Re: GTA01 question : what capacity of ....

2009-04-24 Thread Andy Selby
2009/4/24 ... Micro SD card does it support ? I.e. if I buy a 8GB micro SD card, would the GTA01 be able to use it ? I have a Transcend 4Gb sdhc card and it works fine with my neo1973. I tried booting off of it but apparently the stock bootloader can't boot

Re: letter of recomendation

2009-04-23 Thread Andy Selby
Hmm.. suppose this was not planned to be posted to community mailing list..? I think it was meant for this other list ___ Openmoko community mailing list

Re: [qtExtended] and GTA01 - repost - sorry for the copy crap

2009-04-15 Thread Andy Selby
i found the last 3/3/2009 image of Qt-extended. Really! Could you post a link? ___ Openmoko community mailing list

Re: 'dead' neo

2009-04-14 Thread Andy Selby
2009/4/13 Alexey Koptsevich I have recently been in the same situation, the battery was completely dead. I bought BL-6C Battery for Nokia 6235 6236i 6255 6255i 6256i on eBay from the seller thamesmall, along with the wall charger Nokia 6300 bl-5c bl-4c bl-6c Battery Charger

Re: latest qt-embedded image

2009-04-14 Thread Andy Selby
Could anybody point me to the latest kernel and qt-embedded image that can run on the NEO 1973 () so not on the Freerunner !!! The latest I can find is the 18th of november Images. The qtextended forums seem a bit quiet maybe qt dev is discussed elsewhere but releases are a bit sparse from

Re: Dead Neo 1973 - drained battery

2009-01-28 Thread Andy Selby
2009/1/28 Andy Selby Those links are no longer active as they link to ebay offers. Could you supply a link to something more longterm. I'm interested in getting one of these as I am sure are others. These are the people who I got them off

Re: Dead Neo 1973 - drained battery

2009-01-24 Thread Andy Selby
Try leaving the battery out over night then reinserting it and charging it. I've got a neo1973 on its original battery so yours should still work You can get a very cheap battery and charger from ebay, I provided a link in a previous post

Re: Buying a FrogPad in the UK

2009-01-04 Thread Andy Selby
Try these people Though they don't quote a price on the website. ___ Openmoko community mailing list

Re: Funding Global Domination Mk II The Console

2008-12-09 Thread Andy Selby
I was thinking that one possible area where an open platform is needed is The Console. For a open gaming platform you might want to look at ___ Openmoko community mailing list

Re: Android open sourced

2008-10-22 Thread Andy Selby
Since i got my neo rather recently, i have only tried 4.4.1. Is 4.3 still the better choice? A couple of days ago i lost my daily use phone (motoming A1200) and so i now need to use the FR as my daily phone. 4.3 is usable as a daily phone for me (YMMV),rock solid suspend and resume, no dialer

Re: Partitionning separate /home/ floder to SD

2008-10-19 Thread Andy Selby
Is there a way that /home/ is in my SD card? Only /home/, like we do in Linux distributions... so I can flash whenever i want the Neo without loosing configuration files, icons and stuff I am adapting for myself in the Neo? Did you try #link /media/card/home /home

Re: OT: Games for scummvm?

2008-10-05 Thread Andy Selby
as this games are not free me guess, there is no way to get this on a legal way? MAME roms are legal to download and use if you own the original, its probably the same for any disk image, just buy the original at any carboot, thrift store or $online_auction_site if you're worried about the

Re: Case mod feasible?

2008-09-22 Thread Andy Selby
Basically what I want is to add 4 rechargable AAA batteries and plug that into usb port. That gives me about 1200ma at 4.8v, which should comply with the USB specification (5v), AAA batteries are 1.5 volts, so 4x1.5=6volts, if you find a diode that has a voltage drop of 1 volt you won't need

Re: Mockup or what else?

