[CODE4LIB] Job openings: LibraryThing (telecommute)

2006-04-28 Thread Tim Spalding
long. Work in flip-flops and a towel for all we care. Send a resume and an example of something you've made, then let's talk. Contact: Tim Spalding LibraryThing [EMAIL PROTECTED] AIM: eucratides 207 899-1910


2006-06-14 Thread Tim Spalding
I'm sure many of you are already familiar with OCLC's xISBN service. Today I released thingISBN, LibraryThing's answer to xISBN. Where xISBN uses OCLC's FRBRized data, thingISBN uses LibraryThing's everyone a librarian wiki-like cataloging. The results are pretty interesting, I think. xISBN has

[CODE4LIB] LC MARC records?

2006-09-04 Thread Tim Spalding
Does anyone have a complete collection of LC MARC bibliographic, authority or classification CDs from the Catalog Distribution Service? Want to lend them LibraryThing? LibraryThing will put them to good use in an open, free, easy-to-use XML-based bibliographic data service. I gather that,

Re: [CODE4LIB] Server names at libraries

2006-10-27 Thread Tim Spalding
Our severs are all Greek gods—Zeus, Hera, Apollo, Athena. Zeus is the master, of course. I didn't decide on Athena's name, or I would have made it Artemis. For a storage server I inflicted LibraryThing's employees with the greek goddess of memory, Mnemosyne, a pronunciation disaster. (You'd


2006-11-01 Thread Tim Spalding
I'm having trouble getting to it too. I'd be interested to know how LibraryThing can help. As you know, we've got something FRBR-esque—user-driven not algorithmic. Tim On 11/1/06, Alexander Johannesen [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, You may be interested in OpenFRBR:


2006-11-02 Thread Tim Spalding
Right, but CDDB is mostly about retrieval, not editing. OpenFRBR needs to embed its *editing* functions within something else, don't you think? Certainly, once it has data, it should offer itself via APIs like xISBN and thingISBN. PS: Desktop home cataloging software Bah! ;) On 11/2/06,

[CODE4LIB] Full-up?

2007-02-19 Thread Tim Spalding
Is it really impossible to go to Code4Lib now because it's full-up? We were mulling it, but it looks impossible now. Any advice? Tim Spalding LibraryThing

Re: [CODE4LIB] OCLC is us (was Re: [CODE4LIB] more metadata from xISBN)

2007-05-10 Thread Tim Spalding
How do you see an OSLC developing? I've always felt the basis was getting some open library data—getting the LC data out. This is apparently what the other Casey is doing. Is there another way? Are there other supports that could be in place when the LC data gets out? T On 5/10/07, Casey

[CODE4LIB] A new generation of OPAC enhancements

2007-05-14 Thread Tim Spalding
Pardon if you got this through NextGenCatalogs, but LibraryThing has its first library using LibraryThing for Libraries. Blog post: http://www.librarything.com/thingology/2007/05/danbury-ct-kicks-off-librarything-for.php For this list, I propose that LTFL shows a two interesting things. They're

Re: [CODE4LIB] Library Software Manifesto

2007-11-08 Thread Tim Spalding
I just saw Roy's presentation, and it was good. Faced with a restive but not radicalized audience of SD customers, Roy moved the issue another couple yards toward what most members of Code4Lib believe and want, but without any harshness or rancor. But those of us who are angrier than Roy need to

Re: [CODE4LIB] low-cost software for prison libraries?

2008-01-31 Thread Tim Spalding
I think the point about prisons is that they cannot provide any web access to inmates. This is why members of this list need to be very careful to stay on the right side of the law. Tim On 1/31/08, Casey Bisson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Libraryworld.net is a hosted solution for $1/day. Sent

Re: [CODE4LIB] low-cost software for prison libraries?

