Re: [possibly any] Your storage is full

2009-05-17 Thread Chaosspawn23
ivvmm schrieb:
 Hello list.
 My friend's been having this problem for a long time(since I installed
 her SHR, before that it was FDOM). And I experience it myself.
 The message 'Your storage is full' is being displayed for me each time
 the distribution boots and nothing could be done with it. Cannot see
 _ANY_ sms in the messages app. There is _nothing_ displayed.
 My friend says she's been able to delete them by inserting the sim into
 her Motorola and deleting them by hand there.
 What's the problem here? What app works with the sim card? Does the gsm
 modem work with it so it is broken or is it just a modem?

I *think* I had the same problem some time ago with shr testing. I was able to
fix them by deleting all (!) messages on the SIM via SHR-Settings (the option
for that is under phone IIRC). Not a nice fix, but it works. If you want to
keep your messages, you could run the backup script somebody posted here some
time ago to copy your messages into a file in advance.


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Re: what hardware version do I REALLY have?

2009-05-10 Thread Chaosspawn23
Doug Jones wrote:
 The SD/GPS issue was the one I really wanted to avoid.  I waited for 
 many months to order my Neo, just so I could avoid that.  Guess I just 
 need to start not believing anything I read on this list.  ;)
 I've spent the last month trying out various distros and various SD 
 cards, with varying amounts of agony.
 Does anyone know of a list somewhere of distros that have the software 
 fix and are *known* to work well booted from SD cards 2GB, with GPS 

I can't give you a list, but I've been using SHR (first testing, now unstable)
from a 4 gig SD card (using qi as the bootloader) for quite some time now.
I also use gps a lot, and did not have any problems with that.
Before that, I used various incarnations of the 2008.X line in the same fashion,
also without problems getting a gps fix since the software fix was released.


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Re: bicycling with OpenMoko

2009-04-26 Thread Chaosspawn23
ivvmm wrote:
 ivvmm wrote:
 Hey, seen many messages about audio mapping the OSM with new app called
 'Dictator' in neighbour thread and so on.

 But the first question that rises here is how to mount the phone on your

 The thread has grown up with several branches, so would answer self
 post. I would like to thank you all for the suggestions and plenty of links.
 But there seems to be one thing against putting OpenMoko on handlebars.
 The vibrations that come from a wheel could be(and it seems it will be)
 killing for the device to drive through the forest or say off-road. It
 seems to be much safer for a device to put it in jacket or coat.

At least for me, the vibrations from a rought bike ride didn't harm the
freerunner at all. Of course you should take care it can't fall down, but that's
generally a good idea. ;)
If you keep the freerunner in a pocket, the downside is that the quality of the
gps readings goes down drastically (depends on the type of pocket, i.e. the
thickness of the material between the freerunner and the outside world) if you
don't use an external antenna. Just my experience, though...
But with a good bike mount (I use the one Daniel Willmann sugessted earlier -
the foam padding probably helps against vibrations, too) your freerunner should
be safe. :)


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Re: Fwd: Re: SanDisk MicroSD Class6 8GB 4,90 Eur incl. shipping

2009-01-16 Thread Chaosspawn23
Daniel Spies schrieb:
 On Fri, 16 Jan 2009 11:53:44 +0100, arne anka
 The card is indeed plugged in a memory stick adapter, but you can remove
 nope, it is an usb adaptor.

 from there and get a normal microSD card.
 nope! it is an MEMORY STICK!
 that's a sony specific medium, but no SD CARD.

 I need to apologize, I mixed it up with
 This is the microSD card I was talking about, so I'm lucky they canceled my
 order :P
 Thanks for correcting me!

Oh, never mind - the sandisk site has a nice offer, too - 16 gig microsd for
only $ 0! ;)


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Re: [FDOM] ePDFViewer

2008-11-16 Thread Chaosspawn23
Hi there!

 Crossposted to Fdom-developement
 Giovanni wrote:
 Today I installed FDOM 20081023.

 When I open ePDFViewer, it asks for a password, saying that the 
 documented is encrypted.
 I cannot open any of my documents, because of this problem.
 this is a bug I have been meaning to report for a while now.
 How to fix this?
 The issue arises because I think the launching dialog launches it with 
 an %s argument or something which specifies the path of the file that 
 should be loaded. because it apparently can't deal with no being able to 
   find the file gracefully, it aassumes something is encrypted and asks 
 for a password.
 Launching from the terminal epdfviewer works fine...
 fixing this *should* (in theory) be trivial, however I don't know, 
 without looking exactly how to do this...

