
withstand the scrutiny of legal challenges that may come
There is no former convention, the convention NEVER recessed. The convention 
has always been going on. Under RONR (10th. Ed.) sec. 20, p. 222, ln. 30,
A recess is a short intermission in the assembly's proceedings, commonly only 
of a few minutes, which does not close the meeting and after which business 
will immediately be resumed at exactly the point where it was interrupted. 
Thus, by definition, a recess can never be used to close a meeting. Under RONR, 
there are two types of recess: (1) a privileged motion to recess, requiring a 
majority vote, or (2) a unilateral recess being declared by the chair if it was 
provided for in the agenda or program. On April 26th, a RECESS was not provided 
for in the program or agenda (even though the agenda on April 26th. may have 
provided for ADJOURNMENT at a particular time, completely different from a 
Thus, the purported recess on April 26th. would have been valid ONLY if a 
motion to recess was made and seconded by the convention delegates, and the 
motion was voted on by a majority of delegates. Even then, however, the recess 
could not have been used to close the meeting.
For this reason shown above they now have a new quorum that is roughly 300 (a 
bit more) delegates. And now business is taking place with full legality and 
force of law behind them. WE THE PEOPLE SHALL AND WILL PREVAIL!
word to every man, women and creature that we can still win Ron Paul the 
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[cia-drugs] Akha Journal: Bus Balance, Second Horse for Ride for Freedom

2008-07-10 Thread Matthew McDaniel
Dear Friends:
Despite the fact that I was injured in an auto accident damaging five discs in 
my back, the horse trip is still on. We have paid the bus down to $4650 plus 
many other costs we have been able to cover so far to line everything up for 
this trip. 
We have also found the second horse that will be trained for Michu and the kids 
to ride. 
Now we have the two horses we wanted for this trip.
I picked the new horse up on monday night north of Aurora, Oregon and walked 
her close to thirty miles of back roads down to Salem, a great way to get going 
with a horse. A quarterhorse Percheron cross, she was pretty hard to find, not 
so common of a breed.
As soon as the bus is paid off we will be leaving on this trip. Route will be 
according to the weather and timing.
The main themes of the trip continue to be Nets for Laos, Human Rights 
Network in Thailand, stopping the seizure of Akha lands, and stopping the 
removal of Akha children.
We are seeing some progress at the congressional level in getting an 
investigation into US involvement in Thailand during the drug war of 2003, the 
supplying of military weapons and police training, the vetting of individuals 
who commit human rights violations, functions of the DEA in Chiangmai during 
that time, monitoring of end use on weapons and equipment, and funding for the 
Chai Pattana Foundation, which has been responsible for seizing Akha lands. 
More updates on this as this investigation develops.
Just to let you know, the US Embassy in Bangkok stated that they had no record 
of any seizures of Akha lands of late in Thailand. Apparently they are not very 
well informed.
Thank you for your interest and support. has been down for a couple of days, should have that fixed in a 
couple of hours.
Matthew McDaniel


The Akha Heritage Foundation. Akha Heritage Site.
Donate Via Credit Card Paypal:
PO Box 6073 Salem, OR. 97304 USA.


[cia-drugs] Cold case with links to Bush 41 White House becomes hot again

2008-07-10 Thread Leticia Martinez/Nierika

Cold case with links to Bush 41 White House becomes hot again

July 10, 2008 -- A new website has Omaha and other parts of the country talking

The infamous Frankin cover-up of the 1980s may have been relegated to cold 
case status by law enforcement. But on the Internet, the case is far from 
cold. A new website, JusticeForJohnnyGosch is dedicated to bringing the child 
sex slave perpetrators to justice.

Franklin is a story of high-level pedophilia, murder, and cover-ups by the FBI 
and CIA.


John Johnny David Gosch was kidnapped on September 5, 1982, at age 12, only 
two blocks from his home in West Des Moines, Iowa, while delivering newspapers. 
Soon after, he was drugged, molested, sold, and prostituted.

This was not a random kidnapping. Johnny was clearly targeted; in the weeks 
before the kidnapping, he was photographed near his home. The man who ordered 
his kidnapping has links to the CIA. The identities of many of the perpetrators 
are known, and there are witnesses to these crimes, but NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN 
BROUGHT TO JUSTICE. Unfortunately, the FBI has only worked to cover-up details 
of this case. Why?

This is where you can help!

- Get informed.
- Buy the related books.
- Write the media.
- Write your local and national politicians.

Demand justice for Johnny Gosch. No kid in America will be safe until this 

June 14, 2008

I would like to take this time to thank for the 
website focusing on my son. It has been a very long 25 years since my son was 
kidnapped and sold into human trafficking, it is definitely a good feeling to 
have people still remember him. I will try to summarize the past 25 years into 
a few paragraphs.

During the years of investigation there have been many trial and error 
situations as we worked through the clues, tips and pieces of information. I 
have had three private investigators over these years, who have helped 
immensely in constructing this huge puzzle.

One of the major developments has been Paul Bonacci coming forward with the 
information he has shared and we have been able to verify concerning Johnny's 
kidnapping and the guilty parties involved. Paul's information was verified and 
ruled upon in Federal Court in 1999 by Judge Urbom. This was a tremendous 
development, I thought the West Des Moines Police Dept. would follow up with 
investigation, however much to my disappointment, I was told that they were not 
going to do any such thing. Once again, I was left with having to work on yet 
another aspect of this case by myself. I have continued all of these years to 
run a private investigation whenever there was information.

In 2006, the biggest shock of all came when I received the first of hundreds of 
photos of my son. He was bound and gagged in this photo. When I looked at it 
for the first time, I could not get my breath. I took them to the West Des 
Moines Police for investigation, however in a newspaper interview some time 
later, the police department stated “they did not investigate the origin of the 
photos. That is such a shame as they still receive the benefit of my tax 
dollars, so once again I launched into investigation of the photos.

Since 2006, I have been able to find out a great deal. Many/most of the photos 
which have been discovered have been found on a Russian Pedophile Website, 
which contains eight million photos of children. Yes, that is right EIGHT 
MILLIION. At first I could not believe it either but it is true. Now what is a 
photo of a little boy from West Des Moines doing on a Russian Pedophile/porn 
website?? Who put my son's photo there? What we do know is that these photos 
are part of someone's collection that they have had for many years. Someone has 
kept them for a long time and only recently been making them public on the 

I do not own the website, but am very pleased 
that there is someone who cares enough to not only remember Johnny but to do a 
website with information about his case.

A year ago, I had a report written by Retired FBI Special Agent, Ted Gunderson 
on my website... ... The report contained a reference to 
Robert Wadman, former police chief of Omaha, Nebraska. Wadman called me and 
threatened to sue me if I didn't remove the report. So I removed Ted 
Gunderson's report. However, he continued to call my home and leave messages 
threatening to sue me. Upon the advice of my attorney, I placed a notice on my 
website telling him to stop calling me or I would have no choice but to take 
legal action. The calls stopped for almost a year Then on June 6th, 2008, 
he began calling me again on my cell phone and home phone threatening to sue 
me. He apparently thought I owned, as