Re: [CODE4LIB] Programmer Orientation to Library/Lib Sci

2011-08-02 Thread Mike Smorul
Some lessons from my own introduction coming from an IT/Comp-Sci background years ago. Focus more on the why and use-cases rather than the technology. From a programming perspective much of the technology isn't terribly difficult and is well known at a basic level. How it's used, why certain

[CODE4LIB] Research Programmer Position

2011-08-17 Thread Mike Smorul
visit Applying If you are interested, please contact Mike Smorul directly by emailing the following information to - Your CV - Three references. - A portfolio which includes either pointers to web applications you contributed or descriptions

Re: [CODE4LIB] Web archiving and WARC

2011-11-24 Thread Mike Smorul
Hi, We've been working on a tool to help manage warc files after you have piles of them. It supports basic searching and content browsing. We've done some testing up to ~10Tb of warc files and it's still fairly responsive. -Mike On Wed,

Re: [CODE4LIB] livestream suggestion

2012-11-15 Thread Mike Smorul
Adobe Connect's academic pricing isn't too prohibitive on a per-host session. If you're looking at just straight streaming and don't mind codeing red5 is a pretty decent flash streaming server. Ustream and their more commercial Watershed offering is pretty nice and the production software makes

Re: [CODE4LIB] Back-of-house software

2016-05-11 Thread Mike Smorul
I'll put up a vote for redmine. We use it w/ a few commercial plugins from redminecrm (helpdesk, crm, and ticket-checklists) to handle most of our internal procedures and process documentation. Specifically its positioned to handle the following: * Internal infrastructure changelogs (tickets) and