2008-02-02 Thread Tim Spalding
This is relative the prison-libraries question, but also expanding it: Has anyone looked at Google Gears? Google Gears Beta is an open source browser extension that enables web applications to provide offline functionality... I wonder if you could take a stripped-down OPAC (or LT) and make it

Re: [CODE4LIB] Records for Open Library

2008-02-06 Thread Tim Spalding
Be careful to stay on the right side of the language about magnetic tape. Tim On 2/6/08, Reese, Terry [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Isn't sharing such records a no-no? No, OCLC's guidelines for transfer (http://www.oclc.org/support/documentation/worldcat/records/guidelines/default.htm)

[CODE4LIB] ThingISBN supports LCCNs, OCLC numbers

2008-02-14 Thread Tim Spalding
Here's a quick note that I've added LCCN and OCLC number support to ThingISBN. Post: http://www.librarything.com/thingology/2008/02/thingisbn-adds-lccns-oclc-numbers.php I'm also trying to make a list of projects using ThingISBN. If your project is one of them, drop something at:

Re: [CODE4LIB] open library

2008-03-13 Thread Tim Spalding
I think OL is torn between a number of ideas, one being a web page for every book, some with scans and another being a free, open fielded wiki for cataloging data. I find the former pretty uninteresting. We don't need Wikipedia again. And when it comes to scans, Google's different—and I think

Re: [CODE4LIB] open library

2008-03-14 Thread Tim Spalding
I'd like to say we should not get sidetracked by discussions of business models. I particularly object to the idea that LibraryThing can't experiment in the way that OL can because we have to have a business model. I won't toot my own horn, but I think LibraryThing has experimented a good

[CODE4LIB] Free covers from Google

2008-03-15 Thread Tim Spalding
(Apologies for cross-posting) I just posted a simple way to get free book covers into your OPAC. It uses the new Google Book Search API. http://www.librarything.com/thingology/2008/03/free-covers-for-your-library-from.php I think Google has as much cover coverage as anyone. The API is free.

Re: [CODE4LIB] Free covers from Google

2008-03-17 Thread Tim Spalding
just one; Scopus is another content-provider that frustratingly provides an Javascript-only API) in a variety of ever-changing user-facing interfaces. DRY and all. Jonathan Tim Spalding wrote: limits. I don't think it's a strict hits-per-day, I think it's heuristic software meant

Re: [CODE4LIB] LibraryThing JSON API

2008-03-25 Thread Tim Spalding
I've seen some OPACs with a you are about to be logged out popup. The LC does this. I'd think it would be easy to write a JS that simply refreshes the page, reinvigorating the session. All of this is idiotic and childish, of course. The only non-library website I visit now that times out at all

Re: [CODE4LIB] LibraryThing JSON API

2008-03-25 Thread Tim Spalding
We've had this fight on Code4Lib before, but it deserves mentioning that no browser breaks this, and no browser developer is going to break it. It's widely used—for more widely used than any number of standards-compliant techniques that don't work and probably never will. To care about this in the

Re: [CODE4LIB] how to obtain a sampling of ISBNs

2008-04-28 Thread Tim Spalding
You can get a compete list of the ISBNs on LibraryThing—about six months ago, but hey—from this page: http://www.librarything.com/wiki/index.php/LibraryThing_APIs Then you can grab random ones. T On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 10:46 AM, Godmar Back [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, thanks to everybody

Re: [CODE4LIB] coverage of google book viewability API

2008-05-06 Thread Tim Spalding
0.2% full text? Yowch! Do academic libraries with full-text versions of the book on their shelves really want to point people to no-preview pages on Google. That's like a dating site with no photos of the members, and the profiles omit everything but their favorite potato variety. Doing LCCNs

Re: [CODE4LIB] coverage of google book viewability API

2008-05-07 Thread Tim Spalding
Two thought experiments: *Let's add SparkNotes to the catalog. After all, SparkNotes has information about books. Therefore, since all information is good information, let's add it to the catalog. *If SparkNotes, let's add free-essay-mill essays into the catalog. *If that works, let's add

Re: [CODE4LIB] coverage of google book viewability API

2008-05-08 Thread Tim Spalding
So, I took a long slow look at ten of the examples from Godmar's file. Nothing I saw disabused me of my opinion: No preview pages on Google Book Search are very weak tea. Are they worthless? Not always. But they usually are. And, unfortunately, you generally need to read the various references

Re: [CODE4LIB] coverage of google book viewability API

2008-05-09 Thread Tim Spalding
Most of our users will start out in an electronic environment whether we like it or not (most of us on THIS list like it)---and will decide, based on what they find there, on their own, without us making the decision for them---whether to obtain (or attempt to obtain) a copy of the physical

Re: [CODE4LIB] coverage of google book viewability API

2008-05-09 Thread Tim Spalding
I agree that showing the user evaluative resources that are not any good is not a service to the user. When there are no good evaluative resources available, we should not show bad ones to the user. I think we actually agree on what should happen. We disagree on the theory behind that :)

Re: [CODE4LIB] The Berman Catalog

2008-06-25 Thread Tim Spalding
Security measures can be set in place to prevent the scenario you describe. Is the state of Minnesota or the city of Minneapolis able to copyright its work? Certainly this is impossible on the Federal level. But state laws vary. What would a FOIA request produce? Tagging systems (or pop

Re: [CODE4LIB] library-related apps for the iPhone?

