Re: [CODE4LIB] Whatbird Interface Framework

2007-12-18 Thread Ewout Van Troostenberghe
Hi, Since Django is are already in the Python space, you might consider using Zope as a storage backend and application server. Zope provides an object database which is easier to work with than object-relational mapping. It will probably speed up your development time and allow you to focus on

Re: [CODE4LIB] httpRequest javascript.... grrr

2007-11-29 Thread Ewout Van Troostenberghe
To point out why the use of a Javascript framework is important, let me put your code into jQuery ( $.get('index.cgi', {cmd:'add_tag', username:'username'}, function(html) { // do whatever you want here }) PrototypeJS has a similar, easy to use construct. In the end, using

Re: [CODE4LIB] Getting started with SOLR

2007-11-23 Thread Ewout Van Troostenberghe
How do you fill the index? Our main database has about 700,000 records and I don't know if I should build one huge XML-file and feed that into SOLR or use a script that sends one record at a time with a commit after every 1000 records or so. Or do something in between and split it into chunks