Re: Where can I buy miniUSB-m → USB-A-f adapte rs in Canada?

2009-09-15 Thread Boris Wong
Brolin Empey wrote: Where can I buy such an adapter or cable in Canada? Try They have free shipping (although order and shipping takes 3 weeks total) and their prices are phenomenally low. -Boris ___ Openmoko community mailing

Re: X forwarding doesn't work

2009-08-15 Thread Boris Wong
Michael Tansella wrote: Hi, I want to start midori in the freerunner and forward the GUI tt my Linux Host (Kubuntu) I tried it the following way, but it starts on the freerunner instead of the host, any idea?: simarill...@simarillion-laptop:~$ ssh -l root -X -v I

Re: some questions before buying FreeRunner

2009-06-09 Thread Boris Wong
a dehqan wrote: ...and what is GPS antenna for If you're talking about the GPS Antenna jack on the side of the phone, it's unnecessary unless you are in a building or car with very bad signal. 6-Dealer has said that it's A6 FR is buzz fixed ,should i trust ? what can i do if he/she posted it

Re: Openmoko Neo FreeRunner GTA02 versions A5 A6 Audio Buzz - Quality Enhancement Service

2009-06-05 Thread Boris Wong
Warren Baird wrote: Will this offer be availble in Canada also? I live in Vancouver BC, and have just sent two Freerunners in today. You just have to pay for the shipping back. to avoid dealing with customs? I'm not entirely sure how customs works, but we are not purchasing products from

Re: Freerunner's Future

2009-06-05 Thread Boris Wong
Hi Steve, Steve Mosher wrote: 1. Its a mobile Phone First, and a multi purpose platform secondarily I actually like the perspective of #1 very much and you should keep it as such. As I am to understand, the core philosophy of Openmoko is the Free the Phone. There are many platform hardware

Re: Back to the basics: improving user experience

2008-10-16 Thread Boris Wong
On Thu, 2008-10-16 at 16:58 +0100, Vasco Névoa wrote: I can see there are at least 2 distinct types of user of OM: A - I need a working phone now, the uber-cool PDA stuff can wait; B - OM is a groundbreaking project, I don't care about telephony, let's press the revolution! As much as I am

Re: [FDOM] dfu-error -71

2008-09-27 Thread Boris Wong
I have had bad experience with the dfu_util before. It appeared almost the same as your problem. It would download part way and show up as an error. I originally had a USB extension cable to the back of my computer. Bad idea. I ended up using the (fairly short) cable that came out of the box and