Copy of Openmokast Case Extension Back Files?

2017-10-15 Thread Alexander .S.T. Ross is dead and nor is the zip on the internet archive, only the webpage. I would be interested in having a copy of the files to make this case extension :). Anyone got a copy? ___ Openmoko community

The future of hosting

2017-10-15 Thread Harald Welte
Dear community, Given that we've just head the 10 year anniversary of shipping the Neo1973, this also marks about the ~ 8th-9th year of inactivity in the project. Ever since Openmoko, Inc. closed down, I've been personally covering the hosting fees for the (single, consolidated)

10 Years Openmoko Neo1973 anniversary dinner

2017-10-15 Thread Harald Welte
Dear Openmoko community, about one week ago, on October 7, a group of former Openmoko team members got together to in Taipei to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the release of the Openmoko Neo1973 (GTA-01). In terms of attendance, the following people were able to make it: * Sean Moss-Pultz *