2008-09-15 Thread Andy Selby
2008/9/15 Rui Miguel Silva Seabra [EMAIL PROTECTED]: From which you also find sad news. :| On Mon, Sep 15, 2008 at 08:25:43PM +0200, Bumbl wrote: I found this at which is raster's homepage The sad news being Raster's quit the openmoko project, well not quite, he is moving to

Re: Get spare parts in NYC (batteries)

2008-09-09 Thread Andy Selby
I'll be in New York beginning of October and would like to purchase 2 spare batteries for my FR - any hints on where I could get them? Is there a local distributor or buyers group with active orders, by any chance? I've bought one of these for my neo1973

Re: Purchasing Neo Freerunner in the UK

2008-08-18 Thread Andy Selby
2008/8/18 yangm [EMAIL PROTECTED]: I want to buy a openmoko. how to connect you ? and price? I'm living Cambridge for a business travel, and I will go back China at Sep 5th. Get them from here for £272 How can I pay ? cash or

Re: Dark Smudges on neo1973 screen .. heat-related?

2008-07-17 Thread Andy Selby
Maybe its karma or something but in the last 24 hours I've noticed that there is a very dark smudge on the LCD on my neo1973 .. this happened after I left the neo1973 on all night, and it appears to be a permanently damaged LCD - nothing I do has been able to get rid of it. Could it be

Re: Volume?

2008-07-15 Thread Andy Selby
2008/7/15 Edward A. Falk [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Is there a way to control volume yet? When I turn on my phone, the sounds are so loud and completely distorted that I'm afraid I'm going to blow out the speakers. SSH into the device and type #alsamixer then adjust the sound using the sliders

Re: Volume?

2008-07-15 Thread Andy Selby
SSH into the device and type #alsamixer then adjust the sound using the sliders That did the trick. Headphone and PCM were both at 95%. Setting them to 90% and 80% respectively was a reasonable level. Any lower than that, and I couldn't hear it at all. Glad to be of help

Re: New Freerunner, factory image - Registering...

2008-07-14 Thread Andy Selby
2008/7/14 Stroller [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Anyway, once booted to the factory image I get continuously a Registering... message in the top-left corner of the Home screen. After 30 minutes or so this message persists. Yeah, I get that with my neo1973 from time to time, maybe the SIM contacts are'nt

Re: Keyboard missing forward-slash key

2008-07-14 Thread Andy Selby
I can enter vi to start editing the file, but having switched to editing mode I can't exit it (back to command mode) because there's no Escape key on the keyboard! Thus I can't save the edited file! While it won't help at the moment, qtopia has included a terminal on its latest image which has

Re: Reviews?

2008-07-10 Thread Andy Selby
2008/7/8 Kevin Dean [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Speaking very honestly, I don't use my Freerunner in daily use but I use my 1973 with Qtopia since it's pretty stable and functional. Are you saying a neo1973 is more reliable then a freerunner? Is qtopia on GTA01 more stable than on GTA02? If so I'll put

Re: Car charger to GTA02

2008-07-10 Thread Andy Selby
How do you enable 1A charging via software? The echo 'fast_cccv' etc.. only seems to give me 500ma. Is there a sysfs interface to this, or does it have to be done by the kernel? This is for the Neo 1973 by the way. I'm pretty sure the neo1973 cant charge with more than 500mA due to the

Re: ancient hardware?

2008-07-07 Thread Andy Selby
So, I don't understand the comments on ancient parts. What have we compromised on by choosing these parts? There was a previous discussion on this subject that boils down to the latest components needed to be bought in bulk, i.e. 500,000 peices, FIC couldn't justify buying so much so went

Re: Which image

2008-07-03 Thread Andy Selby
I get the impression that only qtopia has daily builds, is that correct? No, ASU has it too If wee want to use ASU the most recent is the one from 2.) i.e. May 20? Try here ___

Re: Which image

2008-07-03 Thread Andy Selby
Try here Is this not qtopia? or is ASU hidden behind this: Sorry, I just realised I posted the exact same url as you did. ASU does include qtopia apps, but it also has the shelf widgets (the popdown menu at the top of the screen)

Re: Slashdot post but no web store?

