[cia-drugs] RFK assassination articles back online in full

2006-12-03 Thread norgesen
Wednesday, November 29, 2006 My RFK assassination articles back online in full by Lisa Pease Because of the recent BBC Newsnight segment featuring Shane O'Sullivan's allegations that George Joannides, David Morales, and Gordon Campbell, three CIA agents, were at the Ambassador Hotel the night

[cia-drugs] Sirhan Sirhan was out of position and out of range and therefore could not have shot Kennedy.

2006-12-03 Thread norgesen
Statement of Lawrence Teeter, Current Attorney for Sirhan Bishara Sirhan Sirhan Sirhan was out of position and out of range and therefore could not have shot Kennedy. The following is the statement Sirhan Sirhan's current lawyer, Lawrence Teeter, released on the 30th anniversary of the murder

[cia-drugs] Has He Started Talking to the Walls? : FRANK RICH - Bush�s Unreality +

2006-12-03 Thread MA PA
Has He Started Talking to the Walls? : FRANK RICH - Bush’s Unreality + By FRANK RICH: The New York Times - Sunday, Dec. 03, 2006 at 11:33 AM RICH: The more President Bush loses his hold on reality, the more language is severed from its meaning altogether. THE COMPLETE ARTICLE WITH ALL

Re: [cia-drugs] Re: BREAKING: The 9/11 Bounced Check-Mossad-Russian Spy-Marc Rich-Bush-Gary Best Inc Black Ops-AWB-Carlyle

2006-12-03 Thread Vigilius Haufniensis
mark, youre starting to sound like WINGTV. do you have anything positive to say these days? heh. i just was amused that someone actually brought vreeland up. i couldnt decide definitively if they were serious. - Original Message - From: mark urban [EMAIL PROTECTED] To:

[cia-drugs] Re: Fwd: [SPY NEWS] Ex-spy once had 'funeral' for his fake identity

2006-12-03 Thread Harrison Deckard
--- In cia-drugs@yahoogroups.com, RoadsEnd [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Bruce Berckmans, who lived part of his life under the alias Roger Merriweather Greever Greever? (GRIEVE-er) as an undercover officer for the Central Intelligence Agency, died at his Coconut Grove home Saturday.

[cia-drugs] Fwd: Surveillance: It Affects Us All..

2006-12-03 Thread RoadsEnd
Begin forwarded message: From: Eric Stewart [EMAIL PROTECTED] Date: December 3, 2006 5:07:04 AM PST To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Surveillance: It Affects Us All.. http://justanotherblowback.blogspot.com/2006/12/surveillance-it- affects-us-all.html ..and I don't need to explain that to

[cia-drugs] Evan Bayh to Launch Presidential Exploratory Committee

2006-12-03 Thread Quechick Barnyard
Is he is, or is he ain't!!! Shakespear: 'That 'tis the questionto be or not to be, whether 'tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of misfortune, or by taking arms against them, end them.' If the civil war is causing this then why put our troops between 4 factions. I believe

[cia-drugs] 24th Edition is ready for you

2006-12-03 Thread Arlene Johnson
-Forwarded Message- You are receiving this message through the magic of technology as I am not sending it to you myself. My Web site developer is. I am not where I can send any messages personally right now. Hopefully in 3 months I will be able to do so again. This edition is probably

[cia-drugs] Now you see it, now you don't - the EU report on the Mexican Election

2006-12-03 Thread norgesen
Sunday, November 26, 2006 Now you see it, now you don't - the EU report on the Mexican Election [Update: Because context is everything, I suggest people read Jeff Morley's piece posted at the National Security Archives re the CIA's close relationship with past governments of Mexico, begging the


2006-12-03 Thread Vigilius Haufniensis
The aim, he said, according to a transcript provided by CNBC, is to make a borderless community, much like the European Union, with the U.S. dollar, the Canadian dollar and the Mexican peso being replaced by the amero.

[cia-drugs] Senator Leahy: bush should be Terrified

2006-12-03 Thread Quechick Barnyard
Things are really starting to blossom. It appears everyone has a role to fulfil in the Senate. Ain't it grand?? :) [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sen. Leahy: Bush Should be Terrified But since the election, that outrage has turned into inspiration, and it's an inspiration he