[CODE4LIB] journal site down?

2009-07-31 Thread Dan Chudnov
Seems like something's wrong at http://journal.code4lib.org/ . In the meantime, if you need journal access, a recent mirror is available here: http://journal-backup.onebiglibrary.net/issues/issue7.html ...note, though, that the home page over there is a copy of the redirect now up at

Re: [CODE4LIB] journal site down?

2009-07-31 Thread Jonathan Brinley
Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Dan. Looks like there was a clerical error at iBiblio, but all is now well. Thanks for maintaining the mirror. dchud++ On Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 2:57 AM, Dan Chudnovdaniel.chud...@gmail.com wrote: Seems like something's wrong at

[CODE4LIB] developer competition - library usage data

2009-07-31 Thread David Pattern
Hi everyone Just a quick plug for a developer competition that's being run by the JISC funded MOSAIC (Making Our Shared Activity Information Count) Project in the UK: http://www.sero.co.uk/jisc-mosaic-competition.html The usage data can be found for download via: