[CODE4LIB] OPAC survey - initial findings

2007-04-16 Thread David Pattern
Hi all!

Many thanks to everyone who responded to the recent OPAC survey -- in
total there were 729 responses.

I'll be publishing an informal PDF report sometime around the end of
May, but I've already stated adding data, graphs and initial findings to
my weblog.  I'd love to know if there are any surprises in the findings,
or if you think it's just telling you what you already know!


The comments from respondents (which will be included in the PDF report)
ran the whole spectrum of opinion -- from those who thought the OPAC is
already a defunct technology, to those who obviously feel that their
OPAC should be nothing more than an electronic version of a card

Dave Pattern
University of Huddersfield

p.s. apologies for cross-posting this to several lists

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Re: [CODE4LIB] Using OpenID in libraries

2007-04-16 Thread Taco Ekkel

AquaBrowser Library will support OpenID for logging into your library stuff.
Going beyond that, Jeremy touches a good point on trust. Since AquaBrowser
is cross-datasource (ILSes, DBs, etc - both indexed and federated) we are
considering hooking into auth systems under water, by allowing users to
couple trust information (LDAP, library card pins, along those lines) to
their openid-based account. A question for us is how (or whether!) to make
that latter part an open infrastructure to others, by including some way to
guarantee user consent per individual action. Anyone interested I can give a
url to give it a whirl when it's hitting alpha-ish state.

Taco Ekkel
Director of Development
Medialab Solutions B.V.

AquaBrowser Library - Search, Discover, Refine

Modemstraat 2B / 1033 RW / Amsterdam / +31(0)20 635 3190 /

On 3/23/07, William Denton [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

I hadn't been too clear on OpenID but a week or two ago I listened to a
recording of a talk about that explained it well.  I can't find it again,
unfortunately, but you can take my word for it that it was pretty good.

Is OpenID being used in libraries?  It struck me that it could work well
for library systems that share resources: two systems that are part of the
same consortium or provincial/state system; two neighbouring public
systems that let people from one borrow at the other; academic libraries
that want to make it easy for visiting profs and grad students to get
temporary access to online resources; etc.

Say I live in Lower Mowat but one day I'm in Upper Mowat, in the next
municipality (or county, or whatever) over, visiting my tailor.  The two
library systems are separate but share their resources.  I pop into the
library to update my Twittering friends on my inseam measurement.  I don't
actually have an account at the Upper Mowat Library, but I log in to one
of their computers using my Lower Mowat-supplied OpenID identifier, and
the Upper Mowat system recognizes where I'm from and gives me access to

William Denton, Toronto : miskatonic.org : frbr.org : openfrbr.org

Re: [CODE4LIB] Code4Lib journal idea revival?

2007-04-16 Thread Danielle Plumer
I'm coming late to this discussion because I was out all last week, but this is 
something I could approach the folks at the Texas Digital Library about. 
They've set up an Open Journals system and are currently hosting JoDI. See 

Danielle Cunniff Plumer, Coordinator
Texas Heritage Digitization Initiative
Texas State Library and Archives Commission
512.463.5852 (phone) / 512.936.2306 (fax)

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From: Code for Libraries [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Behalf Of
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Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2007 10:25 AM
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Subject: Re: [CODE4LIB] Code4Lib journal idea revival?

Rather than create something new, is it worth looking at ways to align this
need with existing infrastructure at Ariadne, D-Lib, etc?

Maybe even get some of those evil vendors to underwrite some of the costs,
in the name of nurturing market innovation, etc?

Or is the need actually already filled/fillable by sites like code4lib.org,
tdn.talis.com, etc, and all of our individual blogs?

On 11/4/07 15:01, Jonathan Rochkind wrote:

 I think it was this past summer that there was some energy on starting a
 'Code4Lib journal', that seems to have died out.

 I think such a journal could play a really important role, currently
 lacking, in the library community. Currently there are a bunch of people
 working on similar projects who don't communicate enough, re-inventing
 wheels. Plus more people who would LIKE to be working on similar
 products, but don't know how to get started. Plus I could see such a
 journal playing a role in techies communicating with the larger library
 community about challenges they are running into that effect larger
 library workflow.

 Anyway, I'd be interested in working on this to get this off the ground.
 Is anyone else? Especially someone(s) with a bit more Code4Lib
 cred/history than me?

 Thinking about it, I think it can probably be done in a pretty
 light-weight easy to get started manner. I assume people were thinking
 of an electronic only journal.  So pretty much all we would need is:

 1) An editorial committee or whatever. [Maybe some people imagined some
 more 'revolutionary' egalitarian type of community process, but I figure
 keep it simple, and an editorial committee seems simple, and also
 provides some people who have explicitly taken responsibility for
 getting things done.]
 2) A place to host it. [maybe some kind of institutional repository
 software would be cool, but in a pinch seems to me a WordPress
 installation would do. Keep things simple and do-able and good enough is
 my motto. I'm sure one of our institutions would donate server
 space/cycles for a WordPress installation for such a journal. ]
 3) Maybe a wiki would be nice for editorial commitee discussions.
 4) Maybe a simple one page description of the mission of the journal and
 what the journal is looking for in articles. The editorial committee can
 work on that on the hypothetical wiki.
 5) Some articles. The editorial committee can solicit some for the first

 Step 6: Profit!  I mean, some e-published articles. No profit, sorry.

