Re: [CODE4LIB] calling another webpage within CGI script

2009-11-23 Thread Vishwam Annam


The difference is when you run through command script you are executing 
the file as /owner/ and as /Other/ when you access it through the 
browser. Looking at the error message you sent, I believe it might not 
be executing the complete script. Try setting permissions as 707 or 777 
to start with. You may have to create a temporary directory to test with.

Let me know if you have any questions,

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Ken Irwin wrote:

Hi all,

I'm moving to a new web server and struggling to get it configured properly. The problem of the 
moment: having a Perl CGI script call another web page in the background and make decisions 
based on its content. On the old server I used an antique Perl script called hcat 
(from the Pelican book; I've also tried 
curl and LWP::Simple.

In all three cases, I get the same behavior: it works just fine on the command 
line, but when called by the web server through a CGI script, the LWP (or other 
socket connection) gets no results. It sounds like a permissions thing, but I 
don't know what kind of permissions setting to tinker with. In the test script 
below, my command line outputs:

Content-type: text/plain
Getting URL:
885 lines

Whereas the web output just says Getting URL:; - and doesn't even get 
to the Couldn't get error message.

Any clue how I can make use of a web page's contents from w/in a CGI script? 
(The actual application has to do with exporting data from our catalog, but I 
need to work out the basic mechanism first.)

Here's the script I'm using.

use LWP::Simple;
print Content-type: text/plain\n\n;
my $url =;;
print Getting URL: $url\n;
my $content = get $url;
die Couldn't get $url unless defined $content;
@lines = split (/\n/, $content);
foreach (@lines) { $i++; }
print \n\n$i lines\n\n;

Any ideas?


[CODE4LIB] Javascript question

2005-06-08 Thread Vishwam Annam

Hello List,

I have a question about including html files in javascript. I created a
page at
where I am passing value via url as ?Faculty, and I wrote javascript
such as below:

script type=text/javascript;
document.write(' I want to include faculty.html file here');
document.write('I want to include students.html file here');

Is there anyway I can do this with Javascript? I'd appreciate your

Thank you,