Editing /usr/share/FDSubmenu/viewers/epdfview.desktop and changing

epdfview %f



should do the trick. :)
On a completely unrelated note - someone should change the way FDSubmenu calls
applications, as the current implementation freezes fdsubmenu until the started
process terminates - I think using subprocess.Popen should work, but I haven't
really looked that closely at the source, yet.


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Re: [OM2008] Documentation for .kbd-files?

2008-10-11 Thread Chaosspawn23
 AFAIK there's no docs about it, but it's quite easy... I suggest you
 starting editing the Default keyboard and as you can see there each key
 has a position (key x y) and the role of the key itself (normal, shift
 So for example a code like:
 key  5  0  10  10
   normal   q q
   shiftQ Q
   capslock 1 1
 will put a key in the position (5,0) and that key will show a q in
 normal mode, a Q in shift mode and a 1 in capslock mode. Then while both
 using the normal and shift mode the char written will be checked with
 the dictionary, in the capslock mode the char will be directly prompted
 in the text field.
 In fact you've to use something like this:
 key $x-pos $y-pos 10 10
 mode $char-to-be-shown-in-the-key $char-xcode-to-be-written
 mode $char-to-be-shown-in-the-key $char-to-be-checked-with-dict
 Btw I don't know what the 10 and 10 means (maybe the key size? But this
 seems strange since in the terminal keyboard they're set to 30 30) I've
 to ask this to Rasterman!
 I hope I've been enough clear... :P

Thank you very much - now I can start working on a qwertz-keyboard with umlauts!
(and by NOW, I mean some time this weekend ;) )


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Re: keyboard (was Re: 2008.8 raster + zecke, great useability, and remaining flaws)

2008-08-26 Thread Chaosspawn23
Harald Welte wrote:
 I hope not being recognized as a troll now (my history with the project 
 I believe it is almost foolish not to have that keyboard button by default.
 This phone is still something primarily to be used by hardcore geeks, and
 please show me the linux geek who doesn't use the keyboard here or there with
 some application that doesn't hook into the automatically-show-keyboard magic?
 I wish for this kind of question there would be an easy-to-be-configured
 polling mechanism that could be put up at some website.  I think
 there are many of those issues where all kinds of people inside openmoko inc.
 could benefit from a very quick-to-read opinion of their user base without
 reading through tons of threads of discussions that get time-consuming and
 boring over time.
 Just my 2 cents,


Even if the core applications can (and should!) implement the
show-me-the-keyboard mechanism, I don't think it would be trivial
to implement it for other (ported) apps like, say, Battle for Wesnoth
or Numpty Physics (yes, I do realize those are all games ;) ).
Just my two cents, too :)


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Re: numptyphysics ipk

2008-07-30 Thread Chaosspawn23
Greg Bonett schrieb:
 how did you get libsdl installed?
 opkg install libsdl doesn't work for me

Try this:

opkg install libsdl-1.2-0

In general, if I'm looking for a specific package, I use

opkg list | grep $EXPRESSION

in this case opkg list | grep libsdl helped me.


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2008-07-09 Thread Chaosspawn23
Kevin Zuber schrieb:
 I did some tests yesterday and here are my experiences with Freerunner's
 First I put the Freerunner on a window sill in a penthouse, no high-rise
 around. I got a fix after ~20 minutes. Disappointing.
 Later on I walked along in a big city between a lot of high-rises. After
 15 minutes, the neo found the first satellite, but nothing more, no fix,
 only a gps-time. After 30 minutes I activated the power management
 (first dim, than lock) so the neo could be sleeping again, I gave up.
 Very Disappointing.

Hmm, my results so far:
First run with external antenna on the roof: GPS time after about 15 Minutes,
TTFF 1599 seconds. Still, the position tangogps showed me was about 1 km off
from my real position, and kept changing (with 4 visible satellites).
Trying again now, after restarting agpsui, TTFF is only 55 secs, and now I see 6
satellites. Weird...


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Re: freerunner unable to work with 3G SIMCards?

2008-07-06 Thread Chaosspawn23
Michael Shiloh wrote:

 Holger is looking into the problem and trying to figure out why this is 
 happening and how to fix it. Your ability to reproduce the problem is 
 invaluable, as Holger can not observe this problem first-hand.
 If you can make yourself available for further experiments as Holger 
 suggests that will help us understand this problem.
 Thanks for your patience and understanding,

Having the same problem with my O2 SIMCard, I too would like to offer my help in
tracking down the problem. Just tell me if I can do something to help.


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