2008-06-25 Thread Andy Selby
nerdyH writes Openmoko has begun shipping its Linux-based, open source Neo Freerunner phone to five newly announced distributors, in Germany, France, and India, says the company. /me checks Gmail and finds nothing on the announce list so heart recommences beating.

Re: Slashdot post but no web store?

2008-06-25 Thread Andy Selby
That said, Openmoko is getting a lot of attention right now because of that article, so it's probably a very good thing to have some form of anticipation building message or teaser product there to keep the hype going... Not all of it good, If anyone has mod points on slashdot can they mod

Re: Convert Freerunner CAD Files - IGES or STEP?

2008-06-20 Thread Andy Selby
I have access to Pro/E and am willing to convert the Wildfire 3 files into something else. What do you prefer? IGES (Wireframe or Solid?), or STEP (Wireframe or Solid?)? .DXF would be nice ___ Openmoko community mailing list

Re: When it will be possible to buy OpenMoko?

2008-06-16 Thread Andy Selby
There was a post on engadget mobile that suggested some have been released. I cant find it, you got a link? On Sunday 15 June 2008 00:03, steve wrote: I'm not exactly sure. I havent asked if they have a continous process or if they build a bunch of PCB and then assemble. Like, build a

Re: Click Feedback?

2008-06-10 Thread Andy Selby
This means no longer being able to mix sounds, but rather stick them into a queue and play them sequentially. Someone else has already mentioned SMS notification whilst listening to music, but also my GPS concept is affected. If a driver is approaching an accident blackspot he cannot afford

Re: InvisibleShield screen protectors

2008-06-08 Thread Andy Selby
we would need you to send us one of your devices so that we can take precise measurements and design the invisibleSHIELD to fit your smartphone the best. maybe we can persuade Steve (or someone else at Openmoko) to send a sample to their company? Note that they don't mention that it needs to

Re: London Groupsales

2008-06-05 Thread Andy Selby
I was going to sign up with the London groupbuy, but nobody has asserted themselves to be the main purchaser. HantsLUG's groupbuy is a more attractive prospect because it is organized through an existing LUG and includes notable people such as Andy Smith and Alan Pope so there's less chance of

Re: OT: ajax image galleries

2008-06-04 Thread andy selby
Those AJAX image widgets seem to be designed adversarially. They prevent tabbed browsing of images, make it difficult to link to an image, impose additional delays on the viewer, and introduce a new UI for navigating the galleries that doesn't fit in with any existing browser. Yeah, I don't

Re: screenshots

2008-06-03 Thread andy selby
is there any page on the wiki that shows the current GUI state of OM ? Especially with the 'switch' to Qt I would like to know how both environments interact graphically. None there at the moment, but you might want to keep an eye on

Re: screenshots

2008-06-03 Thread andy selby
2008/6/3 Kevin Dean [EMAIL PROTECTED]: I think he was looking for pictures of the ASU. I was hoping that a Freerunner owner would post some ASU screenies on that site in future 2008/6/3 [EMAIL PROTECTED]: In essense I was looking for pictures that give me an Idea of the OM user experience to

Re: using the openmoko neo101 in mass storage mode

2008-05-30 Thread andy selby
Can the openmoko mobile be used as a mass storage device, or can it be networked with windows??? you should be able to transfer files over to the neo/freerunners sd card using bluetooth. ___ Openmoko community mailing list

Re: Root password and ssh?

2008-05-13 Thread andy selby
am i right in thinking that the root account on the openmoko has no password - if so is that not quite a large security hole what with wifi and sshd being enabled, or is sshd only available over usb? You are correct, the root account on the phone has a blank password, Since no one has wifi

Re: Target Market (was: Re: Charger?)

