Libreoffice open document et qtmoko

2013-12-16 Thread Parchet Michaël


Could I use libreoffice on qtmoko or other os for work with open document and 
jpg and png image ?

Could you answer me please ?

Best regards

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Re: Libreoffice open document et qtmoko

2013-12-16 Thread Lukas Maerdian
On 16.12.2013 16:01 UTC+0800, Parchet Michaël wrote:
 Could I use libreoffice on qtmoko or other os for work with open document and 
 jpg and png image ?
 Could you answer me please ?


yes this is possible, not very convenient, though. You could easily
install LibreOffice in the GTA04 Debian or OpenSuse images, via
apt-get/zypper. I even used OpenOffice on my Freerunner (GTA02) in the
old days.


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Re: [Gta04-owner] qtmoko-eyepiece

2013-12-16 Thread Adrien Dorsaz

I've found a solution to fix this problem with Debian Wheezy (the one
for GTA04), please see this bug report:

TLDR; you need to make symbolic links for libdjvulibre and libfontconfig
libraries inside the /usr/lib/ directory and open PDF from the Eyepiece

Le vendredi 02 août 2013 à 18:56 +0200, correu griera a écrit :
 Thanks Radek!!
 I have the same problem: I tried to run Eyepiece, it install the lib
 and I get the error Installation failed.
 Thanks a lot!! Griera
 2013/7/31 Adrien Dorsaz
 Hello !
 Le mercredi 31 juillet 2013 à 16:13 +0200, Radek Polak a
 écrit :
  On Tuesday, July 30, 2013 08:47:59 AM Griera wrote:
   there is only the package for armel version.
   Thanks a lot. Griera.
  Should be fixed now (but not tested).
 Thanks, now we've the package, but it doesn't find
 libdjvulibre21 and
 libfontconfig1 when it starts and ask to install them. I've
 installed them and when it tries, it makes error :
 I've tried to open a PDF despite of the error message, but
 I've a
 message which said it cann't load plugin.
 Does someone have any hint to make it works ?
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Re: [gta02] cannot boot from NAND

2013-12-16 Thread Ben Wong
 There must be some timing problem. It can be quite tricky to debug it,
 because with logging it works and with debugging enabled it works too.

Timing with the AT communications? Would that be the chat script?

 3/ implement better screen locking. Now if you lock screen and receive phone
 call the screen unlocks and never locks again. I'd like to have it locked
 once the call ends.

That would be a nice one to fix. If I don't notice that I've received
a text message or call, I'll sometimes find later that the phone is
very warm and the battery nearly dead even though I haven't been using

 4/ maybe fix the wifi dialog

It would be nice if it was sane. But even just ditching it and having
something simple, even trivial like OpenWRT's ewoc-cli script, would
be an improvement.


P.S. I've got my phone working again with v58. Apparently my kernel
hadn't flashed correctly. And like everyone else, I had to enable
logging to get past the number pad screen.

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