[cia-drugs] Re: Fwd: Ted Gunderson: A Treatise of Lies

2006-12-22 Thread Harrison Deckard
Boy, after reading that it would appear that someone's really done their homework. More than homework -- how does one get access to all of these details? Sounds like another rogue FBI/CIA agent on the loose, at least the fact-gathering techbiques and types of information (not to mention how this

[cia-drugs] Re: Fwd: [SPY NEWS] Ex-spy once had 'funeral' for his fake identity

2006-12-03 Thread Harrison Deckard
--- In cia-drugs@yahoogroups.com, RoadsEnd [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Bruce Berckmans, who lived part of his life under the alias Roger Merriweather Greever Greever? (GRIEVE-er) as an undercover officer for the Central Intelligence Agency, died at his Coconut Grove home Saturday.

[cia-drugs] Re: The Brooklyn Police

2006-09-06 Thread Harrison Deckard
--- In cia-drugs@yahoogroups.com, muckblit [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Prince Georges county, MD, is worse, because they beat boys on the street just to re-educate them, if they look different from some folks. There are black cops in DC, but oddly many jumpouts and chases of a black teenage boy

[cia-drugs] Re: All Your Warco Nanking Ad Be Ours

2006-07-25 Thread Harrison Deckard
--- In cia-drugs@yahoogroups.com, muckblit wrote: No wonder, all the bombs come from the original WW2 nazis. Nazis George Herbert Walker, Sam Bush, and his son Prescott Bush sold to both sides in WW1 and WW2, Prescott set up CIA for son George Herbert Walker Bush and grandsons George Walker