Re: [CODE4LIB] SV: [CODE4LIB] AGPL for libraries (was: A to Z lists)

2011-02-18 Thread MJ Ray
Tony Mattsson asked: What I would want is a license that keeps the software free, and that people has to make improvements availible. Any suggestions? I feel that those two aims are incompatible: you cannot give people freedom *and* require them to do a particular act. Even the AGPL only

[CODE4LIB] SV: [CODE4LIB] AGPL for libraries (was: A to Z lists)

2011-02-17 Thread Tony Mattsson
Hi, Great to hear of your effort; I hope you have chosen to implement the NISO 1.0 standard. I have no idea what the NISO standard is. The only standard followed is the OpenURL (currently 0.1) standard. But of course, this is an open source project, so I or anyone else can implemented it if