2008-07-15 Thread Tim Spalding
I think LibraryThing should have an iPhone ap. --- Tim establishes an iron-clad IRS justification for writing off an iPhone! T On Tue, Jul 15, 2008 at 10:38 AM, Houghton,Andrew [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: From: Code for Libraries [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Stephens, Owen Sent:

Re: [CODE4LIB] what's friendlier less powerful than phpMyAdmin?

2008-07-30 Thread Tim Spalding
I'd consider teaching them how to use SQL directly. I've done it at LibraryThing. I take employees from the simplest SELECTs all the way to a people-who-have-X-also-have-Y self-join in one long hands-on lesson. It doubles as a sort of test, and I've even used it in hiring. LibraryThing's two

Re: [CODE4LIB] what's friendlier less powerful than phpMyAdmin?

2008-07-30 Thread Tim Spalding
This gets religious quickly, but, in my experience, programmers who learn on a framework miss out on their understanding of database necessities. They may not matter much when you have a low-traffic, low-content situation, but as your traffic and data grow you're going to want an understanding of

Re: [CODE4LIB] what's friendlier less powerful than phpMyAdmin?

2008-07-30 Thread Tim Spalding
to call up photos to appear on the page via AJAX. I see it becoming quite popular among 3-5 people. Alex Tim Spalding wrote: I'd consider teaching them how to use SQL directly. I've done it at LibraryThing. I take employees from the simplest SELECTs all the way to a people-who-have-X-also-have

[CODE4LIB] LibraryThing Web Services API

2008-08-01 Thread Tim Spalding
[ Apologies for cross-posting ] LibraryThing just released a free, CC-attribution-licensed Web Services XML API to our Common Knowledge system, including series data, fictional characters, author dates and much else. I'm particularly stoked about the series data. I think it's of exceptional

Re: [CODE4LIB] Solr for Internal Searching

2008-08-05 Thread Tim Spalding
Does Google Mini facet? It seems to have a concept of collections, but does it facet by them? T On Wed, Aug 6, 2008 at 12:05 AM, Bill Dueber [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: At UMich, we use space on a Google Appliance as our site search (different setups for internal vs. public pages) and have been

[CODE4LIB] A million free covers, from LibraryThing

2008-08-07 Thread Tim Spalding
After releasing all our series, award prizes and such, we've now released all our covers. See the blog: http://www.librarything.com/blog/2008/08/million-free-covers-from-librarything.php I really hope this—or more probably what comes of this—ends the selling of covers to libraries. Data

Re: [CODE4LIB] [Web4lib] A million free covers, from LibraryThing

2008-08-07 Thread Tim Spalding
First, IANAL, obviously. Clearly, publishers own the intellectual property of a cover graphic. Could using thumbnail images of lots of covers in aggregate be considered fair use? Maybe, the law is not clear (there is some case law to suggest it could be, but it's hardly settled). Publishers

Re: [CODE4LIB] what's friendlier less powerful than phpMyAdmin?

2008-08-10 Thread Tim Spalding
It bears repeating that many library standards, notably MARC, are essentially non-relational and non-normalized. Fully normalized relational databases aren't an obvious idea if you're never been exposed to them—and something like a religious revelation once you have. Whether or not SQL is a useful

Re: [CODE4LIB] what's friendlier less powerful than phpMyAdmin?

2008-08-10 Thread Tim Spalding
That's definitely true. One cartesian query can ruin your day... On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 1:22 PM, John Fereira [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Tim Spalding wrote: I'd consider teaching them how to use SQL directly. I've done it at LibraryThing. I take employees from the simplest SELECTs all

Re: [CODE4LIB] what's friendlier less powerful than phpMyAdmin?

