[CODE4LIB] Job Posting: Digital Archivist (UVa, Charlottesville, VA)

2009-10-12 Thread Graham, Wayne (wsg4w)
Hi All, The University of Virginia Library in Charlottesville, VA has just posted a new position for a Digital Archivist (http://bit.ly/Rhhws). This is a two-year, grant funded position by the Andrew Mellon Foundation to develop an inter-institutional model for stewardship for born-digital

Re: [CODE4LIB] Rails Hosting

2010-01-14 Thread Graham, Wayne (wsg4w)
Hi Kevin, Love Heroku (http://heroku.com/), but it does have limitations in the way it works (e.g. Read-only drive space). I've heard good thinks about EngineYard (http://www.engineyard.com) and I've been running several apps through slicehost. If you're feeling brave, you wan use jruby and

Re: [CODE4LIB] faceted browsing

2010-02-08 Thread Graham, Wayne (wsg4w)
Here's on more thing to take a look at... there's a project named Raven (http://github.com/mwmitchell/raven) that one of the Scholars' Lab staff was working on as a research project. Essentially it takes XML (tested with VRA, EAD, and TEI) and builds out a faceted interface from a Solr index

[CODE4LIB] Job Opening: Senior Developer

2010-11-09 Thread Graham, Wayne (wsg4w)
The University of Virginia’s Scholars’ Lab is looking for a Senior Developer. As a senior developer, you will be responsible for enhancing, maintaining, and optimizing projects related to digital research and scholarship. Not only should you enjoy writing well organized, highly tested code, but

Re: [CODE4LIB] javascript testing?

2011-01-27 Thread Graham, Wayne (wsg4w)
Hi Bess, +1 for Jasmine. Used to dig blue-ridge for these things, but I don't think they're maintaining that any more. Wayne On 1/27/11 9:37 AM, John Loy loy.j...@gmail.com wrote: Bess, Good to hear from you! I've been using Jasmine with its jQuery

[CODE4LIB] Job Posting - Scholars' Lab, University of Virginia

2011-02-22 Thread Graham, Wayne (wsg4w)
http://www.scholarslab.org/announcements/web-applications-specialist/ The Scholars’ Lab at the University of Virginia seeks an enthusiastic web applications specialist with a background in programming and the humanities or cultural heritage. As a Web Applications Specialist reporting to the

[CODE4LIB] Job: Project Manager at Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory

2012-04-06 Thread Graham, Wayne (wsg4w)
The Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory (CWRC) seeks a dynamic project manager to play a vital role in developing an innovative online infrastructure for literary scholars at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. CWRC is producing a virtual research environment for the study of writing in

[CODE4LIB] Speaking in Code summit, UVa Library Scholars' Lab

2013-08-08 Thread Graham, Wayne (wsg4w)
(Please excuse cross-posting, and help us get the word out about this opportunity for digital humanities software developers!) We’re pleased to announce that applications are open for Speaking in Code, a 2-day, NEH-funded symposium and summit to be held at the UVa Library Scholars’ Lab in