[cia-drugs] The Case Against Tom DeLay By JOHN W. DEAN

2005-10-08 Thread Linda Minor
http://writ.news.findlaw.com/dean/20051007.html The Case Against Tom DeLay: What Has Happened To Grand Jury Secrecy In Texas? By JOHN W. DEAN Friday, Oct. 07, 2005 What is one to make of the criminal charges against Tom DeLay? I spoke with several knowledgeable Texas lawyers, of

[cia-drugs] Re: BREAKING: Rove backs off grand jury testifying; Fears indictments

2005-10-08 Thread LeaNder
--- In cia-drugs@yahoogroups.com, MA PA [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: hmmmh, I am really curious how this story will end? Obviously he either has to crack the facts served by the other side: Sorry, we did not know the lady was working under cover. We somehow thought she was some minor file clerk,

[cia-drugs] SMOKE AND MIRRORS BABY - Washington Insider: Subway Alert Is Fake Terror To Distract From Indictments

2005-10-08 Thread judson witham
SMOKE AND MIRRORS BABY The Great Texas Bank Job and W Company's BOGUS ASS WAR in IRAQ, how many BILLIONS are now unaccounted for The Culture of Corruption Nancy Pelosi and many others are aware of is working feverishly to distract, derail and cloud MURKY WATERS to Cover Up massive

[cia-drugs] Democrats to force Dobson to testify?

2005-10-08 Thread Jim Rarey
What madness is this? Teddy is losing it! -JR http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=46718 Saturday, October 8, 2005 CHANGING OF THE GUARDDemocrats to force Dobson to testify?Senator wants to know if he's hiding Miers'

[cia-drugs] Google: Arrest Bush 41

2005-10-08 Thread david
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