[clutter] Fix for memory leak in ClutterGLXTexturePixmap

2009-06-02 Thread Garry Bodsworth
Hi, Attached is a patch to fix a leak in ClutterGLXTexturePixmap. Basically, the OpenGL spec says if you create a pixmap using glXCreatePixmap you should use glXDestroyPixmap to free it. Likewise, using glXCreateGLXPixmap should be freed using glXDestroyGLXPixmap. Shuang He on the

[clutter] Clutter Clutter-box2d on Windows

2009-06-02 Thread Carranza, Marcos E
Hi, I'm trying to compile on Windows a Clutter application that is working on Linux. On the git repositories I found a Visual Studio project for the Clutter library and instructions to build it. Currently, I'm trying to compile it. On the other hand I realized that the clutter-box2d