Re: Where can I buy miniUSB-m → USB-A-f adapte rs in Canada?

2009-09-15 Thread Boris Wong
Brolin Empey wrote: Where can I buy such an adapter or cable in Canada? Try They have free shipping (although order and shipping takes 3 weeks total) and their prices are phenomenally low. -Boris ___ Openmoko community mailing

Re: X forwarding doesn't work

2009-08-15 Thread Boris Wong
Michael Tansella wrote: Hi, I want to start midori in the freerunner and forward the GUI tt my Linux Host (Kubuntu) I tried it the following way, but it starts on the freerunner instead of the host, any idea?: simarill...@simarillion-laptop:~$ ssh -l root -X -v I

Re: some questions before buying FreeRunner

2009-06-09 Thread Boris Wong
a dehqan wrote: ...and what is GPS antenna for If you're talking about the GPS Antenna jack on the side of the phone, it's unnecessary unless you are in a building or car with very bad signal. 6-Dealer has said that it's A6 FR is buzz fixed ,should i trust ? what can i do if he/she posted it

Re: Freerunner's Future

2009-06-05 Thread Boris Wong
Hi Steve, Steve Mosher wrote: 1. Its a mobile Phone First, and a multi purpose platform secondarily I actually like the perspective of #1 very much and you should keep it as such. As I am to understand, the core philosophy of Openmoko is the Free the Phone. There are many platform hardware

Re: Back to the basics: improving user experience

2008-10-16 Thread Boris Wong
On Thu, 2008-10-16 at 16:58 +0100, Vasco Névoa wrote: I can see there are at least 2 distinct types of user of OM: A - I need a working phone now, the uber-cool PDA stuff can wait; B - OM is a groundbreaking project, I don't care about telephony, let's press the revolution! As much as I am

Re: [FDOM] dfu-error -71

2008-09-27 Thread Boris Wong
I have had bad experience with the dfu_util before. It appeared almost the same as your problem. It would download part way and show up as an error. I originally had a USB extension cable to the back of my computer. Bad idea. I ended up using the (fairly short) cable that came out of the box and