Re: [Qt Extended Improved] Alarm wake up from suspend

2009-03-29 Thread Nick Matteo
On Sun, Mar 29, 2009 at 11:37 AM, Franky Van Liedekerke wrote:
 On Fri, 27 Mar 2009 14:23:28 -0700 (PDT)
 andrew howlett wrote:
 Just to let everybody know: Andrew (radagast) found the issue at hand,
 and it's a oneliner fix (something about not needing to use a
 monotonic clock) . See

 I now have a qtextended 4.4.3 installation with the following extra:
 - working wifi (even after suspend/unsuspend)
 - alarms on time (for alarms app, but probably also for calender
 - mp3 support (albeit laggy if the touchscreen is used)
 - qterminal (I don't use it, but hey ...)

 Now the following issues remain:
 - better keyboard (for me, but that's not a real issue). I've already
  tweaked the settings a bit to get something better, see
 - voice notes app not recording (seems to be an alsa-state thing)
 - voicemail service number not saved across reboots
 - 2.6.28 compatibility, for better battery usage and maybe some other
  fixes (please, somebody please tell me why 2.6.28 is better for the

 I'm hoping to have a crack at the voicemail number problem, but see

 If anybody is interested in my qtextended image, I can put a tar.gz
 file online if wanted ...


I'd be interested.  Alarm during suspend has been an issue for me.
I've been meaning to investigate it, but I suppose I was hoping
someone else would do it first.  So I'm very grateful to Mr Howlett


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Re: Charging a Neo battery in a Nokia charger or phone (was: Re: dead battery)

2008-09-30 Thread Nick Matteo
On Tue, Sep 30, 2008 at 5:11 PM, Michael Shiloh [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
 Exactly right. My understanding is this:

 Nokia devices (phones and stand-alone chargers) will not charge
 non-Nokia batteries, most likely because they can't be sure they have
 the correct charging parameters.

 Most after-market or no-name brands of Nokia-compatible chargers don't
 test the make of the battery, most likely because adding the capability
 to perform this test would add to the cost of the charger.


 * You can use a Nokia or Nokia-compatible BL-4C, BL-5C, or BL-6C in the Neo

 * You can charge the Neo battery in a Nokia-compatible charger that is
 not Nokia branded

 * You can NOT charge the Neo battery in a Nokia branded phone or charger


Thanks for this helpfully complete characterization.
Do you happen to know if a Nokia battery (such as the BL-5c) will
charge in the FreeRunner?


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Cincinnati Bell Wireless

2008-08-21 Thread Nick Matteo
I intend to buy a FreeRunner.  This will be my first time owning a
cell phone, though.
My service plan is offered through my university by Cincinnati Bell
Wireless, and includes a free phone.  Can I expect that removing the
SIM card from the free phone and placing it in the FreeRunner will
work?  (IE, allow calls and SMS.  I'd do any data over wifi.)


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