[cisco-voip] Supervisory Disconnect on ATA 190

2016-07-22 Thread Cannizzaro, Vince
Hi everyone, I'm trying to connect an ATA 190 to a Logison Paging Module a vendor installed to get paging functionality at a site. The vendor has stated the following: "Upon dialing the specific extension assigned to paging, this line is "live" (i.e. answers the line A.K.A. Auto Answer) to

Re: [cisco-voip] MWI Light UCM 8

2016-08-03 Thread Cannizzaro, Vince
David, Also if it’s Unity Connection, I’ve had some success in the past restarting the Notifier service From: cisco-voip [mailto:cisco-voip-boun...@puck.nether.net] On Behalf Of Charles Goldsmith Sent: August-03-16 10:05 AM To: David Zhars Cc: cisco-voip@puck.nether.net Subject: Re:

Re: [cisco-voip] 8800 series not using top line off hook

2016-08-26 Thread Cannizzaro, Vince
Hi Aaron, Yes the 8800 series phones do this. One workaround is to enable the field "Show All Calls on Primary Line" on the phone. Here's an article on it https://amyengineer.com/2016/04/12/8841s-and-line-selection-woes/ I hope this helps, Vince From: cisco-voip

Re: [cisco-voip] Future of Jabber .......

2016-11-03 Thread Cannizzaro, Vince
Hi Matthew, Thank you for sharing that update. May I ask if I can have a link to that roadmap session? Kind regards, Vince -Original Message- From: cisco-voip [mailto:cisco-voip-boun...@puck.nether.net] On Behalf Of Matthew Collins Sent: November-02-16 4:36 AM To: James Andrewartha;

Re: [cisco-voip] Future of Jabber .......

2016-11-03 Thread Cannizzaro, Vince
That's great! Thank you so much Matthew, I appreciate it! Sincerely, Vince -Original Message- From: Matthew Loraditch [mailto:mloradi...@heliontechnologies.com] Sent: November-03-16 8:08 AM To: Cannizzaro, Vince; 'Matthew Collins'; James Andrewartha; cisco-voip@puck.nether.net

Re: [cisco-voip] 88XX Soft Reset

2017-08-10 Thread Cannizzaro, Vince
Hi Jon, Go into Settings > 5. Admin Settings > 4. Reset Settings > 1. Reset Device -Original Message- From: cisco-voip [mailto:cisco-voip-boun...@puck.nether.net] On Behalf Of Jon Fox Sent: August-10-17 4:38 AM To: cisco-voip@puck.nether.net Subject: [cisco-voip] 88XX Soft Reset Hello