[qtmoko] Contacts and SMS, how do they work ?

2011-04-17 Thread Xavier Cremaschi
Hi folks, I am trying to use v35 from sdcard, to see if I can migrate from SHR. And I need information about contacts and sms management in qtmoko. - How can I import contacts from .vcf file with long names + utf-8 encoding ? - If I do a bad manipulation, how can I do a rollback ? (restore an

Re: [qtmoko] Translation for German language

2011-04-17 Thread Carsten Gerlach
Hello, Am Montag 11 April 2011 schrieb Radek Polak: Thanks, it's applied in git now. Thanks, too. How does this update comes now to my Neo? an apt-get update; apt-get upgrade; apt-get dist-upgrade doesn't help. No idea why there is such strange output. Maybe bug in the tool that generates

[qtmoko v35] Messaging DB Invalid

2011-04-17 Thread Bernard Schelberg
Thanks again Radek for your work in keeping the Freerunner dream alive. Sorry to keep bothering you, but the upgrade process never seems so straightforward for me :( This time, a completely clean install - formatted the partition on my SD card using ext3, downloaded the .tar.gz from Sourceforge