Re: [cia-drugs] [EMAIL PROTECTED] is a member.

2005-10-03 Thread RoadsEnd
No, what is happening is that my emails get presented to the group through the amazon address. Peace, OmKOn Oct 2, 2005, at 8:58 PM, E Bryant Holman wrote:If it is a member of the group, all messages that are sent to the group go to that address, and they go back to the address where they

[cia-drugs] Re: FW: Request to complete questionnaire for potential Houston 80-20 PAC Endorsement

2005-10-03 Thread Vote Galvan 11/08/2005
Dear Steven: Sorry I did was not able to get my answers in. I am suffering from a very bad case of an allergic reaction to either poison ivy or something that I must have come in contact with while I was boarding up my windows for Hurricane Rita. It is driving me up the wall. I have not been

Re: [cia-drugs] Katrina and Rita a little Shock and Awe, dare we ask ???

2005-10-03 Thread Dawes57
most of the pic's are from people who were attacked by bin laden's boys in iraq, and most are innocent of anything but being people in a war area, but the fact is bin laden and his boys must be killed any way you can. From: judson witham [EMAIL PROTECTED] Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 13:10:30

[cia-drugs] China's expanding military contacts in Latin America worries U.S.

2005-10-03 Thread Vigilius Haufniensis China's expanding military contacts in Latin America worries U.S. U.S. government is concerned about China's expanding military, economic and other efforts in the Western Hemisphere, a State Department official last week said. "We have noted, and are

[cia-drugs] Fwd: narcotraffic to Europe

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Begin forwarded message:From: "Олег Греченевский" [EMAIL PROTECTED]Date: October 2, 2005 9:43:11 PM PDTTo: [EMAIL PROTECTED]Subject: narcotraffic to Europe Good day! This letter to Fritz W.Ermarth, former officer of CIA of high rank, I send recently by e-mail –  and now received the answer from

[cia-drugs] Hammer N Company to the Slammer -- Curtains for the GOP - DNC MOBS

2005-10-03 Thread judson witham
The Tentacles Roots of the DeLay MONEY MACHINE goes way, way BACK !!! Harris Montgomery County are FILTHY CORRUPT TO THE CORE When Ollie North, Secord and Poindexter, Bush Sr. and Cheney N Comapnay ETC. ran the Money Laundery Op for the Missle Sale to the Iranians and the Money to the

Re: [cia-drugs] Simon Wiesenthal, Dead at 96

2005-10-03 Thread JSvj index.html On Sep 20, 2005, at 14:03, norgesen wrote: Simon Wiesenthal, Dead at 96 by Peter Levenda It is a common question: why go after all those Nazis from World War II? They must be a hundred years old by now, if