2008-08-11 Thread Tim Spalding
Casey: I think it's extremely hard to appreciate both the advantages and disadvantages of a framework if you haven't done a bunch of stuff both with and without one. ... Tim can be at least as productive writing PHP by hand as I can using Django, but most of us can't be Tim. Most of us need to

Re: [CODE4LIB] Zotero under attack

2008-09-29 Thread Tim Spalding
I'm guessing that GMU-paid people wrote the code in question—they have quite a team now. But it would an interesting legal question if outside people had done it as part of the Open Source process and GMU had merely agreed to include the code. Tim On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 10:50 AM, Peter Murray

Re: [CODE4LIB] New England code4lib gathering

2008-10-01 Thread Tim Spalding
In general, do members think it's best—most popular but also most productive— to meet at a *hub* or somewhere off the beaten path? If the former, it's Boston all the way, right? If the latter, Portland, Maine is a really nice place to meet, and I can put a bunch of you up at the LibraryThing

Re: [CODE4LIB] New England code4lib gathering

2008-10-01 Thread Tim Spalding
The Forbes Library in Northampton is the only library in the country still using Cutter's original system. We could have a field trip Tim On Wed, Oct 1, 2008 at 2:25 PM, Keith Jenkins [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Wed, Oct 1, 2008 at 2:00 PM, Jay Luker [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: The reasons I

Re: [CODE4LIB] New England code4lib gathering

2008-10-06 Thread Tim Spalding
@LISTSERV.ND.EDU Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2008 14:00:46 -0400 To: Code for Libraries CODE4LIB@LISTSERV.ND.EDU CODE4LIB@LISTSERV.ND.EDU Subject: Re: [CODE4LIB] New England code4lib gathering On Wed, Oct 1, 2008 at 12:47 PM, Tim Spalding [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: In general, do members think it's best‹most popular

[CODE4LIB] Find LibraryThing an employee, get $1,000 in books

2008-10-11 Thread Tim Spalding
LibraryThing has two open positions—hacker and designer. If you find someone for us, you get $1,000 in free books! If you find yourself, you get the money—and a job. The trick is: the jobs are in the Portland, Maine area. That's non-negotiable. Hacker: We're looking for two of the three—PHP,

Re: [CODE4LIB] NAF notification service from OCLC

2008-10-13 Thread Tim Spalding
Without piling on Roy—things that seem easy aren't always so when you consider the whole context (redundancy, maintenance, security, etc.)—how do OCLC members usually get their technical requests met? OCLC is, at root, a member organization. How does that play out when it comes to members'

Re: [CODE4LIB] Vote for NE code4lib meetup location

2008-10-15 Thread Tim Spalding
Free lobster if you change your vote! Tim

Re: [CODE4LIB] Looking for your thoughts on the future of Libraries

2008-11-22 Thread Tim Spalding
A second step might be to recognize that some of the most compelling uses of library-related metadata is taking—and if libraries take their role as information *providers* seriously, SHOULD be taking—place outside of the libraries and even the library world. So, perhaps we can change it to

[CODE4LIB] uClassify

2008-12-21 Thread Tim Spalding
Has anyone seen uClassify? I'm skeptical, but also excited to play with it. I created a $100 prize for the coolest uClassify/bibliographic metadata implementation? http://www.librarything.com/thingology/2008/12/uclassify-library-mashup-with-prize.php Has anyone played with it already? Has anyone

Re: [CODE4LIB] Mime type for PHP serialized objects

2008-12-30 Thread Tim Spalding
Don't you think that's rather dangerous? PHP serialization can include objects, and it calls wakeup() on the object if that exists after unserialization. In theory that could do almost anything, right? Tim On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 1:55 PM, Cloutman, David dclout...@co.marin.ca.us wrote: I have a

Re: [CODE4LIB] Mime type for PHP serialized objects

2008-12-30 Thread Tim Spalding
Or put the events in LibraryThing local, and then get a feed from it for your library... Tim On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 2:38 PM, Jonathan Rochkind rochk...@jhu.edu wrote: If you want to publish calendar event information, you should use iCal/iCalendar instead of making up your own format.

Re: [CODE4LIB] Free cover images?