 That seems pretty do-able to me. I think it would serve a really good
 role. I'm not concerned so much with 'scholarly credibility' as I am
 with creating a valuable tool for people getting stuff done. I think
 thinking like that can keep it simple too.

 Oh, as long as we're at it, 6) Get an ISSN for the thing, since most
 link resolvers will never be able to track it otherwise. (Sigh).

 So anyone interested?  Is this a good idea? Do-able? Should we do it?
 Want to help? I do.


Dr Paul Miller
Senior Manager  Technology Evangelist, Talis
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Re: [CODE4LIB] Code4Lib journal idea revival?

2007-04-16 Thread Daniel Chudnov

On Wed, 11 Apr 2007, Ryan Eby wrote:

Perhaps we could start by putting together a few anthology issues
similar to what was planned as the lulu/print anthologies that Dchud
started organizing?

Methinks pbinkley gets/takes the credit/blame for starting and organizing
and starting organizing, and not me, I think.

Re: [CODE4LIB] Code4Lib journal idea revival?

2007-04-16 Thread Ryan Eby

There is actually already a OJS sandbox installation on Code4Lib.
Jonathan Rochkind appears to be getting things organized so if anyone
really wants to help you should probably talk to him.


On 4/16/07, Bigwood, David [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

When considering tools, the PKP (Public Knowledge Project) in Canada has
an open-source toolkit for publishing a journal. It includes tools for
submission, peer-review, editing and publishing.

David Bigwood
Lunar and Planetary Institute

Re: [CODE4LIB] the journal project

2007-04-16 Thread Jonathan Rochkind

I was planning on creating a Google groups list (just cause it's easy)
as a space for communicating on this project and working on getting it
started. I intend to this before I leave today. Sorry I too am busy with
a million things! But I think we can keep this going at a deliberate, if
not lightning, pace.  I plan to keep pushing the ball.

I have a list of about a dozen people who have expressed willingness
(either on the list, or privately to me) to put at least some time in,
at least initially. I think that's plenty---in fact more than enough for
the kind of actual work team I hope we can get, but I'm not (or trying
not to be) worried about too MUCH  interest at this point! (Dchud isn't
on this list at the moment, since I didn't see him express such
interest, but he's certainly welcome).

I agree that let's not get side tracked into discussing tech, it's an
issue, but a minor one that for some reason we seem to like spending
most of our time discussing.

So yeah, I plan to create a google group today. I plan to also make a
list on the trac wiki of people who have, for the moment, agreed to be
on what I'll call the 'editorial collective' (Hey, I'm just making this
stuff up as I go along too). The google group will be open to all, but I
think it's important to have a distinct list of people who have actually
committed to putting some time in (until they change their mind)--which
at the moment is I guess open to all too? (Although I do worry about it
becoming too large a group; I think a small team of people who have
committed is what gets things done---too big a group, and nobody's
responsible; but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it).

I also plan to send out an email with some suggested ways to structure
our thinking about steps we need to take, and put some supporting
material on the wiki. I'll publisize both to the list.  Sorry I'm not
lightning speed, I only re-catalyzed this discussion like last week!


Daniel Chudnov wrote:

At the risk of offending, discussion seems to be repeating itself w/r/to
the potential code4lib journal project.

Perhaps those willing and able to step up and get the ball rolling, so to
speak, could sally forth nearby, and we could avoid further continuing
repeating discussion of tools recommendations that don't get picked up?

The question isn't what tool should we use?  It's who's going to do
this?  Several people have offered to help, but who's going to take the
lead?  If the answer's nobody, well, that's fine too.


Jonathan wrote:  Anyway, I'd be interested in working on this to get
off the ground. Is anyone else? Especially someone(s) with a bit more
Code4Lib cred/history than me?

To which:  cred/history is illusory, but to effect the greatest illusion,
it pays to be one who takes the lead on a project like this and runs with
it until it's up and running. :)


Jonathan Rochkind
Sr. Programmer/Analyst
The Sheridan Libraries
Johns Hopkins University
rochkind (at) jhu.edu

Re: [CODE4LIB] the journal project

2007-04-16 Thread Daniel Chudnov

On Mon, 16 Apr 2007, Jonathan Rochkind wrote:

I was planning on creating a Google groups list (just cause it's easy)
as a space for communicating on this project and working on getting it
started. I intend to this before I leave today. Sorry I too am busy with
a million things! But I think we can keep this going at a deliberate, if
not lightning, pace.  I plan to keep pushing the ball.

Awesome.  Nobody expects a lightning journal.  Well, except maybe these


In any case, hooray for forward ball progress...