Re: [cisco-voip] 7941 SIP Endpoints Rejected - CUCM 10.5

2014-12-05 Thread Ryan Huff
Is the phone's config pre-built on CCM or is the phone trying to auto register? Thanks, Ryan Huff CCNA R/S, CCNA Wireless, CCNP Voice, UCCX Specialist Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2014 20:49:50 -0500 From: To: Subject: [cisco-voip] 7941

[cisco-voip] Uplinx Question

2014-12-05 Thread Sean Knight via cisco-voip
Has anyone used this software to manage phone? If so how are your thoughts on it? Thanks, Sean E. Knight ___ cisco-voip mailing list

Re: [cisco-voip] UCCX Script question - can we query agent status from within the script

2014-12-05 Thread Tanner Ezell
Cisco is correct, you need a third party server that can either query the UCCX database (not recommend) for the reason code or the UCCX CTI protocol. It's for this reason we built just such a solution for our customers that needed a bit more intelligence than is afforded by the reporting step.

Re: [cisco-voip] Uplinx Question

2014-12-05 Thread Leslie Meade
It is currently in use where I am contracting at the moment.. They have get it setup so that the end users/help desk folks never log into callmanager/unity etc to do MAC's They also use it to bulk import users, that makes their Unity, Jabber, Remote destination profile as well as extension

Re: [cisco-voip] Uplinx Question

2014-12-05 Thread Kevin Przybylowski
Yep, it gets a nod from me as well. The templates are easy to modify if you want to add logos or modify the format. I would suggest you grab the demo, run it against your lab. It's well worth it to have a comprehensive document on either your own cluster (as it has some management tools), or

Re: [cisco-voip] Uplinx Question

2014-12-05 Thread Heim, Dennis
I have been using it as a leave behind/as-built documentation. Not that most people read it, but rather put documentation on a scale and weight to determine how sufficient it is. Dennis Heim | Emerging Technology Architect (Collaboration) World Wide Technology, Inc. | +1 314-212-1814

Re: [cisco-voip] Uplinx Question

2014-12-05 Thread Leslie Meade
But that is a separate application from the uplinx device program Leslie Meade .. Mobile:778.228.4339 | Main: 604.676.5239 Email: From: cisco-voip

Re: [cisco-voip] Expressway - 3rd Party Border Recommendation

2014-12-05 Thread Pawlowski, Adam
So just out of curiosity, how insane would I be considered to try and mix usage on the appliance, making it a proxy, gateway, etc at the same time? It looks like the house of cards gets pretty hairy to try and combine these roles, so given the cost of a new chassis I assume most people wouldn’t

Re: [cisco-voip] Expressway - 3rd Party Border Recommendation

2014-12-05 Thread Walenta, Philip
It depends on the usage you expect for each role. I've found VCS does pretty well at all of those in light to medium duty usage. Yes it's a bear to configure it all, but it works. Sent from my iPhone On Dec 5, 2014, at 9:39 AM, Pawlowski, Adam

Re: [cisco-voip] Strange MGCP Gateway Registration Issue

2014-12-05 Thread Amit Kumar
Hello Maunika, How frequent problem is observed. Can you check below said output on the gateway Show network-clock Show controller e1 / t1 Apart from above it would be good to collect below said debug: Debug mgcp events Debug mgcp packates Thanks, Amit On 04-Dec-2014 5:27 pm, Mounika Reddy

[cisco-voip] CUCM version 10.... RTMT on MAC with Yosemite

2014-12-05 Thread David Schulz
Has anyone successfully got the RTMT tool running on a MAC running Yosemite for version 10 of CM? I have version 8 and 9 running (those work great). The latest version (v10 of RTMT) will install perfectly using some of the various documents on the web for previous versions. However, version 10