[CODE4LIB] ELAG Conference deadline for proposals has been extended to Februari 14th 2016

2016-02-04 Thread Patrick Hochstenbach
and submit a proposal for a presentation, workshop or bootcamp! http://elag.org Patrick Hochstenbach - digital architect University Library Ghent Rozier 9 - 9000 Ghent - Belgium patrick.hochstenb...@ugent.be +32 (0)9 264 7980

[CODE4LIB] One day IIIF in Ghent University, Belgium

2015-10-24 Thread Patrick Hochstenbach
Dear All, You are warmly invited to a one day event in Ghent, Belgium, hosted by the International Image Interoperability Framework community (http://iiif.io/) and Ghent University Library (http://lib.ugent.be/), describing the power and potential of interoperable image delivery over the Web.

[CODE4LIB] SAFE-PLN archiving federation searching for international partners

2015-06-04 Thread Patrick Hochstenbach
SAFE-PLN partners are glad to announce their data archiving grid is open to international partners. Using a data grid, the five institutions agree to archive each others’ open access collections across two continents, two timezones, four languages and in seven copies to guarantee perpetual access

[CODE4LIB] MODS experts here?

2013-09-06 Thread Patrick Hochstenbach
Hi, I need some advise on creating MODS records for our institutional repository. In particular I wonder how best to express the different access restrictions on digital files when a record contains more than one full-text file. E.g. what we do now is write something like: location url

[CODE4LIB] PubLister/LibreCat Software Developer Workshop on 29 and 30 November 2012 | Bielefeld Germany

2012-10-08 Thread Patrick Hochstenbach
***Apologies for cross-posting*** We would like to invite you to the joint PubLister/LibreCat Software Developer Workshop on 29 and 30 November 2012 (1 - 7pm ; 9am - 2pm CEST) at Bielefeld University. Building off last year's PubLister Symposium and Workshop

Re: [CODE4LIB] Silently print (no GUI) in Windows

2012-04-03 Thread Patrick Hochstenbach
Or in case you like Java ..I've started working last year on a Java application to automatically print documents from a hot folder. Just pushed the code: https://github.com/phochste/PrintApp Patrick From: Code for Libraries [CODE4LIB@LISTSERV.ND.EDU] On

[CODE4LIB] Strategies and use-cases library search box

2012-03-29 Thread Patrick Hochstenbach
are willing to share. Searching for methodologies, principles of heuristics, statistics, research and teaching practices. Best from Belgium Patrick Skype: patrick.hochstenbach Patrick Hochstenbach Digital Architect University Library+32(0)92647980 Ghent University * Rozier 9 * 9000

Re: [CODE4LIB] MARCXML - What is it for?

2010-10-25 Thread Patrick Hochstenbach
Dear Nate, There is a trade-off: do you want very fast processing of data - go for binary data. do you want to share your data globally easily in many (not per se library related) environments - go for XML/RDF. Open your data and do both :-) Pat Sent from my iPhone On 25 Oct 2010, at 20:39,

[CODE4LIB] Citation Linking Datasets?

2010-09-27 Thread Patrick Hochstenbach
datasets available which were human tested examined to really get good precision/recall numbers for the proposed algorithms? Datasets which are/can be used in current/future shootouts between citation matching algorithms? Thanks Patrick Skype: patrick.hochstenbach Patrick Hochstenbach Digital

[CODE4LIB] Job Opening at Ghent University Library Belgium

2010-07-16 Thread Patrick Hochstenbach
Hi, We have a interesting job opening for a developer on site at Ghent University Library for 13 months. You'll join our team to participate in creating a image search engine for high resolution scans of old manuscripts. Experience with Java is very welcome. Like to learn djatoka,imageio,

Re: [CODE4LIB] newbie

2010-03-26 Thread Patrick Hochstenbach
Nothing beats E- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E_%28programming_language%29 sexy e - 924,000 hits But oh poor Erlang sexy erlang - 2 hits (both of them telling me: erlang isn't sexy) P@ -Original Message- From: Code for Libraries on behalf of Tim Spalding Sent: Fri 26-3-2010 4:21 To:

Re: [CODE4LIB] Q: what is the best open source native XML database

2010-01-17 Thread Patrick Hochstenbach
working with textual documents in XML, or database dumps in XML? Best, P@ Skype: patrick.hochstenbach Patrick Hochstenbach Software Architect University Library +32(0)92647980 Ghent University * Rozier 9 * 9000 * Gent -Original Message- From: Code for Libraries on behalf