I'm selling one Freerunner ver. A6 - shipping to Italy and Europe

2010-04-08 Thread -= Apertum =-
Hello to all, I'm selling one of my two Neo Freerunner GTA02 Ver.A6, because of limited time to play with. It's fully functional and it has been used as my daily phone for some month. Now i have a N900 and i'll use my second Freerunner only to experiment. The display it's without scratches

Re: [QTMOKO] Dead UI

2010-03-20 Thread -= Apertum =-
* Risto H. Kurppa wrote, Il 19/03/2010 22:13: Hi there! qtmoko v19, debug -kernel, qi, freerunner Most of the things were fine until noon today, when something happened. No, I didn't install anything, didn't upgrade, update, change any config, nothing. Something just happened. qtmoko

Re: QtMoko v18 - based on 2.6.32

2010-03-01 Thread -= Apertum =-
* Radek Polak wrote, Il 01/03/2010 13:09: Hi, i have uploaded experimental QtMoko-v18 images. These images are based on 2.6.32 linux kernel. They can be downloaded from: http://sourceforge.net/projects/qtmoko/files/ This a fantastic news! :-) Really thanks to all involved. -- Andrea

Re: gta02-core (was Re: OM future)

2010-02-25 Thread -= Apertum =-
* Wolfgang Spraul wrote, Il 25/02/2010 12:54: There definitely is another way. Must be. Business opportunity! Let's see how long people will be using their FreeRunners, and how long they will be using their N900... If the FreeRunner would be bug free, I'm sure people would still use them in

Re: QtMoko v19

2010-02-16 Thread -= Apertum =-
* Radek Polak wrote, Il 15/02/2010 14:57: I can try to play a bit more with the config. Maybe we can find something with same speed and less buggy. I was hoping to have 2.6.32 kernel, which is fast and stable. But currently for me does not wake from suspend on incoming call and getting

Re: [qtmoko] New significant speedups coming to FreeRunner

2010-02-16 Thread -= Apertum =-
* Radek Polak wrote, Il 16/02/2010 15:48: Now i just change a few kernel config options and few line patch (thanks to Thomas White) and the graphics speed is very nice. In QVGA it can probably match iPhone or any Android device. I totally agree Radek's words, and in my experience the

Re: QtMoko v19

2010-02-15 Thread -= Apertum =-
* Denis Johnson wrote, Il 08/02/2010 00:38: If I use the nodebug kernel I can't boot with qi (I use qi installed by qtmoko v16d installer). It just vibrates once and flashes the red led but doesn't start to boot. But it does boot if I boot it with u-boot from NOR. But with the debug kernel

Re: Handset sound volume issues (Re: Buzz fix)

2010-01-06 Thread -= Apertum =-
* Paul Fertser wrote, Il 06/01/2010 23:20: And no one can tell what hardware revisions affected. Inability to get the handset speaker emit loud sound is a clear sign. Just short those useless caps (0402 size iirc). Thanks a lot for the info. And where is exactly located these caps,

Re: Quick e-mail poll: Still using your Freerunner?

2010-01-04 Thread -= Apertum =-
* Ken Young wrote, Il 03/01/2010 07:10: Do you use FR as your daily/primary phone? Yes, but always with some problems. The *biggest* problem is battery life of my FR, because some times i cannot finish a day with a full charge, doing only some short calls. It's a big issue from day 0,

Re: openmoko io error

2010-01-04 Thread -= Apertum =-
* Jan Henkins wrote, Il 04/01/2010 19:24: Hello Roberto, I seem to have a similar issue. In my case my FR does not read SD cards, and give the same error messages as above until the kernel simply disables and removes the mmcblk0 device. I seem to remember that at some point between the v.5

Re: Buzz fix (Was: Re: [Shr-User] Quick e-mail poll: Still using your Freerunner?)

2010-01-04 Thread -= Apertum =-
* Davide Scaini wrote, Il 04/01/2010 23:05: The fix will remove that buzz but won't fix other issues like rustling, echo or low volume. Those issues can mostly be addressed with software. The same happened to me, but i didn't find a viable software cnfiguration to use the fr as a phone.

[QtMoko] Any update ?

2009-12-13 Thread -= Apertum =-
Hi Freerunner-friends :-) , There is some update or WIP for our cute and best usable Moko Distribution? ( = QtMoko based on Debian! ) I've seen that the latest public and commented release from Radek was in october, after that pretty nothing both on the site ( http://qtmoko.org ) and on this

Re: [QtMoko] Any update ?

2009-12-13 Thread -= Apertum =-
* Radek Polak wrote, Il 13/12/2009 12:29: Just sent anouncing mail :) Regards Radek Oh, Radek! Really really thanks for your incredible effort! I'm downloading V15... -- Andrea ___ Openmoko community mailing list

Re: [QtMoko] Any update ?

2009-12-13 Thread -= Apertum =-
* -= Apertum =- wrote, Il 13/12/2009 13:51: I'm downloading V15... And i'm in trouble: dfu-util is not working :-( * sudo /usr/bin/dfu-util -a kernel -R -D ./uImage-v15.bin dfu-util - (C) 2007-2008 by OpenMoko Inc. This program is Free Software and has

Re: [QtMoko] Any update ?

2009-12-13 Thread -= Apertum =-
* Radek Polak wrote, Il 13/12/2009 15:17: On Sunday 13 of December 2009 15:13:03 -= Apertum =- wrote: And i'm in trouble: dfu-util is not working :-( IIRC there was similar thread. In the end the problem was broken usb cable. So maybe trying other USB cable or another USB

Re: [QtMoko] Any update ?

