[CMake] patches for MirOS

2019-02-03 Thread Andrew Pennebaker
Hiya! I got cmake to build in MirOS (also known as MirBSD) v10 this weekend, painting over gaps in POSIX support. Here's my patchset: https://github.com/mcandre/vagrant-miros-cmake/tree/master/i386 Virtual machines are included for testing the patched build, and for testing the final cmake

Re: [CMake] Checking Variables in a tool-chain file

2019-02-03 Thread Torsten
Hi, > Am 01.02.2019 um 17:17 schrieb frodak17 : > > Be aware that CMAKE_TRY_COMPILE_PLATFORM_VARIABLES only works with the > try_compile() command source file signature. Unfortunately it doesn't work > with try_compile() whole projects signature. The section on Other Behavior > Settings

[Cmake-commits] CMake branch, master, updated. v3.13.4-1263-gd401c10

2019-02-03 Thread Kitware Robot via Cmake-commits
t a/Source/CMakeVersion.cmake b/Source/CMakeVersion.cmake index a799c4a..0d1fb40 100644 --- a/Source/CMakeVersion.cmake +++ b/Source/CMakeVersion.cmake @@ -1,5 +1,5 @@ # CMake version number components. set(CMake_VERSION_MAJOR 3) set(CMake_VERSION_MINOR 13) -set(CMake_VERSION_PATCH 20190203) +set(CMake_VER