[CMake] infer integration

2016-04-03 Thread Andrew Pennebaker
Are there plans to make cmake-generated Makefile's more compatible with the fbinfer linter? http://fbinfer.com/ In the meantime, could someone give a fully qualified example of how to run infer against cmake-generated Makefile's? There are a few examples online, but recent versions of infer

[CMake] VERBATIM support for add_test()?

2016-04-03 Thread Andrew Pennebaker
Could cmake get VERBATIM support for add_test(), so that common shell techniques like < > I/O redirection can work in add_test()'s? Workaround: sh -c "..." everything. -- Cheers, Andrew -- Powered by www.kitware.com Please keep messages on-topic and check the CMake FAQ at:

[CMake] patches for MirOS

2019-02-03 Thread Andrew Pennebaker
Hiya! I got cmake to build in MirOS (also known as MirBSD) v10 this weekend, painting over gaps in POSIX support. Here's my patchset: https://github.com/mcandre/vagrant-miros-cmake/tree/master/i386 Virtual machines are included for testing the patched build, and for testing the final cmake