Re: [CODE4LIB] Speaking in Code summit, UVa Library Scholars' Lab

2013-08-10 Thread BWS Johnson
Salvete!     Aedunno, it seemed like a pretty high bar for THATCamp, too. I applied anyway and they let me sneak in. :) I had no regrets. I felt very welcome there and there were some truly fascinating conversations with that slightly different group. I would anticipate a few of the same faces

[CODE4LIB] LibGuides: I don't get it

2013-08-10 Thread davesgonechina
I've not had an opportunity to use LibGuides, but I've seen a few and read the features list on the SpringShare. All I see is a less flexible WordPress at a higher price point. What advantages am I not seeing? If there aren't any, is it the case that once signed up, migration to an open source

Re: [CODE4LIB] LibGuides: I don't get it

2013-08-10 Thread Sullivan, Mark V
First, SpringShare has great marketing. Secondly, it is a very simple CMS that was offered at a time that many libraries were not getting good web support from IT. LibGuides became the easiest way to edit web pages for many people. It is certainly true at my institution, where we have had