Re: [Debian] xterm shortcut

2008-11-21 Thread Neil Caldwell
ahh, so it was Xglamo that did that (ive been at a confrence and havent had time to look discovered i have the no wake from suspend bug after a format, lol bad timing.) just putting xterm in ./xsession works for me I have two starting on login. unfortunatly i cant help you any further (i

Re: [Om2008.9] man pages??? killing events/0

2008-10-20 Thread Neil Caldwell its in several places down that list. ___ Openmoko community mailing list

Re: What packages have cu and socat?

2008-09-16 Thread Neil Caldwell
2008/9/17 W.Kenworthy [EMAIL PROTECTED]: What packages have cu and socat? BillK ___ Openmoko community mailing list

Re: Illume Theme and E native gold theme

2008-09-12 Thread Neil Caldwell
as far as i know (new to e17) every program can have its own .edj (theme) file and OMView is one that does. there are a couple of other places you will see the e17 theme (some of the crash notices, for instance). i think i even a png or two with stuff for the winter theme (the default e16 theme)