Re: [cifs-discuss] Are domain trusts supported?

2010-09-03 Thread Alan Wright

The SMB service fully supports trusts in snv_134 but due to
an idmap limitation only two-way trusts will work on that build.
You would need snv_142 to use a one-way trust, which I suspect
is what you are describing below.


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Subject: [cifs-discuss] Are domain trusts supported?
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 2010 18:11:43 PDT
From: artiepen

We currently have a test machine running svn_134 and we'd like to try it 
in our AD environment. Our AD environment has two domains: and with a Forest trust.

I can only create computer accounts in, has user 
accounts and I cannot create computer accounts, but my admin account has 
read-only access to the user accounts (so that I can add the user 
objects to Universal groups in

I've created a computer account in and joined the osol test 
machine to it. I've made some shares. My administrative account can 
read/write to those shares, but when I log into a windows machine with 
my account, I get Access Denied.

Is there some special way to configure cifs to allow the account from to write?

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Re: [cifs-discuss] Are domain trusts supported?

2010-09-02 Thread artiepen
I suppose this question can be asked another way: On a windows machine, joined 
to, I am able to create a share and add a user from into the 
ACL. How does this mechanism work and how can I emulate it in osol? Thanks.

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