Re: Toolchain on Ubuntu 7.10

2008-04-08 Thread Stefanie Tellex
apt-cache search autoconf will show possible packages that contain the 
string autoconf.

apt-cache show packagename will give you a description of the package.


Robin Paulson wrote:

i'm not on an ubuntu box now, but try automake1.9 instead of automake,
i think that's the newest version

2008/4/9 Dale Schumacher [EMAIL PROTECTED]:

I've just done a clean install of Ubuntu 7.10 and am trying to follow the
instructions from the Toolchain wiki page.  When I try the command:

sudo apt-get install gcc g++ autoconf automake binutils libtools ...

I get this error message:

Package autoconf is not available, but is referred to by another package.
This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
 is only available from another source
E: Pacakge autoconf has no installation candidate

Since this is a fresh install, I expect I may not have the right setup to
install all the developer goodies.  Can someone suggest a clean way to
resolve this issue?  I would be happy to update the wiki page with better
instructions once my issue is resolved.


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Openmoko community mailing list

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openmoko as a slimserver client or remote control

2006-11-30 Thread Stefanie Tellex
This requires wireless internet, but it wouldn't be hard to get a
slimserver client running on the phone, so you could stream your mp3s to
the phone and listen to them.  Push a button, and your phone starts
streaming music from your server.

Slimp3slave is a command line client using the old udp protocol:  Slimserver has a newer TCP
based protocol as well, but there isn't a C client yet.  (Slimserver
itself is a GPL'd perl program, so a C client for the new protocol isn't
hard, it just hasn't been done yet.)

Even cooler would be adding a remote control interface to slimserver
that runs on the phone.  You pull out the phone and start controlling
the music coming out of your speakers.  We have two slimserver clients
in our apartment: it could use GPS to figure out which one is closest,
and connect to that one to change the volume, switch songs, or whatever.


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