Re: How to start X as non root user without using display manager

2008-09-05 Thread TeXitoi
C R McClenaghan [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: I'm hoping to boot into a non privileged user to use the phone. Does anyone know how to start X as a non root user without using a display manager. My attempts to simply add --chuid name|uid option to start-stop-daemon result in the error message

Re: milestone3 available in Debian

2008-09-12 Thread TeXitoi
Joachim Breitner [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Besides these new versions you might be interested to hear that remoko and pypennotes have been packaged for Debian, and fso-gpsd makes sure all gpsd-using applications (such as tangogps) work also. We still don’t have Illume, as we are still waiting

Re: new version of the openmoko-panel-plugin 0.3

2008-09-23 Thread TeXitoi
Christian Adams [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: the next version is already on it's way to sebastian to package a little gui-update here and there, some notifications (if python- pynotify and notification-mananger(-xfce) installed) and a thumb- friendly way to change lcd-brightness what i will

Re: Wlan Issues after inactivity

2008-09-23 Thread TeXitoi
Sarton O'Brien [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Apparently some people need to do iwconfig eth0 power off to even get an association. This command toggle off power management. From my experience, this is not a FR bug, but an AP bug : some AP do not work good with power managed client. On my lab,

Re: [debian] Sephora 0.1 - Suggestions needed

2008-09-29 Thread TeXitoi
vale [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: it would be nice, to have more control over gps. to see the status, satellites, do a warm / cold restart, time to first fix, like in the gps-ui for openmoko distribution. thats missing in debian and fso :( Using fso-gpsd seems to do warm start. It work quit OK,

Re: [debian] Sephora 0.1 - Suggestions needed

2008-09-29 Thread TeXitoi
Michele Renda [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: [Phone] d.NTP time (button to sync the clock with NTP server time) button to sync with the GPS clock (do not need network). -- Guillaume Pinot ``Computers are good at following

Re: udev usb0 control

2008-10-18 Thread TeXitoi
Joel Newkirk [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Does anyone have a better idea? ethernet link should be a better idea. -- Guillaume Pinot ``Computers are good at following instructions, but not at reading your mind.'' -- Donald E. Knuth, the