2009-03-16 Thread Tim Spalding
On LibraryThing: 1. Our performance should be okay, but we don't make guarantees. 2. That shouldn't matter so much, however, as the daily maximums and our request should move you to fetch images and cache them on your end. Tim

Re: [CODE4LIB] 2009 WorldCat Mashathon in Amsterdam

2009-04-08 Thread Tim Spalding
Roy, I know there was some grumbling last time that temporary keys switched off almost the minute the conference was over. It might be more attractive if WorldCat committed to allowing mashups built during mashup events—which aren't in conflict with some rule or otherwise unattractive to OCLC,

Re: [CODE4LIB] Amazon product API will require a crypto signature

2009-05-11 Thread Tim Spalding
They're also tightened up the API in various ways, and renamed it the Amazon.com Product Advertising API. Although I know of no case when Amazon has shut down a library, it would be hard for any to claim their site had as their principal purpose advertising and marketing the Amazon Site and

Re: [CODE4LIB] A Book Grab by Google

2009-05-19 Thread Tim Spalding
BTW, we are sponsoring a mini-symposium on the topic of mass digitization here at Notre Dame, tomorrow: Any protesters expected? ;) T

[CODE4LIB] LibraryThing Internship

2009-06-10 Thread Tim Spalding
LibraryThing.com, the innovative, Portland, Maine-based social networking site for book lovers wants an intern. We can think of four possible types for whom we could create a nifty internship. We're only looking to get one intern, though. * Weird Library Science (MLS students) * Web 2.0

Re: [CODE4LIB] proxying Google Book Search and advertising networks to protect patron privacy

2009-08-05 Thread Tim Spalding
I suspect that proxying Google will trigger an automatic throttle. Early on, a number of us hit GB hard, trying to figure out what they had, and got stopped. Tim On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 9:59 AM, Eric Hellmane...@hellman.net wrote: Recent attention to privacy concerns about Google Book Search

Re: [CODE4LIB] Last day to nominate a keynote for C4L2010!

2009-09-16 Thread Tim Spalding
...Today is the last day to nominate/defend/decry nominees for Code4Lib2010 in Asheville... Is it pointless to nominate Tim O'Reilly? Tim

Re: [CODE4LIB] Online PHP course?

2010-01-06 Thread Tim Spalding
I wonder if Code4Lib would ever be a good outlet for online programming tutorials or hack sessions. I mean, get 10 people on Etherpad or CodeArmy together, and Skype, and you could learn a lot, and do a lot. Tim

Re: [CODE4LIB] Online PHP course?

2010-01-08 Thread Tim Spalding
Sorry. https://squadedit.com/ Brain error. Tim On Fri, Jan 8, 2010 at 9:52 AM, David Kane dk...@wit.ie wrote: What is CodeArmy? can't find a reference to it anywhere. David. 2010/1/8 graham gra...@theseamans.net MJ Ray wrote: Tim Spalding t...@librarything.com wrote: I wonder

[CODE4LIB] CoverGuess

2010-03-02 Thread Tim Spalding
Code4Libers may be interested in something I just released on LibraryThing. It's called CoverGuess, and it's a sort of like Google Labeler for book covers. It turns tagging covers into a competitive game. As with much of what we do, the data will be released as Creative Commons Attribution

Re: [CODE4LIB] List of MARC flavors

2010-03-23 Thread Tim Spalding
It's on the list, but someone needs to mention danMARC, the Danish-language MARC standard, and the best library-standards pun yet! On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 2:57 PM, Kyle Banerjee kyle.baner...@gmail.com wrote: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MARC_standards lists a number of them

Re: [CODE4LIB] newbie

2010-03-24 Thread Tim Spalding
PHP. I have to agree with others - don't bother with PHP. Largest website in Perl: Del.icio.us Largest website in PHP: Facebook Tim

Re: [CODE4LIB] newbie

2010-03-25 Thread Tim Spalding
Finally, I never would have put the strings PHP and sexiness in a sentence together (though I guess I just did). A simple Google search shows how very wrong you are: sexy php - 56,100,000 results sexy asp - 8,380,000 sexy java - 6,360,000 sexy ruby - 2,840,000 sexy perl - 532,000 sexy C++ -

Re: [CODE4LIB] newbie

2010-03-25 Thread Tim Spalding
Ruby may be sexy but sexy ruby on rails gets only four hits. As for sexy python, well, no comment. T On Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 10:36 PM, Andrew Hankinson andrew.hankin...@gmail.com wrote: Just out of curiosity I tried them in quotes: sexy ruby - 72,200 sexy python - 37,900 sexy php - 25,100

Re: [CODE4LIB] Next-generation policy for WorldCat records—open for community review

2010-04-08 Thread Tim Spalding
Does anyone know: Is there a what is a WorldCat record section? I can't find it. Does the original cataloger concept still apply, or has that gone away? Tim

