Re: gta02-core (was Re: OM future)

2010-02-26 Thread Eric Olson
Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote: On Thu, 25 Feb 2010 11:41:24 -0800 (PST) Rafael Ignacio Zurita said: ... i'm getting at the fact that the hw side is stuck - it wont work without a pot of gold. the hw side that WORKS are the big companies with lots of pots of

Re: Centralization of graphical awesomeness

2009-10-26 Thread Eric Olson
Vasco Névoa wrote: Downgrading to QVGA is something that should have been done a long time ago. There's no point in trying to force a badly designed system. How do we do it? Which files must be changed? Citando Carsten Haitzler On Mon, 26 Oct 2009 13:57:27 +0300

Re: voice calls with 3G USB dongle

2009-10-14 Thread Eric Olson
I was wondering about those details too. If it works, perhaps FSO could consider adding support for the huawei E169 or similar 3G modems :D Eric Nicola Mfb wrote: On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 12:58 PM, Timo Juhani Lindfors wrote: William Kenworthy writes:

Re: USB networking with Ubuntu 9.04

2009-10-08 Thread Eric Olson
I copied Sander's exact lines into /etc/network/interfaces (I changed eth2 to usb0 -- I don't know if that matters) on my ubuntu 9.04 laptop and it's working for me. I have plugged and unplugged the cable a couple times and no longer have to run my manual script each time. Thanks! Eric Tony

Re: 1024#

2009-10-07 Thread Eric Olson
Mikhail, This should all be on one line: print '[%s] Signal : cid=%s, lac=%s' % (,status['cid'],status['lac'] ) Eric Mikhail Umorin wrote: On Wednesday 07 October 2009 04:36:01 Thomas HOCEDEZ wrote: David Garabana Barro a écrit : On Wednesday 07 October

Re: [FSO][M4] Missing Components?

2008-11-11 Thread Eric Olson
I believe it depends on which image you install. zhone came installed on the openmoko-fso-image-glibc-ipk... image I installed. fso-illume-image and fso-console-image probably come without zhone pre-installed, I'm using a neo1973, so there's a slight chance the behavior on the freerunner

Re: Freerunner and external Display

2008-05-04 Thread Eric Olson
Ah darn, but at least it should work for presentations or slideshows...and maybe pong :) if drivers support partial updates. Here are some framerate estimates -- feel free to correct me if anything looks off: (most devices mention USB 2.0, hopefully they also work with USB 1.1) QVGA: max: 13