Re: [Clamav-devel] how to check memory leak and socket descriptor leak

2005-05-01 Thread GiM
Joanna Roman in message '[Clamav-devel] how to check memory leak and socket 
descriptor leak' wrote:
 I am building a scanner based on Clamav.
 What unix commands can I use to check whether a
 process has memory and/or socket descriptor leak ?

as Tomasz has written this is not related to clamav, but... ;)

try valgrind and electric-fence

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Re: RE: [Clamav-devel] why don't write portable code

2006-04-01 Thread GiM
BSCH in message 'Re: [Clamav-devel] why don't write portable code' wrote:
 Brian A. Reiter!
   if engine design pure. the others could use the clamav engine to write
 anti-virus software. the software not to write by us. ALL could use the
 engine convenience.

I don't think you understand the differences between UNIX and Windows
platforms. Programming in these environments is totaly different, and
creating one universal engine wouldn't be reasonable.

And what problems do you see for others writing anti-virus software
on ClamAV basis?

btw: 1) I'm not a native english speaker, but it's quite hard o understand
 what you're trying to say (this and previous posts)
 2) stop top-posting, this is really annoying.

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144722 lcamtuf I've found bug in sendmail
144724 lcamtuf what a suprise


Re: [Clamav-devel] New phishing method...doubts

2006-09-26 Thread GiM
Danett song in message 'Re: [Clamav-devel] New phishing method...doubts' wrote:
 --- Török Edvin [EMAIL PROTECTED] escreveu:
  Linux:yes, tested. Windows: should work, but I
  didn't personally test.
 Without cygwin? 
 I would like to test it, but I only use Windows, is
 there someone created a installer that have this
 module included (and with files pre configured) to use
 in Windows? :)

Since it's in clamav it'll be probably included in clamwin,
but I'm not sure, just guessing.

  That depends if you have a plugin in your mua, that
  uses/calls clamav.
 Ahhh, so it's a module that is called in the scan
 engine to any data (buffer to be checked if have a
 virus or not?) passed to it? If yes, how the anti
 phishing module detect if it's a HTLM (e-mail content)
 to be checked and not a binary for example (causing
 false positives) ?

Ouch, iirc phishing module scans html files
(they're detected by clamav engine itself).

  a href=http://someevilurl;
  http://someevilurl - real url - displayed url
 I taked a look at it. How much false positives this
 modules are generating? Depend on the configuration?
 Someone made a analys of it (maybe Ian Castle)?

This depend on your base.

  You may also find useful the phishsigs_howto.pdf
  inside the docs dir (in the cvs version).
 I don't know how to access the cvs with Windows, is
 this CVS viewable via web? :)

There are some cvs tools for windows.

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Re: [Clamav-devel] Virus Signatures

2008-02-09 Thread GiM
mudit vaidya in message '[Clamav-devel] Virus Signatures' wrote:
 I need virus signatures to expand my virus database.

We're happy with you, tell us if you'll find any.

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Re: [Clamav-devel] clamAV scanning algorithm

2008-12-20 Thread GiM
Thomasz Blaszczyk in message 'Re: [Clamav-devel] clamAV scanning algorithm' 
  if you switch ClamAV to use only AC, you'll notice a significant
  performance improvement, at the expense of increased memory usage for
  the DB.
 Right, AC trees are quite large and takes lot of memory..
 So BM is only used to save memory? I guess, it was implemented first
 and some people still feel sentiment to this algorithm..:)
 Since AC works faster and handles wildcards...

If I remember correctly it was just on the contrary,
AC was implemented first (version I recall was 0.67,
I haven't looked at a code of earlier versions except
some truly historical stuff like 0.11 or 0.15)
and later because of memory problems Edwin mentioned
at least a few times BM was added to resolve those

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Re: [Clamav-devel] Improvement suggestion : Scan Hash to optmize re-scan

2011-07-26 Thread GiM
Robert Leyva in message 'Re: [Clamav-devel] Improvement suggestion : Scan  
Hash to optmize re-scan' wrote:
 Wouldn't that be best done by a separate product, like Tripwire?
 Then only scan those files with changed sigs.

...and require every user of clamav to install tripwire...

doesn't seem like a good idea to me

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