Re: [CODE4LIB] OpenURL aggregator not doing so well

2010-04-09 Thread Tim Spalding
I just hope, if they do, they come up with something relevant--like a Nigerian oil executive who needs a little money to start a library. :) Tim On Fri, Apr 9, 2010 at 5:26 PM, Jonathan Rochkind rochk...@jhu.edu wrote: I live in fear of the day that spammers discover they can get on

Re: [CODE4LIB] Next-generation policy for WorldCat records—open for community review

2010-04-10 Thread Tim Spalding
. But if a community has a vague norm about respect for persons, and enforces them with punitive action, the community members may find themselves punished for kicking sand at someone, or giving them the finger. Tim On Thu, Apr 8, 2010 at 2:45 AM, Tim Spalding t...@librarything.com wrote: Does anyone know

Re: [CODE4LIB] Twitter annotations and library software

2010-04-21 Thread Tim Spalding
I was wondering if there was a good microformat. The trick is that the citation format is very much about stuff that gets displayed, and lacks the critical linking ids you'd want—ISBN, SSN, LCCN, OCLC, ASIN, EAN, etc. If people know of others that would work, maybe that's the answer. On Wed, Apr

Re: [CODE4LIB] Twitter annotations and library software

2010-04-21 Thread Tim Spalding
too well with certain kinds of citations like movies or music either, it's really focused on published textual materials. Jonathan Tim Spalding wrote: I was wondering if there was a good microformat. The trick is that the citation format is very much about stuff that gets displayed

Re: [CODE4LIB] Twitter annotations and library software

2010-04-29 Thread Tim Spalding
Can we just hold a vote or something? I'm happy to do whatever the community here wants and will actually use. I want to do something that will be usable by others. I also favor something dead simple, so it will be implemented. If we don't reach some sort of conclusion, this is an interesting

Re: [CODE4LIB] Twitter annotations and library software

2010-04-29 Thread Tim Spalding
So this is my recommended framework for proceeding. Tim, I'm afraid you'll actually have to do the hard work yourself. No, I don't. Because the work isn't fundamentally that hard. A complex standard might be, but I never for a moment considered anything like that. We have *512 bytes*, and it

[CODE4LIB] Library data outside of libraries : a conversation

2010-05-04 Thread Tim Spalding
I thought I'd pass along a link to a conversation on LibraryThing. http://www.librarything.com/topic/90309 The topic is how LibraryThing can start exposing more MARC data—in this case the 300 physical-description field—so that the library data structure works with the simpler structure of Amazon

Re: [CODE4LIB] Visualization of the Metadata Universe

2010-06-21 Thread Tim Spalding
Jenn, It's really beautiful. Like a good map or timetable, you can pore over it for hours. I want a big copy for the office. Can you explain it to me a little? For example, what does it mean to say that XML or MPEG-21 has a much stronger connection to the library community—as defined by uptake,

Re: [CODE4LIB] MARCXML - What is it for?

2010-10-25 Thread Tim Spalding
MARC records break parsing far too frequently. Apart from requiring no truly specialized tools, MARCXML should—should!—eliminate many of those problems. That's not to mention that MARC character sets vary a lot (DanMARC anyone?), and more even in practice than in theory. From my perspective the

Re: [CODE4LIB] MARCXML - What is it for?

2010-10-25 Thread Tim Spalding
- XML is self-describing, binary is not. Not to quibble, but that's only in a theoretical sense here. Something like Amazon XML is truly self-describing. MARCXML is self-obfuscating. At least MARC records kinda imitate catalog cards. :) Tim On Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 2:50 PM, Andrew Hankinson

Re: [CODE4LIB] MARCXML - What is it for?

2010-10-25 Thread Tim Spalding
Does processing speed of something matter anymore? You'd have to be doing a LOT of processing to care, wouldn't you? Tim On Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 3:35 PM, MJ Suhonos m...@suhonos.ca wrote: I'll just leave this here: http://www.indexdata.com/blog/2010/05/turbomarc-faster-xml-marc-records That

Re: [CODE4LIB] asist2010 meetup?

