2008-08-29 Thread H.Hveem
Does anyone know What kind of hardware will GTA04 have ? ___ Openmoko community mailing list

GTA05 suggestions

2008-08-29 Thread H.Hveem
I suggest these names for GTA05 Neo Unity Neo Meridian Neo Elysian Neo Gladsheim Neo Ignis Neo Yggdrasil 3GPP LTE Support ( via bluetooth ?) Camera Display Multitouch screen 262k or 16.7M colors for displaying images and especially videos. Distance sensing touchscreen ( can be operated with

some hardware suggestions

2008-08-28 Thread H.Hveem
Processors: PXA320 Monahans Cortex-A8 will run at up to 600MHz in low-power applications but clock to 1GHz in more performance-sensitive roles. 128MB Dedicated for open files, running software etc., not for storage, or 256MB at all would be really nice and enough for any future software. ROM