2008-04-14 Thread andy selby
Let me give you another example... I've probably showed 20 people pics of the Neo1973. You want to know what I hear? Man, that's ugly! That's what I hear every time. Now you're thinking so what? it's functional. You and I may not care what it looks like, but consumers do. I'm guessing no

Re: LCD protector

2008-04-13 Thread andy selby
BTW since the Openmoko phones aren't commercial phones, to find the screen protector with the right size (or something bigger), I'd need to know which other phone/PDA has the same screen size of the Freerunner. Do you have advices for this? There are cut-to size screen protectors available,

Re: CAD file

2008-04-09 Thread andy selby
I'll fix that when I get a chance. Meanwhile, simply rename it to remove the .1 extension: Or maybe... rename *.prt.1 *.prt * when cd'd into the directory with the files should rename them all in one fell swoop. I say maybe because I dont have the zip file but it should rename them from

Re: GTA01 Machine Config Renamed

2008-03-27 Thread andy selby
The machine config file for gta01 and gta02 machines has been renamed to om-gta01 and om-gta02 to reflect better the manufacturer of the phones is actually Openmoko. I thought FIC made the phones? Openmoko is software only. ___ Openmoko community

Re: WAG about spares ratios

2008-03-27 Thread andy selby
After reading the subject line, I almost flagged that as spam ___ Openmoko community mailing list

Re: Additional info

2008-03-19 Thread andy selby
I have a question: It will be a long life cellphone? Or will it just be some fragile geek toy to use with care? Since you can install anything on it thanks to the openness of the device, it will remain useful for as long as the device works, for instance some people are planning to make a

Re: FreeRunner delayed a further 6 months?!?!??

2008-03-16 Thread andy selby
On 16/03/2008, Michael Shiloh [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi everyone, I'm trying to get some sort of a concrete update from the team in Taiwan. I'll let you know as soon as I do. Don't rush on the hardware, your doing a bang up job already (translation for non-british: thumbs up), I'd rather

Re: Qwerty keyboard concept

2008-03-10 Thread andy selby
Sorry to burst your bubble but the Qtopia release has this already, I haven't executed the program but it seems to be the same as qtopia's behaviour where you hold your finger on an area of the keyboard and a little circle comes up with an enlarged view of the keyboard so you can precisley select

Re: About ipkg on Openmoko

2008-02-28 Thread andy selby
Downloading wget: Host name lookup failure This tell me that your phone cannot reach the internet, did you set up port forwarding on your pc? Try pinging an external ip address from your phone, if this

Re: bye bye wifi hello gifi

2008-02-26 Thread andy selby
so when is openmoko going to implement gifi? :) Since its good for only 10 metres its not going to replace wi-fi, it may replace bluetooth. What I want to know is if openmoko is going to implement wi-max. ___ OpenMoko community mailing list

Re: questions about Neo FreeRunner

2008-02-26 Thread andy selby
Will this thing support mobile internet (like Edge or G3?) I saw support for G2.5, but wasn't sure if G3 was backwards compatible. Its GPRS, it is not G3 backwards compatible Is there a list of standard software features that will be installed on the phone? Everything I saw seemed to outline

Re: [link]Better than free

2008-02-17 Thread andy selby I know its Slashdoted, but could not hold out from sharing anyway. Sorry ;) In the future could you put a description of what you are linking to? It seems to be a blog entry about free culture, cant be bothered to read much today.

Re: Request for assistance: Need a wiki page for buying and selling GTA01

2008-02-15 Thread andy selby
Why not just have a wiki page with a link to so buyers and sellers have a degree of protection when trading?. ___ OpenMoko community mailing list

Re: I'm back with my neo.. where to begin?

2008-01-30 Thread andy selby
Interesting note on the qtopia image I tried.. they'd receive texts, but not *appear* to register on the network/allow calls. All academic as this is the openmoko list though. Do you mean the the signal strength meter did not show but a message saying no network did? I've come across a way

Re: And so with....

