Re: Where Can I Get A GTA04 Camera?

2014-12-31 Thread Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller
Hi Alexander,

Am 31.12.2014 um 01:09 schrieb Alexander .S.T. Ross

 is the optional camera fully supported now? according to the manual it
 isn’t. so what is it now?

The status is that it is supported by the 3.12.7 kernel, but not optimized (the 
position of the image is shifted).
The newer kernels (3.18) do not yet support the camera since the OMAP3 Image 
Processor (ISP) does not have
Device Tree support yet and the camera module driver has not been adjusted to 
recent kernel API changes.

So if you want to help to get it work on 3.19-rc you are very welcome to the 
gta04-kernel project [1].

BR and have a nice new year,


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Re: Where Can I Get A GTA04 Camera?

2014-12-31 Thread Alexander .S.T. Ross
thanks muchly for the info.
apologies but i'm not at a level to fix that sort of thing but more
importantly I'm taking my self in a different direction in life, hence
my interest in the gta04 for using it to enable me to do what i want and
so i'll make do with what i get. maybe one year I might have lots of
moneys to give to devs so if they wish, they can spend time on improving
things instead of a sucky job :D

I greatly appreciate the work you do and have already done. thank you!

what i might do is see about recompiling the kernel (eek, didn't plan to
do that ;) ) and enable usb webcam support, I wonder if the gta04 might
somehow cope with a hd webcam... hehe :D

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