2009-12-13 Thread -= Apertum =-
* Radek Polak wrote, Il 13/12/2009 21:23: maybe try: sudo /usr/bin/dfu-util -d 0x1d50:0x5119 -a kernel -R -D ./uImage-v15.bin Thank you so much Radek, it works! (great tip to use the -d flag to manually select the device name :-)) ;-) -- Andrea

Re: GPS application for QTExtended 4.4.3

2009-11-04 Thread -= Apertum =-
* tvuilla...@free.fr wrote, Il 04/11/2009 08:08: Hello, I developed my own GPS application for QtExtended 4.4.3 on my Neo Freerunner. Really really thanks for sharing your work! -- Andrea ___ Openmoko community mailing list

[Wikireader] Any news on Wikireader ?

2009-10-22 Thread -= Apertum =-
Hello, The (very interesting, IMHO) Wikireader product has been launched about 2 weeks ago, but still i don't see any information about hardware and software (IE we don't know if there is a Linux kernel in it, or not), and/or how it will be hackable by the community. It's there any news

Re: Broken Freerunner.. CPU stall messages.. repairable?

2009-10-14 Thread -= Apertum =-
* Thomas Franck wrote, Il 14/10/2009 22:42: Maksim 'max_posedon' Melnikau wrote: As for you, I defently don't understand why you can't boot from uSD, plz try some very old images. it's all the same for me.. :( stalls.. and I made sure that it indeed uses the SDcard.. I have

Re: WikiReader

2009-10-13 Thread -= Apertum =-
* Sean Moss-Pultz wrote, Il 13/10/2009 07:51: Dear Community! Today, with the greatest of pleasure, I am ready to share with you the birth of our third product -- WikiReader. Three simple buttons put three million Wikipedia articles in the palm of your hand. Accessible immediately,

Re: QtMoko v12

2009-09-28 Thread -= Apertum =-
* Radek Polak wrote, Il 27/09/2009 22:40: You made it :-) Another supergreat release, thanks to all involved! BTW a little suggestion here: Changes from previous version: * fixed broken battery indicator after suspend (Jim Morris) * fixed swap and memory problems (Jim Morris) * fixed ogg

Re: QtMoko v11

2009-09-20 Thread -= Apertum =-
* Ali wrote, Il 20/09/2009 14:41: I wouldn't mind it gone from the distro I think it sucks. Remember qtmoko is on debian so everything in debian is available to us. apt-get install iceweasel (firefox with free graphics) but that's overkill (and slow) on a phone. Try midori, I think

Re: QtMoko v10

2009-09-18 Thread -= Apertum =-
* Fabio Locati wrote, Il 18/09/2009 07:58: I have more than doubled the bandwidth available (200=500Mb), I hope this is enough Perfect, now it works! ;-) It was scary to see the Wiki down when the release V10 come out :-) Let's go to the QtWiki. I like a lot QtMoko, IMHO, the best

Re: QtMoko v10

2009-09-17 Thread -= Apertum =-
* Radek Polak wrote, Il 17/09/2009 22:55: Hi, i am now uploading images of QtMoko on debian v10. You can download as usually from: Cool, i'm downloading! As always, thank you so much Radek! :-) BTW: the http://qtmoko.org page is closed (Bandwidth Limit Exceeded) :-( It's not

Re: QtMoko images V9

2009-09-09 Thread -= Apertum =-
* Radek Polak wrote, Il 09/09/2009 22:26: So enjoy, thanks to everyone who helped with this release and let me know how you like it. Cheers Radek You Radek are incredible! Thanks a lot, really! And thanks to all contributors too. I'm downloading QtMokoV9, gotta test finally

Re: QtMoko - QX - Unable to connect to X server

2009-09-07 Thread -= Apertum =-
* Torfinn Ingolfsen wrote, Il 07/09/2009 22:51: So I quit TangoGPS and QX, did my changes. The I started QX again. But when I try to start TangoGPS now, I get this error message: QX - Unable to connect to X server. What is wrong? I have the same issue. First time TangoGPS it's ok.

Re: QtMoko - user manual?

2009-09-07 Thread -= Apertum =-
* Torfinn Ingolfsen wrote, Il 07/09/2009 21:42: Is there a user manual for QtMoko somewhere? Or can I just ask all my newbie questions here? :-) You can add your questions, wishlist, suggestion, review, bug notification, etc etc, also on the Wiki. I strongly encourage the use of Wiki on

Re: QtMoko - help fixing incomming call bug

2009-09-05 Thread -= Apertum =-
* Radek Polak wrote, Il 05/09/2009 08:35: Hi, i am trying to fix the bug, when there is sometimes no sound in incoming call after reboot. My guess is that alsa scenario is not applied correctly in this case. The problem is that i cant reproduce this issue reliably - and when i want to debug

QtMoko is great! :-)

2009-08-29 Thread -= Apertum =-
A little ciao here to all ;-) I started my Neo usage some month ago with Qtopia. Yesterday i've installed the V8 of QtMoko: i'd like only to say that i like a lot QtMoko! Contratulation to all the contributors and maintainers! IMHO it's really the best distro for everyday phone (of course

Re: QtMoko is great! :-)

2009-08-29 Thread -= Apertum =-
* Stefan Fröbe wrote, Il 29/08/2009 23:45: Hi Andrea, I also tried it out yesterday and loved the speed - I could not start any X apps, however. How did you manage to run tangogps??? Stefan You have to click on the QX icon on the App section (it's a black icon with an X). Then you can