2008-01-25 Thread andy selby
So in short, what happens after the GTA02? I think anyone who's involved in getting this device to market is not thinking that far ahead as their time is taken up with the GTA02 (now called Freerunner) ... that is cloud thinking at the moment. You answered your own question

Re: CAD files for the case of the Neo will be made available

2008-01-18 Thread andy selby
[EMAIL PROTECTED] unzip Archive: creating: GTA01_dimensions/ inflating: GTA01_dimensions/_2in1_hinge_asm.prt.1 inflating: GTA01_dimensions/_gbsa-100a.prt.1 inflating: GTA01_dimensions/_p06.prt.1 inflating: GTA01_dimensions/_v_l_any.prt.1

Re: New to OpenMoko

2008-01-16 Thread andy selby
On 16/01/2008, Wilkinson, Alex [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Ok, OpenMoko newb (waiting for FreeRunner release) - so bare with me. Why would I use Qtopia images as opposed to OpenMoko images ? I haven't flashed an openmoko image in a while so I'm not sure how easy it is to get it usable as a phone

Re: Design of the outer edge of phone case

2008-01-14 Thread andy selby
here can you find nice photos from a complete black device. = the DSC* files. The photos has been shot by mickeyl :) The site is down at the moment but I did find this at posted today

Re: CAD files for the case of the Neo will be made available

2008-01-14 Thread andy selby
What is your favorite Linux CAD tool for actual 3D work? Blender seems to import .dxf files though I've never tried any thing other than native files. Get it at ___ OpenMoko community mailing list

Re: Neo1973 and Qtopia with GPS application

2008-01-01 Thread andy selby
My image togehter with the kernel uImage can be downloaded from here: regards gxl I've got a problem with that image, the contents of my sd card must have been erased when I flashed the image and when i reupload the files to it they don't

Re: Neo faulty?

2008-01-01 Thread andy selby
I've used the Neo (last revision, with latest OpenMoko or qt images) now for almost one month. When fully charged, I can use the Neo for several hours. I often use it only for one hour and then I shut it off completely. The next day I try to power it on - with no success at all. Yeah, the

Re: Neo1973 and Qtopia with GPS application

2007-12-30 Thread andy selby
Have you had problems running gllin under Qtopia? My Neo doesn´t get a fix from the satellites... Yeah, it took me ages to get a fix too, I only got one by standing outside, maybe the neos GPS antenna is not as sensitive as a dedicated GPS receiver . Its very good, goxboxlive, the display could

Re: Fluffy Spider Technologies

2007-12-12 Thread andy selby
Can anyone comment on this company? that picture of the neo is an early photoshopped version from the openmoko press office with a screenshot of their software superimposed on it. couldn't they get a SH1 neo to demonstrate it on?

Re: Fluffy Spider Technologies

2007-12-12 Thread andy selby
That shut me up ___ OpenMoko community mailing list

Re: Can openmoko and FIC help the Redux model 1?

2007-11-29 Thread andy selby
On 29/11/2007, Jay Vaughan [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: give me 20 phones in a neat box just like the gta01 arrived in, and i'll do my best to sell a box a week. seriously! The current plan is to_sell_them. seriously! ___ OpenMoko community mailing list

Can openmoko and FIC help the Redux model 1?

2007-11-28 Thread andy selby
At a recent conference the hosts gave away a free iPhone to its attendees but they were annoyed that they couldn't buy them in bulk and other things, long story short for the next conference they have proposed designing and building a completely open Internet tablet.

Re: Qtopia flash image 11/9

2007-11-14 Thread andy selby
Not sure if thats good or bad. :) I have noticed some oddities on first boot as well. Sim contacts don't always seem to get populated. This doesn't seem to be a qtopia issue, more of an neo issue. I've found opening the back, taking the battery out and fiddling with the sim card holder seems

Re: OpenMoko phone comparisons

2007-11-11 Thread andy selby
Anyone willing to placate my concerns, or point out other phones that meet my requirements (must fill _all_ the requirements I listed, so please check carefully). Since your asking on the openmoko list I'd be surprised if anyone recommends anything but the neo1973 As a final point, I'll note

Re: i'm going to lose my neo....

