Re: Apache Hadoop qbt Report: trunk+JDK8 on Linux/aarch

2020-06-28 Thread Alex Kozlov
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[jira] Created: (HADOOP-6755) Have a configurable metric reporting CPU/disk usage per user

2010-05-06 Thread Alex Kozlov (JIRA)
Components: metrics Reporter: Alex Kozlov Many organizations are looking at resource usage per department/group/user for diagnostic and resource allocation purposes. It should be straightforward to implement a metric showing the simple resource usage like CPU time

[jira] Created: (HADOOP-6857) FsShell should report raw disk usage including replication factor

2010-07-12 Thread Alex Kozlov (JIRA)
: Improvement Components: fs Affects Versions: 0.20.2 Reporter: Alex Kozlov Currently FsShell report HDFS usage with hadoop fs -dus path command. Since replication level is per file level, it would be nice to add raw disk usage including the replication factor (maybe