Re: [cisco-voip] Need some direction on a UCCX script task

2015-01-13 Thread Anthony Holloway
I'm confused as to what you are asking for Ryan. Is this a duplicate question of the one you asked earlier, just worded differently? On Tue Jan 13 2015 at 8:38:06 PM Ryan Huff wrote: I'm trying a scenario where I have a variable with text content (previously populated

Re: [cisco-voip] Register SWSS?

2015-01-13 Thread Matthew Loraditch
No need to activate SWSS. It is UCSS and ESW combined with all the behaviors and attributes of Smartnet/ESW. I can't recall trying PUT with an ECMU yet, but if it doesn't work you can submit a manual case and also ask why it's not working for you. Matthew G. Loraditch - CCNP-V, CCNA-RS, CCDA

Re: [cisco-voip] Licenses upgrade issues

2015-01-13 Thread Tanya Sayen (tkupchik)
The best practices is to open a Pre-Migration request for any CUWL customers. The BU team will do additional research and can work with the partner and customer to reconcile the CUWL licensing before actual migration. Following is a link to recently updated Partner Quick Tips:

Re: [cisco-voip] ParkingLotD and SNR | Leaked Calls on StationD

2015-01-13 Thread Daniel Pagan
I set this up in a lab and it looks like the issue can be recreated in CUCM 10.x as well... 1. Enable and setup SNR for a user 2. Configure the Remote Destination to an invalid number - force DA for SNRD to fail. 3. Configure the Remote Destination for User Control

Re: [cisco-voip] can you pass a variable to the URL of agent browser in CAD?

2015-01-13 Thread Andrew Grech
Go to and grab Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Script Repository 9.0(2)

[cisco-voip] Register SWSS?

2015-01-13 Thread James Andrewartha
Hi all, We recently renewed our UCSS, although it came through as SWSS (ECMU). I added the contract numbers to our account, which appear in some places (SAMT), but not in ours (CCO account, CSCC). I'm trying to use the PUT, but when I enter the ECMU contract number, I get 105 - This Service

Re: [cisco-voip] Mac SoftPhone Headset Call-Control w/ Jabra

2015-01-13 Thread Gary Parker
On 9 Jan 2015, at 15:19, Ryan Burtch wrote: According to Jabra, the only soft phones supported w/ call-ctrl are Avaya, IBM, and Skype. Any other takers? I’ve been nagging our SE and various product managers about this for years now. Cisco *still* haven’t included the

Re: [cisco-voip] CUCILYNC Voicemail login issues

2015-01-13 Thread Jason Aarons (AM)
Capture the packets via Wireshark/network. From: cisco-voip [] On Behalf Of Ryan Huff Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2015 9:19 AM To:; Subject: Re: [cisco-voip] CUCILYNC Voicemail login issues Have you

Re: [cisco-voip] CUCILYNC Voicemail login issues

2015-01-13 Thread Ryan Huff
Another thing to look at / consider is client DNS issues (if the client is trying to resolve the directory server by hostname). Which, should be evident in the p-caps. Thanks, Ryan From: To:;;

[cisco-voip] CUCILYNC Voicemail login issues

2015-01-13 Thread george.hendrix
Hey Guys, I'm seeing an issue where I am getting invalid username or password when trying to authenticate in CUCILYNC for Voicemail, but I don't get an error for the Directory services. However, I can login to the Cisco PCA page just fine with my credentials. Nothing has changed with the

Re: [cisco-voip] Licenses upgrade issues

2015-01-13 Thread Dana Tong
FYI, Clif was a tremendous help here. He was able to escalate to one of the teams who was able to pull all of the customers entitlement for the past 8 years from the archives. The outcome was that the duty manager was able to authorize the customers CUWL licenses. It was really quite amazing

Re: [cisco-voip] CUCILYNC Voicemail login issues

2015-01-13 Thread Ryan Huff
You can have it either way (depending on your configuration), whatever is being advertised to your client for directory auth is what your client is trying to contact. I would fire up wireshark as suggested and see what is going on in packet land, could just be a silly network issue. Thanks,

Re: [cisco-voip] Licenses upgrade issues

2015-01-13 Thread Anthony Holloway
That's fantastic news Dana. I'm sure you are glad to have this behind you. We cannot reasonably expect Cliff to come rescue all of us. So Cliff, what wisdom can you share with us all, that will make our license migrations a little quicker, and a little smoother? Please address Dana's scenario

[cisco-voip] Software and headset for VoIP/POTS/Radio

2015-01-13 Thread Lisa Notarianni
We are currently at Call Manager version 8.6 (upgrading this week to 10.5). Our Public Safety department has 24 hour dispatch and they would like to make their dispatchers jobs hands free. They currently manage calls on Cisco VoIP, Centrex and Radio. Does anyone know of any software that

Re: [cisco-voip] Software and headset for VoIP/POTS/Radio

2015-01-13 Thread Mike King
Never used it, but remember this from about 5 years ago: I know that there are other companies, Cisco has Cisco IPICS Mike