RU layout for svgkbd

2012-09-26 Thread Yoric Kotchukov
Hi Suggest the Russian version of the svg keyboard for Qtmoko Files placed in /opt/qtmoko/etc/im/svgkbd, overwriting the original abc.svg Permissions as the original, root:root 644 -- Спасибо за внимание. Yoric. г. Новосибирск ru.tar.bz2 Description: BZip2 compressed data

Problems using recent Rogers Wireless (Canada) SIMs in GTA02

2012-09-26 Thread Pascal Gosselin
In 2010, we were able to take circa mid-2008 Roger Wireless SIMs (Canada) borrowed from an iPhone 3G and get it to work in Android Froyo on the GTA02 850Mhz. Two years later, we decided to add some GPRS reporting capability to our Wi-Flight product which is currently using Wi-Fi only, we are