Re: [Android]

2008-12-23 Thread Andreas Wallin
I think there has been some issues with software license, The multimedia codecs is not in the android software for the freerunner. Wendy wrote: Hi, I did some Android image from Sean Mcneil review in devel list. I don't

Re: [Android] koolu first beta release

2008-12-21 Thread Andreas Wallin
I tried it, Still the keyboard does not work in all text dialogs, wifi doesn't work, I cant lock screen, and suspend still doesn't work, GSM seems to work. I reflashed my openmoko with qt after 1 days use, When suspend,lock screen and soft keyboard works i will give android a new try, greetings

[Android] freerunner answercall,

2008-11-16 Thread Andreas Wallin
Is it possible to answer call by using bluetooth headset och wired headset when running android on freerunner? This can be an easy way to implement answercall by writing a custom application for android on freerunner, The lack of onscreen keyboard may be a problem when pair:ing bluetooth devices,

Re: new to openmoko

2008-11-09 Thread Andreas Wallin
How does this setup work with suspend ? Does it work to have as the every day phone ? Or does it suffer from the regular flaws that sometimes it does not wake up from suspend on call and so on ? Matthias Apitz wrote: El día Sunday, November 09, 2008 a las 08:17:50PM +0530, Mallikarjun V

[android] Answer calll problems

2008-11-05 Thread Andreas Wallin
Im having problems with answer phone calls on android.. Its ringing but how to anser is the question ? greeting Andreas ___ Openmoko community mailing list

Re: [Qtextended] [X-post] The ugly part

2008-11-01 Thread Andreas Wallin
I can confirm the exact behaviour on my freerunner gta02, after the upgrade to 4.4.2 from 4.4.1. Nishit Dave wrote: Well, I spoke too soon. There was some gsm buzzing even I could hear on a call, so I switched on the speaker. Result: LOUD feedback. So I inserted the headphones while the

Re: Weekly Engineering News 41/2008: back to the basics

2008-10-18 Thread Andreas Wallin
This seems lika a very very good decision, A core develop/engineering team focus to deliver a rubust platform, User applications then is up to all others to develop... t m wrote: Seems like everybody is cheering the new strategy. I hope we will see some results in the near future.

Development environment suggestion ?

2008-09-27 Thread Andreas Wallin
Hello community lists ! I just read the mail call for community action I would make som suggestions for making developing openmoko software more easy. Why not create some virtual machines with all compilingtools and needed software installed to get ready for bugfixing/developing openmoko