Re: [CODE4LIB] two open positions at Stanford

2011-10-13 Thread Patrick Etienne
I rarely if every post to this list, but I keep up with the content pretty regularly - So I felt it was worth saying that: You guys all crack me up. I love to see that people aren't too timid to have a good (and well-intentioned) sense of humor on a professional list. Cheers mates =) - Patrick

Re: [CODE4LIB] Let's go somewhere [was PHP vs. Python...]

2010-11-01 Thread Patrick Etienne
Peter - I was bewildered at the notion of needing yet another scripting language, let alone one as library domain-specific (that wording alone throws up red flags everywhere), but I'm not here to bash ideas. Instead I looked up your site and read the small blurb about Nova. It seems that the main