Re: Openmoko keyboard mockup

2009-01-06 Thread Alberto Morales
El Martes, 6 de Enero de 2009, Carsten Haitzler escribió:
 [...] my bet is more people are more proficient at qwerty than
 at abcdefgh... (those really proficient at abcdefgh are ALSO likely
 to be really good at qwerty too - the teenagers and young people
 totally addicted to smsing eachother on their phones probably also
 are pretty good at tapping away on their instant messengers on their
 laptops/desktops - but thats just my bet on the audience).

I agree. I feel better with something like this... but using two 

[ q w e ]  [ r t ]  [ y u ]  [ i o p ]
[ a s d ]  [ f g ]  [ h j ]  [ k l ; ]
[ z x c ]  [ v b ]  [ n m ]  [ , . / ]
   [space ]  

This one is quicker than previous, but the number of dictionary 
suggestions has to be studied.

[ q w e r t ]  [ y u i o p ]
[ a s d f g ]  [ h j k l ; ]
[ z x c v b ]  [ n m , . / ]
  [space ]

For example, the word house... not too bad results.

$ egrep ^[hjkl;][yuiop][yuiop][asdfg][qwert]$ 

Perhaps this one would be better for one finger only:

[ q w e ]  [ r t y u ]  [ i o p ]
[ a s d ]  [ f g h j ]  [ k l ; ]
[ z x c ]  [ v b n m ]  [ , . / ]
[space ]  

$ egrep ^[fghj][iop][rtyu][asd][qwe]$ /usr/share/dict/american-english 


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Re: Stage of GTA03 development?

2008-12-25 Thread Alberto Morales
El Jueves, 25 de Diciembre de 2008, Carsten Haitzler escribió:
 actually the cpu (soc) and graphics are about as old-school as the 2g
 gprs. :) definitely far from state of the art. only things on
 freerunner that are modern are:

 case design (sorry the indented screen is very old-school and
 severely limits the finger-usability of the device - which as it has
 no stylus that is part of it... is the intended use). :)

USB-host is an unseen feature for a phone. The mini-usb connector 
without an adapter doesn't help very much, but FR supports it. Usb 
drives, keyboards, (ethernet/3g/camera/tv) dongles, headset, arduinos, 
printers, and more. This makes FR the perfect pluggable gadget.

For example, cameras like this (but with mini-usb) would be a good 
complement for existing FR:

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Re: Hacking nokia headset HS-40 to work with OM

2008-09-07 Thread Alberto Morales
El Sunday, 7 de September de 2008, Rui Miguel Silva Seabra escribió:
  Last question: what is expected to happen when the headset button
  is pressed?

 I think that in Nokia's that button is context dependent.
  * if receiving a call, picks up
  * if on a call, ends it
  * ... maybe more actions, I don't know...

I meant what happens in openmoko. Does it trigger a DBUS signal, an apm 
event, nothing yet?

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Hacking nokia headset HS-40 to work with OM

2008-09-06 Thread Alberto Morales

Nokia HS-40 is a cheap mono headset that has a 2.5mm jack with 4 rings. 
It costs 9 EUR in spain. The pinout is INCOMPATIBLE with OM, hence nokia 
pinouts are incompatible with OM. Here it is the Nokia HS-40 pinout:

Nokia HS-40 pinout:
1 (tip)  - left (R=34 ohm to ground)
2- unused (in stereo models, probably connects right)
3- mic (mic resistance 1K1 to ground, if button is pressed 48R)
4 (base) - ground

From this message, here it is the OM pinout:

Openmoko pinout:
1 (tip)  - mic (2K2 ohm and 0R if button is pressed)
2- right
3- left
4 (base) - ground

If we plug the headset in the OM, only one speaker would work (i never 
did it). This was reported by David Pottage in this message:

I stopped measuring and began hacking ;-) The little box which has the 
mic and the button, has two screws. If you remove them and open the 
case, you'll see 3 wires + 1 wire shielding coming from the jack. It 
should be 4 wires + shield, but nokia removed the unused wire from right 
speaker. Get a multimeter and find the wires that connect with pin 1 and 
3 of the jack. Take a solder iron and swap wires from 1 and 3, and you 
have a headset with a pinout compatible with OM.

I plugged the headset in the GTA02 and loaded the gsmheadset.state 
during a call. I only had to increase the gain of the output from 80% to 
95% because the output from speaker was very low. 34R is below the 40R 
minimum impedance that joerg recommended in his message. Microphone is 
ok and people heard me fine. GSM buzz from is still randomly heard by the 
other end (slight in local).

Button doesn't activate anything in the GTA02. I don't know if it 
should. The 48R smd resistance can be easily transformed into a 
shorcircuit if needed.

I have a few photos, i could create a nokia headsets section in the wiki 
if you think is useful.

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Nokia wired headsets compatibility

2008-08-25 Thread Alberto Morales

In this page at the wiki [1] describes the pinout of the headset 
connector. It also says that the four-ring 2.5mm stereo jack is used by 
motorola smartphones and the v-360. Both motorola smartphones and v-360 
are very difficult to get in stores because v-360 is more than three 
years old. I've spend today three hours in a dozen stores in my city and 
i only found one, new but in very bad state, and very expensive (~25 


Some new nokia mobiles have the same kind of connector. This wiki page 
[2] says that the nokia 3.5-2.5 adapters doesn't work, but says nothing 
about nokia headsets. Some nokia headset model numbers with the same 
plug are: HS-45/AD-54, WH-700, HS-44/AD-44, HS-47, HS-40. Have you tried 
any of these on the Neo?



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