2007-11-08 Thread andy selby
what i would like is a (v. small) device that i can carry in my wallet, or somewhere, that sounds a reminder (on the phone, or external device) when it moves out of range. How about hacking a bluetooth dongle to sound an alarm when the thing is out of range of its paired device (the neo), but

Re: 2 beginner questions

2007-11-05 Thread andy selby
1. Is there a place where the latest tested image and rootfs is available for download. the wiki links to a number of files and one is not sure which image matches the rootfs. Well blow me down, the tested kernel/rootfs wiki page has been updated at last,

Re: Homebrew Open Phone

2007-10-28 Thread andy selby
Compulab does have, and has always had, very interesting embedded boards. does anyone know the word on openness of their hardware? If you want open hardware, Balloon boards at seem the most likely candidate, buy enough and you can specify your own components

Re: qtopia flash image update

2007-10-02 Thread andy selby
On 02/10/2007, Lorn Potter [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I have uploaded a Qtopia snapshot version flash image for the Neo. a few Known issues: * suspend/resume not fully working. must restart Qtopia to get modem working again. * inputmethod covers some widgets (bluetooth settings) * no modem

Re: Release schedule GTA-2

2007-08-30 Thread andy selby
I have some pictures of GTA02a1 and GTA02a2 (still in progress) here for anyone interested: Why are the file sizes so big? especially on the screenshots, why aren't they 640x480? ___ OpenMoko community mailing list

Re: Karl Good is out of the office

2007-08-24 Thread andy selby
Somebody from Symbian is reading this list? Its good we've caught the eye of some major players in the smartphone field. Maybe he should tell the IT admin he's left so they can recinde his email address. I loved it when I receive a vacation response from Nokia, and now symbian ;)

Re: Can't flash smaller root-fs through dfu-util?

2007-08-22 Thread andy selby
If you upload rootfs image that is smaller that previous one it won't work - you need to attach to bootloader, erase NAND and then upload your rootfs first: cu -l /dev/ttyACM0 GTA01Bv3 # nand erase rootfs This *should* help but I am trying to understand why dfu-util can't do that?

Re: Neo Debug Board Schematics or Pinouts

2007-08-18 Thread andy selby
I will like to to have a peek at the Neo debug board's schematics or pinouts. I need to access the uarts as well as the jtag. Does anyone have any idea? we already are in the process of releasing the neo debug board schematics since we believe that it would be useful not only for the

Re: Isn't this a little early?

2007-08-13 Thread andy selby
I sent the following to [EMAIL PROTECTED] The domain which is in your IP range is giving false information. The worst of it is that the testimonials claiming to have received a Neo 1973 phone were up on the website before the phone was even released. The website also does not say

Re: ...Order shipped: OpenMoko direct order

2007-07-26 Thread andy selby
It shipped! I'm so jealous I live abroad and have to wait another day to have my neo sent, and than wait some time, just to wait to pay tax at customs when neo arrives to Poland! ;-) So, the shipping for rest of the world? Mine's coming tomorrow and I live in the U.K. A UPS person

Re: Camera on GTA02

2007-07-23 Thread andy selby
Okay, since I seem to frequently function as the injector of some reality into these discussions (aka wet blanket), yes, drilling a hole in the case is straightforward. Now, how do you propose to actually wire the camera module into the rest of the system, dare I ask...? The gpio pins?

Neo 1973 release time

2007-07-06 Thread andy selby
Just in case your worried about being at work when goes live, here's a handy website Input the 9th and Taiwan into the field to 'convert from' and input your location into the 'convert to' fields. Assuming openmoko goes live at

Neo 1973 release time

2007-07-06 Thread andy selby
Just in case your worried about being at work when goes live, here's a handy website Input the 9th and Taiwan into the field to 'convert from' and input your location into the 'convert to' fields. Assuming openmoko goes live at

openmoko story on slashdot

2007-06-28 Thread andy selby
I submitted a story to about the openmoko project but it got voted down ( no shortage of storys about the iPhone though) so could any slashdot members who want to see a story about on slashdot head to this link and vote it up,

Why not taking pre-orders?

2007-06-04 Thread andy selby
It seems to me that the OpenMoko project is waiting to have usable phones before accepting peoples money, this is an order, not a pre-order that the wiki says there's a possibility of. O.K. so there's only a possibility but I'd be willing to part with $350 (~£175) now (or back in march actually)