2010-10-28 Thread Tim Spalding
Thanks for the note. I was too exhausted to take you up on it—up all night fixing bugs :( Tim On Tue, Oct 26, 2010 at 11:25 AM, Ed Summers e...@pobox.com wrote: Whoops, that was bus 61B not 61D. //Ed 15:23 edsu @quote get 3 15:23 zoia edsu: Quote #3: edsu, your source for bad advice

Re: [CODE4LIB] CSS Optimization/Minimization: Remove line breaks?

2011-01-14 Thread Tim Spalding
I recommend immersing yourself in Steve Souder's two books—High Performance Websites, and Even Faster Websites. As it stresses again and again, the killer isn't the length of your content, but the number of files (only so many can be loaded in parallel), latency, expiry checks and so forth.

Re: [CODE4LIB] OCLC Search API with blank ISBN always returns The Social Network

2011-06-09 Thread Tim Spalding
For kicks, random OCLC results should return Reznor's Happiness in Slavery instead. :) T On Thu, Jun 9, 2011 at 4:06 PM, Ethan Gruber ewg4x...@gmail.com wrote: Because Trent Reznor is the center of all things. On Thu, Jun 9, 2011 at 4:02 PM, Brice Stacey brice.sta...@umb.edu wrote: When I

Re: [CODE4LIB] barcode scanner with memory

2012-01-30 Thread Tim Spalding
We'd be interested to hear too. But why does it need to save locally, rather than having a wireless connection to a computer? They're not going to wander around the museum with them are they? Tim On Mon, Jan 30, 2012 at 1:37 PM, Adam Wead aw...@rockhall.org wrote: Hi all, Can anyone recommend

Re: [CODE4LIB] Any libraries have their sites hosted on Amazon EC2?

2012-02-22 Thread Tim Spalding
We did some tests on it, but found it a very poor fit for a site dependent on huge amount of data which much be present to the basically the whole system all the time and up-to-date. In other words, we found it didn't match a site based on MySQL slaves replicating here and there, and with

Re: [CODE4LIB] Reminder - call for proposals, New England code4lib!

2012-07-09 Thread Tim Spalding
Another vote for lightning talks being claimed on the spot. How about a compromise. If you claim one early, it'll be publicized and you can't lose your spot if there are too many?

[CODE4LIB] Project Juice?

2012-07-18 Thread Tim Spalding
Does anyone keep up on the Juice Project? ( http://juice-project.org ). It's sort of an open-source framework for adding extensions to library OPACs, similar to what the framework behind LibraryThing for Libraries or Syndetics' ICE does, but open source. The UK ILS vendor Talis pushed it. I

[CODE4LIB] Library event systems and using your API talents for good

2012-11-29 Thread Tim Spalding
your library's events to LibraryThing, LibraryThing is giving money to charity for every event added, manually through a new event-adding API. See the blog post: http://www.librarything.com/blogs/librarything/2012/11/add-events-to-librarything-local-and-give-books-to-needy-readers/ Best, Tim

Re: [CODE4LIB] anti-harassment policy for code4lib?

2012-11-30 Thread Tim Spalding
the decision right. Sincerely, Tim Spalding LibraryThing

[CODE4LIB] Job: Programmer at LibraryThing

2014-01-23 Thread Tim Spalding
LibraryThing is expanding, and looking for an all-around great PHP programmer to work on LibraryThing.com. The focus is on PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS, but library-specific technologies and formats are also valuable. You can work where you are, or come into the office in Portland, Maine. Rather

[CODE4LIB] Enough PHP To Be Dangerous At ALA Annual

2014-04-11 Thread Tim Spalding
For fun I'm throwing a day-long, almost-free introduction to PHP session alongside the pre-conference day at ALA Annual. It's called Enough PHP To Be Dangerous, and will be held Friday, June 27, 2014 a few blocks from the Convention Center. Blog post is here:

[CODE4LIB] Job: Library developer at LibraryThing (telecommute)

2014-10-09 Thread Tim Spalding
Dear Code4Lib-ers, LibraryThing, the company behind LibraryThing.com and LibraryThing for Libraries ( https://www.librarything.com/forlibraries ), is looking to hire a crackerjack library developer/programmer. We like to think we make products that don't suck, as opposed to much of what's

[CODE4LIB] $1,000 for a library programmer

2014-10-14 Thread Tim Spalding
Apologies for the semi-repost, but Code4Lib-ers may be interested that we've added a $1,000 bounty—a ton of books from the bookstore of your choice—to anyone who helps LibraryThing find a library programmer. Tell a friend or self-refer. Blog post: