Re: [CODE4LIB] Open Source Federated Library Search

2010-05-06 Thread Jakob Voss
David Kane wrote: Anyone got any suggestions? I am liking LibraryFind at the moment, but am not sure if anyone is using it. Has anyone else got experience with this or any other federated search programs? How about YaCy (see Or did you mean metasearch instead of

Re: [CODE4LIB] Open Source Federated Library Search

2010-05-06 Thread Jonathan Rochkind
Theoretically, it sounds like Xerxes could maybe be rewritten to make PazPar2 an alternate metasearch engine, instead of Metalib as it uses now. The intended goal of Xerxes and PazPar2 complicate each other nicely and would work together well. Just another one to add to the list of cool

[CODE4LIB] Job Posting (re-opened): Senior Library Services Developer, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA

2010-05-06 Thread Tim McGeary
(apologies for the cross-posting) Library Technology Services (LTS) at Lehigh University is seeking a Senior Library Services Developer to work on the Library Technology team and to support Lehigh University’s participation in the Kuali Open Library Environment (OLE) project. The Kuali OLE

[CODE4LIB] Buy, Borrow, or Build

2010-05-06 Thread Frumkin, Jeremy
Hi all - One of the interesting tasks on my plate this year is to devise a document that reflects a strategy around Buy, Borrow, or Build as relates to technology approaches here at the University of Arizona Libraries. Below is the text of this reference architecture, and I am particularly

[CODE4LIB] Skyriver discussions?

2010-05-06 Thread Jill Ellern
Thought I'd ask this group the same question I've asked my UNC system librarians... I spent some time since the IUG conference talking with my library director and head of cataloging about it and was wondering what the interest is in it or discussion about it have been going on at the other

Re: [CODE4LIB] Skyriver discussions?

2010-05-06 Thread Bigwood, David
Not very interested as a cataloging source. Not interested in OCLC either as far as that goes. I might be interested in getting our records there so they are available to others for ILL, beyond that not so much. I do a lot of original cataloging. Neither service would help with that. However, if

[CODE4LIB] algorithm for Summon's Recommender

2010-05-06 Thread Ziso, Ya'aqov
hi Andrew, bX derives from research done at Los Alamos National Laboratory by Johan Bollen and Herbert Van de Sompel. Its ranking and algorithm can be analyzed in the published article Can

Re: [CODE4LIB] algorithm for Summon's Recommender

2010-05-06 Thread Andrew Nagy
Hi Ya'aqov - I'm about to board a plane so I don't have much time for a well formed response. We do not have anything published about Summon's relevancy algorithms nor the recommendation engine. I'd be happy to answer any specific questions offline as I don't feel it appropriate to get into